The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1209

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Chapter 1209 - Xuanyuan Li Er, son of G.o.d ranking!

The purpose of this visit was not to deal with some ancient spiritual treasure.

It was Long Fei!

of the h.e.l.l Gate.

When Long Fei did not appear, the man had already tenaciously crushed Yang Wannu. Now that Long Fei appeared, the man's coercion loosened and he smiled at Long Fei.

He said: "Since your junior master wants to fight, then we naturally have to give you face!"


"junior master, if you lose, you should know the consequences."

They were extremely familiar with the junior master s of the h.e.l.l Gate.

The Long Fei in front of him was the junior master, there was no mistake at all.

It was at this moment.

All of the elders said: "Master, this person has a super gifted vein, he, he, he is comparable to a ancient spiritual treasure, take him away, and let our Yuan Yang clan go."

Not waiting for him to finish.

The man waved his right hand and made a grabbing motion in the air, immediately grabbing the throat of the elder who was speaking. He looked at Long Fei and laughed, "His blood vein possesses super strength, is it comparable to a ancient spiritual treasure? "Humph!"

"You are belittling our h.e.l.l Gate s too much."


The elder's neck was crushed and he died instantly!

In front of him, the powerhouse s of the purple realm were like ants, with no power to resist at all.

"Am I right?"

"junior master?" The man sneered, and looked at Long Fei as if he was fish on a chopping board.

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At this time, Niu Dashan also rushed over and stood by Long Fei's side.

Without waiting for Niu Dashan to speak, Long Fei pulled him back.

The man in front of him was even stronger than the last time he came. Moreover, his eyes were filled with a strong killing intent. Without saying a single word, he would kill someone.

Moreover, it could instantly kill Niu Dashan.

In front of him, Long Fei felt a strong pressure, this pressure was not from his aura, but from his aura. It was from the look in his eyes, it was the feeling of the powerhouse looking down on the weak.

Long Fei slightly said: "Go and help the Great Clan Elder up."

Niu Dashan walked over to Yang Wannu's side, but... Without waiting for him to help Yang Wannu, the man sneered: "Did I let him get up?"

Long Fei's gaze tightened, and with a heavy sound, he said: "Support!"

The power of the blood vein on Niu Dashan's body exploded outwards. Demon Ox King released his power, held onto Yang Wannu's body and exerted his strength.


The man laughed coldly and said, "I didn't tell him to get up. He would never get up."


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Yang Wannu's body did not stand up, but kneeled on the ground even more, and the entire ground caved in. Yang Wannu spat out a mouthful of blood, and his face became even paler.

Niu Dashan used all of his strength, he simply could not do it.

"Cluck, cluck …"

Long Fei clenched his fists tightly, the joints on his body popping out as his eyes filled with killing intent.

The man sneered: "junior master, you're not convinced, are you? If you are not convinced, then there is nothing you can do.

"Hahaha …"

The man started to laugh wildly. The uglier Long Fei looked, the more pleased he was with himself.

Crus.h.i.+ng Long Fei seemed to be something with a sense of accomplishment.

The few h.e.l.l Gate s behind him also revealed cold and scornful smiles.

"Do we still have to fight?"

"I think you should obediently come with me, because that way you can experience less physical pain." The man said.

Even though he was afraid.

However, the elders of the Yuan Yang clan were even more afraid of death.

"Long Fei, you are not a disciple of Yuan Yang clan. If you want to fight, don't implicate our Yuan Yang clan."

"Long Fei, if you really want to save the Great Clan Elder, then leave with them. Being involved with us, we don't want to die together with you."

"Long Fei..."

They were all clamoring, afraid that Long Fei would choose to fight again.

In that case, they would really die.

Long Fei's eyes fixed as he said, "Fight!"

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …" The eight h.e.l.l Gate s all started laughing loudly. The man in the lead laughed: "You don't know the heights of heaven and earth, do you think you're still the junior master of the past?"

"Fight against us?"


"I'll make you understand it better today."

At this moment.

Without waiting for the man to finish speaking, the sky suddenly split open. A white figure slowly descended and said, "Don't fight!"

The white shadow was a woman.

It was a girl with a peerless beauty, a girl who he would never forget just by looking at her.

Her white clothes fluttered in the wind, her cheeks were fair and rosy, and her eyes were clear. She was like a fairy that had never been touched in the world, breathtakingly beautiful.

This girl …

Long Fei felt a sense of familiarity.

It was a bit familiar.

However, he couldn't say where he had seen it before, but it felt a bit familiar, as if it was related to him.

"So beautiful!" Long Fei's heart was moved, could it be that this body was someone he used to know?

The woman landed.

The expressions of the eight h.e.l.l Gate s changed, and they all knelt on one knee, respectfully saying: "We pay our respects to the Holy Maiden."

The Holy Maiden did not care about him, and landed in front of Long Fei with a step. Looking at Long Fei's unfamiliar expression, her eyes glimmered with tears, and she immediately held onto Long Fei's hands, "Brother Fei, you don't recognize me anymore?"

"Brother Fei?"

"So familiar!"

"But... Who is she? " Long Fei shook his head and said: "I don't."

The Holy Maiden felt her heart ache, "I am Li'er. Have you forgotten about me?"


Long Fei's mind was a complete blank, he really couldn't remember a thing, it was as if the memories in his body had been completely emptied. Other than Long Fei's own memories, there were no other memories inside.

Xuanyuan Li Er, nineteenth son of G.o.d ranking!

The supreme powerhouse of the b.a.s.t.a.r.d Realm.

Xuanyuan Li Er said: "You will remember me, you will definitely remember me. I will bring you away, I will bring you away from here, I will bring you to Xuanyuan nationality, there will definitely be a way for you to recover your memories, and let you recover your strength."

It was also at this time.

h.e.l.l Gate said: "Miss Holy Maiden, I'm afraid this isn't a good idea. He has already chosen to fight, you should be clear about the rules of h.e.l.l Gate."

"Once you choose to fight, you must!"

Xuanyuan Li Er's gaze darkened as he stared at the man.

The man's expression suddenly changed, and he heavily kneeled on the ground. "Pfft …"

"If I say I won't fight, then I won't. Do you really dare to stop me?"

With a single glance …

What kind of power was this?

Long Fei was getting more and more confused. He thought that his strength could be considered to be not bad, but compared to these people, he was not even considered dregs.

Especially Xuanyuan Li Er's power.

Powerful to the point of exploding!

The eight of them did not dare to make a move as they did not dare to provoke this person. This was a powerhouse that was almost as strong as the heavens.

Human, Earth, Heaven, and the three great emperors.

There were only a hundred people in each realm!

There were only a hundred people in the entire Chaos Realm.

Human Emperor Realm, rank nineteenth out of a hundred. Xuanyuan Li Er's strength was something that they couldn't even hope to match up to.

However …

A violet-robed figure flashed.

A handsome youth stood in the air and said with a smile: "If Li'er and the rest do not dare to stop me, then what about me?"

"junior master, today you will fight even if you don't want to!"

"You can't escape!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1209

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