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Chapter 1075 - Bemon, kill him for me!

Who had never seen a Boss in a game before?

A Boss wasn't anything special.

However …

Have you ever seen a screen full of BOSSes?

Piles of Bosses together, have you ever seen one?

Long Fei had never seen it before, but now he had.

The moment he stepped out of the Transmission Gate, everyone in the valley stared at him. At this moment, the entire valley had quieted down, and even a pin drop could be heard.

What was going on?

He didn't know how to react.

Who could penetrate the Law of Chaos to get here?

They were all thinking about it.

Long Fei's mind was thinking about something else, "Wow, so many Bosses! I'm going to attack them now, it's definitely going to happen."

There was one thing that Long Fei couldn't understand. Why did it seem like everyone in the valley was a BOSS?

Any one.

Even the most distant and lowest level disciples were surrounded by purple light, a characteristic of a Boss.

Why is that?

However, in the next second, Long Fei did not think too much into it. The more bosses there were, the better.

It was actually very simple.

Because Long Fei was in the G.o.d's martial continent, his realm was lower than the Chaos Realm's. He saw that any martial pract.i.tioner, even if they were commoners, were all Purple Light BOSS existences!

This was the reason why the planes were so different.


Li Yuanba walked out.

The purple-robed man's face turned sinister. "It's you?"


Sky Spirit, Arhat and Lin Yousheng walked out.

The purple-robed man's expression changed, and he said faintly, "Just the four of you aren't enough to break through the law of chaos, and you don't even know about the tunnel that's hidden in it."

Li Yuanba stared at the purple-robed man and said: "What the f * * k, it's you who muddled this daddy up. You almost killed my boss, this daddy will be irreconcilable with you today."

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When the Giant Spirit Coffin landed, Li Yuanba swept his hand across it fiercely, his entire body covered in gold armor and holding onto the Giant Spirit Axe.

The purple-robed man was shocked as he said: "Your power has become stronger, it has become stronger, and the power of the blood vein in your body has broken through several realms. Not bad …"

"That's right!"

"That way, you can be my container."

"I was just worried that I wouldn't be able to find the container to enter the G.o.d's martial continent." The purple-robed man sneered and said, "Capture the four of them."

"In addition …"

The purple robed man looked at Xiang Longfei and said faintly, "You should be the Long Fei who prophesied your son, right?"

Long Fei grinned and said: "Seems like you're clear about this."

The purple robed man said: "I never thought that you would be so young. The people of Long Family are really different, they are people who possess divinity's blood vein."

"This is good too, it saves me a lot of trouble. As long as I can control you, I have the Dragon Domain in my hands."

And then …

The purple-robed man laughed sinisterly and said, "Capture them all alive."

Long Fei's group of five stood in place without moving.

The moment they charged over, Long Fei moved and summoned his holy artillery. He smiled and said: "I will blast you with a cannon first!"

The release of the immortal crystals.

The holy artillery shot out.


His voice was deafening.


At this moment, an elder rushed forward and wrapped the energy released by the G.o.d King's cannon with a huge force and violently squeezed it.

In just a few seconds, the energy of the immortal crystal turned into a small spark and disappeared!


"So fierce!" Long Fei shouted excitedly.

The purple robed man laughed and said: "You actually used the power of the G.o.d's martial continent to attack us? Kid, there are levels for humans, and there are levels for planes as well. "

"Everything in the G.o.d's martial continent is like dog s.h.i.+t in front of us."

"Do you understand?"

Long Fei nodded with interest, and said: "So that's how it is."

The purple robed man laughed complacently and said: "Do you understand now? However... Too late, hahaha... Long Fei, just obediently become my puppet. "

One plane, one technique.

One level.

The higher the level of a plane, the more powerful its power would be.

For attacks from lower planes, even the most powerful divine abilities wouldn't be able to release such power. This was because of the limitations of the power of the Laws.

Yan Huang ancestor had also said this.

Long Fei did not believe it, but he believed it now.

However …

He was not worried at all. The idea moved and said lightly: "Since the power of the G.o.d's martial continent is of no use to you, then let me show you the power of another world."

"Nox, come out!"

"Galen, bring out your great sword!"

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Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The two great holy general came down from the sky, knelt on one knee and said: "Greetings, my King!"

There was still a card in Long Fei's mind, the 'Barbarian King', that had yet to be released.

Long Fei slightly said: "Kill!"

They do not belong to the G.o.d's martial continent, they belong to the League of Heroes, so they are not restricted by the plane of existence.

"He's in the tower!"

Galen roared, he picked up his great sword and rushed out, rus.h.i.+ng into the crowd of people.

A string of health bars rose above the heads of the Purple Light BOSSes.

However …

The damage was not high.

The two of them were also instantly surrounded, unable to display their full strength.

The purple-robed man still had a proud smile on his face as he said, "I always thought you were a very smart person, but now it seems that you were very stupid."

"Pretty stupid."

"Do you think just two of these people can contend against Chaos Realm? Long Fei, I have to say, your head is full of s.h.i.+t, hahaha … " The purple-robed man was extremely proud of himself.

He could see the Dragon Domain Secret Treasure waving at him.

He would become the number one person in Chaos Realm.

He couldn't help but laugh out loud in satisfaction. Everything that had happened in the past few years was worth it.

He had suffered a lot in order to break through the Transmission Gate.


They were only one step away from success. As long as they could control Long Fei, the Dragon Domain would be under his control.

Divine abilities and techniques.

Even …

The dragon race that controlled the divinity, all of this was possible.

The purple robed man walked towards Xiang Longfei, step by step.

All of the disciples in the valley surrounded Long Fei.

Long Fei was like a fish on a chopping block.

However …

In Long Fei's eyes, they were just fish on a chopping block, waiting to be slaughtered!

The purple robed man laughed complacently: "Long Fei, surrender. This way you'll be able to experience less pain."

Long Fei laughed coldly and said: "Surrender?"

"Heh heh …"

The purple-robed man's eyes were filled with contempt as he said, "Laugh?"

"Seems like you're really overestimating yourself."

Long Fei said slightly: "I do not know how to judge others' capabilities, I want to let you know what capital you have to overestimate yourself!"


"Blast him to death!"

As soon as he finished.

On top of the Transmission Gate, an incomparably large hand was ruthlessly slapped.


A loud explosion resounded.

The purple-robed man fell to the ground with a thud. His head was split open, and a deep crater was formed on the ground.

Instant kill!

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1075

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