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Chapter 1215: Get down!

Just as the people of h.e.l.l Gate left, the people of the Thousand Alliance Sect followed suit.

Was this a coincidence?

Of course not.

Lie Yan had never thought that abnormal powerhouse would actually appear on the Emperor List, and they were even the most ancient Nine Secret Warrior Family and Xuanyuan clan.

Zhan Wushuang and Xuanyuan Li Er were both super powerhouse of Emperor List, even if he was given a hundred guts, it would still be impossible for him to clash with them head on.

Of course, this was not because the influence of the sect was inferior to the h.e.l.l Gate, but it was just that the sect did not come to the super powerhouse.

Thus …

Fiery Blaze was waiting at the foot of the mountain.

If the Yuan Yang clan was ma.s.sacred, he would leave.

If not!

Hehe... That would replace execution!

"Long Fei, you dog slave, your father is back!" This time, he was determined to kill Long Fei and make sufficient preparations.

The most crucial part was that Long Fei was defeated in one move by Zhan Wushuang.

This was the perfect time to beat a drowning dog to death.

Yang Wannu's face sank, and exclaimed inwardly, "This is bad!"

Long Fei was the same as before, his eyes were dim and he did not have any fighting spirit. Zhan Wushuang defeating him in one move was a huge blow to him, he thought that he would be able to sweep across the entire Chaos Realm just because he had main artifact s, however...

In this world, he was not the only one who owned main artifact.

The Chaos Realm was much more terrifying than he imagined.

The reason why the main gun could not lock onto it was because the first stage of the Dragon Coffin's power was not strong enough to shake the defensive main artifact on Zhan Wushuang's body.

If he could not even lock onto the main gun, what strength did he have to fight Zhan Wushuang?


Yang Wannu looked at the helpless Long Fei and said: "Brat, cheer up, I need your help. Yang Yu needs your help too, your brother, your war pet all need your help.

"Hahaha …"

At this moment.

Fiery Blaze arrived at the square, laughing maniacally.

Wu Yingliang immediately welcomed them with a smiling face, saying, "Lord Lie Yan, I have already surrounded them, and am waiting for you all to come."

"Today, the slave and Yang Wannu will not be able to escape."


"I've already asked someone to bring Yang Yu over."

Wu Yingliang was like a dog who had seen its master, wagging his tail in begging for mercy, he was extremely obedient and obedient.

Lie Yan smiled coldly and said: "Very good!"

Lie Yan looked at Long Fei who did not have the slightest intention to fight and said with cold contempt: "Losing dog, hahaha … Long Fei, you also have such a day? "

"Weren't you very arrogant in front of me back then?"

"Aren't you the one who is rampant? Why does it look like a dead dog now? "

Yang Wannu said: "Fiery Flame..."

"Old thing, scram to the side, do you have the right to speak here?" Without waiting for Yang Wannu to speak, Lie Yan glared and shouted: "Blast him!"

"Hahaha …"

"Lord Lie Yan, just leave this matter to us." Wu Yingliang's eyes moved, he and the two elders moved at the same time, and the three people came over.

Yang Wannu's face darkened, he took out a long sword and protected Long Fei.

It didn't matter if he died.

He couldn't let Long Fei die.

Long Fei was his daughter's hope!


Long Fei was severely injured, and could not receive any more injuries.

Wu Yingliang said: "Yang Wannu, get on the ground!"

With the three of them attacking, three powerful moves struck towards Yang Wannu. His knees were crippled, and with the support of the Holy Source, his cultivation was reduced to such a level that even Profound Rank warriors would have a hard time dealing with him.

The three of them were all in the high-grade Profound Rank.

Yang Wannu held his sword tightly, locking on to a person, he threw a palm attack.


"Boom, boom!"

At the same time he attacked, the other two people also attacked at the same time, their two forces bombarding onto Yang Wannu's back.

Unable to hold on any longer, Yang Wannu staggered and fell down onto the ground with a heavy thud. Wu Yingliang revealed a cold smile, took the opportunity to rush up, stepped on Yang Wannu's head with a heavy foot, and then smashed him onto the ground and shouted, "Yang Wannu, you have such a day, hahaha …"

"It feels so good!"

Wu Yingliang laughed madly.

At the same time, Long Fei threw himself into the air and fell to the ground. His eyes were still lifeless, as if everything that had happened had nothing to do with him.

His heart was still in turmoil.

It was filled with powerlessness.

Lie Yan also laughed out loud, "Hahaha... "Well done!"

Wu Yingliang immediately said: "Master Lie Yan, as long as you give me the order, I will immediately kill him.

He just wanted to lick his shoes for Lie Yan!

A few clan elders from the Yuan Yang clan followed up, "I have also endured him for a long time."

"Yang Wannu has always been arrogant, who does he think he is?"

"That's right, Lord Lie Yan is only giving face to his daughter, what does he count as?"

The wall was pushed by everyone.

Right now, everyone wanted to step on Yang Wannu and perform better in front of Lie Yan.

The Yuan Yang clan was surrounded by the holy-moon sect.

Their fate was entirely in the hands of Yan Lie.

Yang Wannu's body was in intense pain, but the pain in his heart was even more intense. A Yuan Yang clan actually turned out like this, his heart was so heartbroken that it felt like it was about to die.


Wu Yingliang viciously kicked Yang Wannu in the chest as he disdainfully said, "Yang Wannu, all of this was caused by you today, and you still have the face to talk about me?"

"Old thing!"

It was also at this time.

Yang Yu was brought up, her eldest father was stepped on by Wu Yinglong, and when Yang Yu fell down on the ground, his entire body was covered in blood, and he was powerless, her heart was in pain.

Yang Yu fiercely struggled free from his two disciples, and immediately rushed forward, "Father, father … …"

The two disciples wanted to rush up but were glared back by Lie Yan.

Lie Yan looked at Yang Yu with a glimmer in his eyes, and smiled: "Little Junior Sister, you're finally here."

Yang Yu turned his head, stared at Lie Yan and said: "Lie Yan, release my father, release Long Fei."

"Hahaha …"

Lie Yan laughed complacently: "Little Junior Sister, if you say you can release me, then I won't have any face at all. I have to show some grat.i.tude, right?"

Yang Yu asked: What do you want?

Lie Yan said, "You have always been very clear about what I want."

Yang Yu's face darkened.

The expression in Lie Yan's eyes moved, the force under Wu Yingliang's feet became even stronger, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

It was also at this moment.

Lie Yan walked to Long Fei's side and looked at Yang Yu proudly: "Little Junior Sister, I have always loved and protected you. You understand my thoughts very clearly."

"Today, as long as you kneel down and beg me to marry you, I will release your father. After all, you will be my father-in-law in the future."

Lie Yan did not want to obtain Yang Yu's heart right now.

He only wanted to think of Yang Yu's people and turn her into a plaything to vent.

And then …

Lie Yan looked at Long Fei and laughed coldly: "As for Long Fei, that will depend on your performance on the bed tonight, hahaha …"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1215

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