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Chapter 1218 - The Extermination of the Great Dragon Sect


Dalong of the League of Heroes.

Baron Nashor.


The dragon that Long Fei summoned was not an ordinary dragon, but a level 500 abnormal dragon. This was a super monster that he exploded with his level 5 Striking Energy Value.

"What dragon?"

"What Baron Nashor?"

"Is this person crazy?"

"Who are you trying to scare? "Brat, you're dead today! Kill!"

… ….

Lie Yan also laughed and said: "He's already talking nonsense, hahaha …"

Long Fei moved.

A surge of energy within his body was activated.

In that instant.

The ground caved in, and a deep hole appeared. Long Fei fell down, and before anyone could react, an incomparably savage monster drilled out from the deep hole.

Nine heads.

It wasn't a Nine-headed Dragon from the West, nor was it a dragon from the Eastern World. It was an independent existence, and it was incomparably ugly. Its entire body was emitting an abnormal strength.

"What is this?"

Everyone's expression changed drastically.



"What is this?"

Lie Yan's complexion also changed. He looked towards the few elders who shook their heads, indicating that they had never seen one before.

It was also at this time.

The few clan elders moved in the air and pointed their swords at Long Fei.

It was Long Fei who had summoned this monster. If he killed Long Fei, then everything would be fine.

Long Fei stood on the dragon head in the middle, looked at the people who charged towards him, and coldly laughed: "Kill them all for me!"


The idea moved.

Abnormal level Baron Nashor started attacking crazily, its mouth was spewing out the power of all kinds of elements, it could be venom, or flames, or even an ice sword …

An elder fell from the sky.

His body was corroded and in just a few seconds, his body turned into a puddle of blood. Not even bone fragments were left behind. The poison's damage was shocking.


Another Elder fell down.

His entire body was frozen. The moment he fell from the sky, his body was torn to shreds.

Yet another Elder was reduced to smithereens.

A few powerful elders beside Lie Yan were killed before they could even get close to the Baron Nashor. This was a powerful explosion.

Abnormal level, that's abnormal level!

Lie Yan's face turned pale. He let out a loud roar and said: "Kill!"

"Everyone attack!"

Long Fei looked at the disciples gathered at the bottom of the Baron's foot and laughed coldly. His idea s were connected to the Baron Nashor s as he said, "Let's slaughter them crazily."

"Turn this place into a world of blood!"


The Baron Nashor began to attack ferociously, its speed was similar to when it carried six red crosses. It exploded on the surface, and each time was a critical strike.

"Rumble …"



People kept getting closer and people kept dying. In just a few minutes, even the death G.o.ds were afraid, and death loomed over the entire Yuan Yang clan.

Within a thousand meters, other than Long Fei himself, all living things would die.

A building is a building.

A tree was a tree. If one was. .h.i.t by it, it would be destroyed.

A level five hundred monster, slaughtering everything.

"Come on!"

"Hit a drowning dog?"

"Who's the f.u.c.king drowning dog now?"

Long Fei clamored and vented his anger.

The killing intent in his heart was unleashed crazily. Only his blood would be able to calm his killing intent, and only death would be able to calm him down.

The entire Yuan Yang clan started crying.

"Master Long Fei, we are innocent."

"Please spare my life, Master Long Fei."

"We are the disciples of the Yuan Yang clan, we … "Ah …"

"Disciple of the Yuan Yang clan?"

"Wasn't it very loud in the beginning, and wasn't it trying to kill me? Now you're scared? If you want to live, you can even give up on your ancestors? "

"All of you must die!"

Long Fei did not let any of them go.

He could see everything that happened in front of him. Yang Wannu had been stomped on, and no one came out to speak up for him. Everyone wanted to step on him.

Since that was the case, why should he let these people go?

All must die!


He needed experience to level up and Energy Values to become berserk.

Then he had to kill!

"No one can escape."

The Baron Nashor ma.s.sacred frantically. Wherever Long Fei's idea went, he would attack.

In just a few short minutes.

Large groups of disciples fell to the ground.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up! Current Level: Purple Level: 3!"

"It leveled up!"

"Level 1 in a few minutes. Laozi has the system, who does laozi need to be afraid of?" Zhan Wushuang? Emperor List? "Everyone, wait!" Long Fei's gaze was like a G.o.d.

He roared in his heart.

A few minutes later.

When the Baron Nashor crawled back into the cave, Long Fei dropped to the ground from the high alt.i.tude.

He landed beside the s.h.i.+vering Fiery Blaze.

Long Fei laughed coldly, "Who is a drowning dog?"

Lie Yan was scared silly, he almost peed his pants and said: "I'm a drowning dog, I'm a drowning dog."


Lie Yan heavily knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Long Fei: Please spare my life, spare my life. I will never provoke you again, absolutely not!

"Yang Yu is yours, I definitely won't peng."

"Little Junior Sister, please beg for me. "Please." Lie Yan was extremely scared.

If it was the last time he'd been just a little scared.

Then now …

His tongue trembled in fear.

Seeing that Long Fei was even more afraid than the G.o.d of Death, Lie Yan said: "Long Fei, as long as you spare me, I swear to G.o.d, the Myriad Alliance will not find trouble with you, absolutely not."

Long Fei said: "Then I'm really sorry, if the Myriad Alliance does not find trouble with me, I will find trouble with him."

"The Myriad Alliance has angered me."

"I'll definitely overturn him!"

"I'll start with you."

Lie Yan trembled and said: "You can't kill me, you can't kill me, I am from the Ten Thousand Alliance Sect, if you kill me, you will be endlessly hunted down by the sect, and you won't be able to live either."

Yang Yu looked at Long Fei, and said. "Long Fei, he's right."

Yang Wannu followed: "Long Fei, the power of the Myriad Alliance..."

The power of the Thousand Alliance Sect was not much weaker than the h.e.l.l Gate, and..... There were also powerhouse s of Emperor List in the Thousand Alliance Sect, and even the sect master of the son of G.o.d ranking was a super powerhouse.

It was not a wise choice to provoke the sect.

Lie Yan immediately said: "Long Fei, you heard it? "The power of the Ten Thousand Alliance is so great that you can't imagine it. If you kill me, you....."

Without waiting for him to finish trembling.

Long Fei's right hand fell, the Mountain Spliting Knief moved, and chopped down, "So what if you're from the Thousand Alliance? This old man will still kill you! "


A b.l.o.o.d.y wound appeared on Lie Yan's forehead, and his head was split open.

Staring at Long Fei, he had no time to react at all.

Long Fei's heart shook, and he said faintly: "Lie Yan, explode for me!"

"Let's see what you can get out of your sect!"

"Release the three-rate rampage!"


The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1218

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