The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1226

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Chapter 1226 - Shocking Pills

Long Fei took out a small porcelain bottle that was filled with pills, and said to the guard: "This is a pill I refined, I will have to trouble you to inform me, thank you!"

The guard took it and walked into Xiao Yao business alliance without saying anything.

… ….

"Grandmaster Cang, have you not succeeded yet?"

qu changkong looked at the old man in front of him and asked respectfully.

Azure Dragon.

The number one Alchemy master of the Cang Lan Emperor, also known as the chief Alchemy grandmaster of the Xiao Yao business alliance.

He had concocted countless pills.

All sorts of holy plii and all kinds of new medicine were obtained from his hands.

In this auction, he had the responsibility of taking care of Xiao Yao business alliance's Alchemy. He wanted to refine a few pellets that had unique attributes, so as to increase the influence of the Xiao Yao business alliance and increase the share of the pellet market.

The azure dragon shook his head gently and said: "Just a bit more and I wouldn't be able to break through no matter what. Seems like this is where my limit is."

"Elder Qu."

"I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to concoct the pill you all wanted." The Azure Dragon also felt very embarra.s.sed. After all, he had wasted a large number of high level Spirit Gra.s.s.

The value of these Spirit Gra.s.s were shockingly high.

qu changkong immediately replied, "What kind of words are you saying, Master Cang? Developing a new medicine would normally consume a Spirit Gra.s.s, but …"

There were still three days before the auction, so this auction was extremely important to qu changkong. If the pills were to be auctioned well, then his future path in Xiao Yao business alliance would be much easier.

If he failed this time, his current position might not be preserved.

The Azure Dragon said, "There are still three days, I will do my best. If it really doesn't work, I will use the 'Mysterious G.o.d Pill' as a subst.i.tute."

qu changkong smiled faintly and said: "Then, I'll have to thank Master Cang."

At this moment.

There was a commotion outside the door.

"Who does he think he is, giving everything to Elder Qu?" He just wants to be a b.u.mpkin of the invitation card s, what pills can he concoct? "

"How can he concoct pills?"

"Yes yes yes, Manager Liu was right. I won't dare to do it again."

It was also at this time.

qu changkong opened the door and asked: "What happened? "What is it?"

Liu Fu immediately said, "Elder, a country b.u.mpkin just brought a pill and said that he would be auctioning it off. This fellow did not know anything and directly sent it in, I will go out to send him off."

qu changkong did not take it seriously. Just as he was about to enter the house, he paused for a moment and asked: "Is it that brat who went against the young master of martial prowess mansion?"

The guard said, "It's him. The two are making a bet right now."


qu changkong was startled, and said: "What do we bet?"

The guard said, "That brat is betting on this pill being able to enter the auction. young master of martial prowess mansion is betting on himself not being able to.

Liu Fu said, "This kid will lose for sure. If he wants to enter the Xiao Yao business alliance for a pill, even G.o.d level pills will be hard to obtain. How can that country b.u.mpkin have a G.o.d level pill?"

qu changkong looked at Liu Fu coldly.

Liu Fu immediately lowered his head and didn't dare to say another word.

qu changkong also thought so in his heart. The head Alchemy master of the Xiao Yao business alliance, Cang Long, was one of the peak Alchemist of the Chaos Realm, and the medicinal pellets that the Xiao Yao business alliance auctioned were always pellets of high quality that the Xiao Yao business alliance himself developed. Using the auction as a promotion window, ordinary pellets of the Divine level would not even be able to catch his eye.

There was silence for half a second.

qu changkong did not know why, but he suddenly said: "Bring the pills in for me to see."

Liu Fu was stunned.

This was the first time.

"Didn't you hear me?"

qu changkong repeated.

Liu Fu reacted quickly and immediately brought the bottle forward, "Elder, I just checked the pill and found no energy waves coming from it."

"It should be a useless pill."

qu changkong frowned, after receiving the small porcelain bottle, he turned and entered the room.

He did not look.

Because …

Since Liu Fu had already appraised it, then this pill was most likely a Waste Powder.

It was just that …

Qu Chang Feng secretly felt regret for Long Fei, and thought to himself: "I will buy you some time, I hope you can escape."

He was in no hurry to announce the results.

Because he wanted to give Long Fei time to escape.

Time pa.s.sed minute by minute.

qu changkong sat in his room and waited. He did not open the small porcelain bottle on the table.

Two hours pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

While he did not give his answer, a commotion broke out at the entrance of the Xiao Yao business alliance.

"Kid, why aren't you admitting defeat?"

young master of martial prowess mansion laughed complacently: "It's been two hours. If the pills you refined could have entered the auction, qu changkong would have come out to personally see you a long time ago. You would have waited here for me?"


"I think the pills are too useless. I'll just throw them away and ignore you."

"You know about Alchemy? It's more like fart. "

"Admit defeat."

It was a little long, which was way beyond Long Fei's expectations.

Logically speaking, Old Lord Taishang should not have made any errors in concocting the pill, but why was there no response?

Could it really not enter their eyes?

At this moment.

Long Fei's heart also had fifteen buckets that went up and down.

Niu Dashan retorted loudly, "The medicinal pellets concocted by my boss are not ordinary, they definitely receive a lot of attention. They are researching how to set a price for it, what are you guys arguing about?"

"Hahaha …"

"Big guy, you're too beautiful. You're thinking too beautifully."

"You are just a r.e.t.a.r.d, yet you received such great attention. I think that you are just treating it as a useless pill, and the pills he concocts are just an insult to the Xiao Yao business alliance. It would be great if he didn't break your legs, and you still wanted to reply?" "That's impossible."

… ….

There was an argument outside the hall.

young master of martial prowess mansion looked at Yang Yu and said: "Beautiful girl, didn't you want to go to the auction venue? Let me bring you there, do you see the golden invitation card in my hands? "

"This is the first row. Only someone like me with a precious ident.i.ty can sit here. If you follow a country b.u.mpkin, you can only watch from outside the auction."

Yang Yu's brows tightened, and completely ignored them.

young master of martial prowess mansion also lost his patience a little as he stared at Long Fei and said: "Country b.u.mpkin, how much longer do you have to wait? My time is more precious than yours, I don't want to continue waiting with you country b.u.mpkins. "

Without waiting for Long Fei to speak.

The young master of martial prowess mansion continued: "Just wait ten more minutes. Once the ten minutes have pa.s.sed, we'll consider it your loss."

"When the time comes..."


young master of martial prowess mansion stared at Yang Yu's chest and laughed obscenely, saying, "You can avoid slapping yourself in the face, but … She has to spend the night with me. "

Yang Wannu shouted, "Say it again?"

young master of martial prowess mansion laughed and said, "If you don't accompany me for one night, none of you should even think of leaving Lian Yu Castle, hahaha … Otherwise, you will have won this gambling match. "

"Hahaha …"

Yang Yu's body trembled slightly as she looked at Xiang Longfei.

Long Fei's gaze was dark and the anger in his heart was faintly stirred.

… ….

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

An explosion sounded in the pill room.

qu changkong was suddenly awakened, and then let out a long sigh, "Another failure."

Cang Long also walked out from the pill room with a depressed look on his face. "It seems this is really my limit."

Following that …

He looked at the small porcelain bottle on the table and asked, "What is this?"

qu changkong replied, "A pill for auction sent by one person."

The azure dragon picked up the small porcelain bottle and looked at it. Then, his entire body froze!

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1226

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