The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1118

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Chapter 1118 - Killing, 1,000,000,000 experience points

It had always been an attack from high up in the air.

Long Fei's speed could not keep up.

He had to wait for the G.o.d's general to land and attack him.

Long Fei was very clear in his heart that G.o.d's general would not be able to endure the scorn and ridicule, and he would definitely be angered by himself.


Anyone would feel uncomfortable with the Barbarian King's death immunity. If it was Long Fei, he too, would be affected.

Just as G.o.d's general was about to rush down, Long Fei made his move.

He used all his strength on this move.

There was only one power that could kill G.o.d's general, and that was the power of the heavens above them. Since the main artifact was from the heavens, then it definitely contained a powerful power.

Of course.

Long Fei had guessed all of these things. He was not sure if it would be effective at all.

But this was his last strike.

If he didn't succeed, there would only be one result: death!

The Dragon Coffin slashed down like an axe, the G.o.d's general sneered, "With your little strength?"

He had never thought of dodging at all, because he despised all powers. There was no power that could kill them, unless it was the power of their master.

However, he hadn't finished speaking.

The Dragon Coffin smashed down.



With a huge burst of power, the G.o.d's general was like a wooden stake, firmly nailing him to the ground and spitting out a large mouthful of blood.

The golden armor on his body was torn apart.

Just a moment ago.

A scarlet number floated above G.o.d's general's head.

"— — 9999999999"

Almost a hundred million points of damage.


The G.o.d's general was instantly stunned, his eyes angrily opened as he stared at Long Fei, unable to react at all. Because it was simply too unbelievable, no one in his body could break through his defense.

No one could harm him.

"How could this be?"

"My defense can't be destroyed by a mere ant."

When he was truly stunned, Long Fei laughed, and stood in front of G.o.d's general, the Dragon Coffin in his hands moved again, and smashed down hard, "Aren't you arrogant?"


"— — 9999999999"

"Aren't you G.o.d's general?"


"— — 9999999999"

"Aren't you the high and mighty Heavenly oracle?"


"— — 9999999999"

"Aren't you smug?"

"Didn't you want to kill me?"

"Now come and kill me." Long Fei was arrogant and unrestrained, the Dragon Coffin in his hands crazily smashed down, like a violent storm, not giving G.o.d's general any time to catch his breath.

Again and again.

He roared again and again, but the anger in Long Fei's heart was vented.

Everyone was shocked.

Even the G.o.d's general floating in the air was confused. He couldn't react in time, how did he become like this all of a sudden?

Something was wrong with the plot.

How can a mortal fight against a G.o.d?

How could a lowly ant crush a G.o.d?

Is the world crazy?

"Long Fei!"


"Too powerful!"

This scene was indescribably shocking.

That G.o.d's general's sh * t had even been forced out, he was completely unable to endure Long Fei's attack.

Consecutive attacks.

The G.o.d's general was smashed like a dead dog by Long Fei.

Long Fei grabbed his hair and raised him into the air, then said solemnly, "I said I would flatten you!"

G.o.d's general spurted out a mouthful of blood as he looked at Long Fei and said: "You, you, if you dare kill me, Heaven will not forgive you. You ant, do you dare?"

"If you kill me, the entire G.o.d's martial continent will pay the price."

"Do you dare?"

"If you kill me, there are still dozens of G.o.d's general waiting. Any one of them can cause this world to be beyond redemption.

He was not afraid at all.

Because he was a high and mighty G.o.d's general.

Since when was G.o.d's general afraid of mortals?

Long Fei's lips curled up, and said with a cold smile: "Seems like you don't understand me. Do you know what my motto in life is? Don't be afraid, just do it! "

"You're asking me if I dare?"

"I'm very sorry, there is nothing that I, Long Fei, do not dare to do."


"I hate it when people threaten me the most."

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei raised the Dragon Coffin in his hand.


When he unleashed his power, the G.o.d's general's eyes flashed. He could feel a strong killing intent from Long Fei and felt death approaching.

He was just like a normal person.

They were also afraid of death!

G.o.d's general began to struggle and shout loudly, "Save me, save me, quickly save me, you guys, quickly save me … …"

He was scared.

"Even G.o.ds have moments of fear?"

"Hahaha …" Long Fei coldly started to despise him, and roared out: "Even the Heavenly Emperor himself can't save you, go and die for me."

The Dragon Coffin in his hand smashed down.

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Golden light shot in all directions, causing G.o.d's general's body to crack.


Crack! Crack! The pieces of his body fell to the ground like gold. The golden light spread in all directions, but in the instant they fell to the ground, they turned into a pile of dust.

In less than a minute.

A G.o.d's general was killed!

Long Fei raised his eyes, and shouted, "Next!"

It was also at this time.

The system sounded out.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'G.o.d's general' for obtaining 1 billion experience, power of celestial points, and 10 Energy Values."

There was only one prompt.

Long Fei cursed in his heart, "System, d.a.m.n you, are you telling me that you got destroyed by the main artifact again?"

"G.o.d's general."

"G.o.d's general, you aren't even going to give me anything?"

"F * * k you, immortal!"

"However..." Long Fei looked at the experience gained from killing G.o.d's general and felt his scalp tingle. "One trillion experience, what a f * cker."

"If I had killed this G.o.d's general when I was at level one, I would have directly soared into the great complete realm."

"I should have tried it when I was in the Infernal Realm …"

If he had tried to do so at that time, Long Fei would have died eighteen thousand times over.

Long Fei took a look at the experience trough: "What's the use of giving me more experience now? One trillion, one trillion experience is useless."

Long Fei could no longer level up anymore.


The experience he had gained was completely useless.

However …

With 1 trillion experience points added up, the experience bar started glowing red, as if it was burning energy.


"System Notification: Player's experience has entered a burning state. Heavenly tribulation may descend at any time."


"System Notification: Please prepare yourself!"


The system continuously flashed with red light.

This is a danger alarm.

"F * ck, laozi killed a G.o.d's general, so why don't you give me a heavenly tribulation that could descend at any time? System, do you have no b.u.t.t."

"I can't."

"I want to flip these G.o.d's general s over first!"

Long Fei made up his mind.

The Dragon Coffin in his hand pointed and shouted: "Who's next?"

At this moment.

The system sounded out.


"The time for the Barbarian King to charge is over!"

"This is bad!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1118

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