The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1287

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Chapter 1287 - Ancestor Kunlun


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Mechanical Ancestor Model' for obtaining 100,000 experience, 10,000 Holy Source points, and 1 Energy Values point."


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Mechanical Arts'. Do you wish to cultivate it?"

This was the thing that dropped.

Long Fei did not care, he just wanted the item that dropped from killing the demon beast, and the super item that he wanted to reward the system, so he did not think too much about the idea, and said: "Cultivate!"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for training his secret skill 'Mechanical Arts' to obtain 100 experience, 100 Holy Source points, and 100 special rewards."

Just as Long Fei was training in "Mechanical Arts", the world suddenly changed.

Long Fei's body once again fell into an independent, tight s.p.a.ce.

And at this time.

The three seconds of sun wukong's possession was already over.

Long Fei's heart sank, and thought to himself: "d.a.m.n, if we had another mechanical ancestor like that, I would definitely burp."

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

There was a dull sound, and the light was blinding.

An old man with white hair stood in front of Long Fei. He looked like Old Lord Taishang, but what he was holding was not a buddhist dust, but a small sized machine. The machine was like a countless number of gears linked together and slowly rotated, like the core of a machine.

"Kid, welcome." A benevolent smile hung on the old man's face, giving off a warm feeling.

Long Fei said: "Where is this, and who are you?"

The old man said: "This is my mechanism s.p.a.ce, I am the master here, my name is Ancestor Kunlun."

"The founder of the Kunlun Sect?"

Long Fei's heart trembled.

The elder stroked his beard. "That's right."

Long Fei felt that the old man was extremely real, not just an illusion, but something that seemed to be alive. It was impossible. Chaos Realm also had a lifespan limit, and no one could live for thousands of years without dying.

Ancestor Kunlun seemed to have seen through the doubt in Long Fei's heart as he said, "My body is also a mechanism, I have already died for several thousand years."

"I've been waiting for thousands of years." I've been waiting for thousands of years.


Long Fei seemed to have something to say for this Ancestor Kunlun, as he immediately interrupted him and said: "I'm telling you, I'm not a disciple of the Kunlun Sect. If you want anything to pa.s.s on to me, I think it's better if you pa.s.s it on to someone else.

Since he had already learned the mechanism technique, no matter how much of an inheritance it was, it was still a mechanism technique.

The Ancestor Kunlun did not react in time, and even had a calm look on his face. It was unknown whether he was a puppet with no expression, or if he had calculated everything beforehand, as he said with a faint smile, "Since you have pa.s.sed the three trials of life and death, the fact that you are able to reach this place means that we are fated. Since that is the case …"

"Don't be like that."

"If you have something to say, just say it."

"I'm still waiting to get my reward."

What Long Fei was really concerned about was what rewards the system would reward him with. Regarding the inheritance of the old man, he wasn't really interested in it.

Since he had already mastered mechanical arts, what other legacies could he possibly have?

The Ancestor Kunlun said: "I want you to pa.s.s on my mechanism techniques, I want you to help the Kunlun Sect rise to power, I want you to avenge me by killing everyone in the Nine Secret Warrior Family."


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for triggering the SSS Level Quest."

Mission: Inheritance mechanism technique, rise of the Kunlun Sect, revenge for the Nine Secret Warrior Family

Time: 10 Years

Reward: 1 billion experience points, 10 million Spirit, 10 million points, 5 Super Realm Treasures, 10 ancient spiritual treasure, the world flipped and the sky turned violently once, the Nuwa call card x1, the special item x5.


Long Fei looked at his task reward, and felt like drooling at all.

"This, this, this …"

"Aren't the rewards too overbearing?"

"Even the Nuwa call card has come out?" Was he going to make up for his past? "It's still going to be eight to nine days." Long Fei gulped down his saliva heavily as he became excited in his heart.

He had encountered SSS level missions before.

G.o.ddess Tear, Heart of Phoenix, these two quests were both SSS level, and the rewards were average, but the rewards from these SSS level quests were existences that could explode into the sky.

No way, no way!

How could he not accept such a mission?


Long Fei muttered in his heart.

And then …

Long Fei looked at Ancestor Kunlun and said: "Alright, I agree."

Ancestor Kunlun laughed excitedly, "I knew you would agree to it. Otherwise, you would never be able to leave this place in your life."


"d.a.m.n, aren't you being too sinister?" Long Fei muttered, and said: "Then aren't you afraid that I'll agree to work for you?"

Ancestor Kunlun replied, "I'm not worried about that at all. From the moment you entered the Kunlun Mountains, I knew that you would come before me. This is a mysterious arrangement and you will definitely help me."

"You noticed me when I was still in Kunlun Mountains?" Long Fei was extremely shocked in his heart.

If he had entered the Kunlun Sect and noticed, Long Fei would not be this shocked, because the Kunlun Sect itself was a huge mechanical skill.

But Kunlun Mountains...

Not to mention a dead person, even the super powerhouse on the Heavenly Emperor Board would not be able to sense the aura of a person that was millions of kilometers away.

This was too terrifying.

Ancestor Kunlun laughed blandly: "There are always some people standing in front of you in every corner of Kunlun Mountains, so I could immediately sense your presence."


"There are many powerhouse s in Kunlun Mountains."

"He's probably here for you."

"This is a crisis for the Kunlun Sect, a crisis that no one can withstand."


"Your people are in trouble now."

Everything was under his control.

Hearing that, Long Fei's face suddenly changed, and he shouted: "What did you say? Something happened to Eight King Kong? "


Long Fei didn't even think as he immediately said, "Let me out, hurry up and let me out."

He started to worry.


A lot of powerhouse s have appeared?

What did that mean?

Kunlun Zi had once said that even the super powers like h.e.l.l Gate, bounty gate, and Thousand Alliance Sect would need a lot of time to find Kunlun Sect.

How did you suddenly find me here?

Long Fei did not know that Kunlun Zi had swallowed a life essence. The red light filled the entire sky and everyone in Chaos Realm saw it. Even the Sovereign of Fate was enraged.

With this red light as a guide, there were naturally many powerhouse that could accurately pinpoint the location of the Kunlun Sect!

This was something Kunlun Zi did not expect!

The Ancestor Kunlun calmly replied, "Don't worry, your brother is just unconscious and is not in any danger to his life right now. However, there is a little puppet girl who is in danger."

"Gui Rou?"

Long Fei was shocked and said again, "Hurry up and let me out, hurry and let me out."

Ancestor Kunlun said: "Little guy, do anything in haste. What you need to do now is to remember every word I say."

Long Fei said angrily: "If you have anything to fart, hurry up and let me out. I won't be in a hurry!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1287

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