The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1240

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Chapter 1240: Come onstage and die!

"I bet on myself... "Victory!"

As soon as his voice faded …

Long Fei's appearance was also seen clearly by everyone in the auction venue.

qiu hou recognized Long Fei at a glance, his eyes shook as he laughed out loud: "I never thought that you would actually be back."

There was shock in the laughter.

The killer that he sent out was powerful, he was actually unable to stop Long Fei.

Long Fei also laughed: "I'm back, you old dog and your master must be very disappointed, right?"

qiu hou's eyes opened wide, and shouted: "Kid, who are you calling an old dog?"

Long Fei's finger moved as he pointed at qiu hou's nose and asked: "You, who else could it be?"

qiu hou's eyes darkened, anger burst out, and he shouted: "Men, seize him."

At this moment.

qu changkong slowly walked out and said: "Wait!"

When Long Fei returned, he was the happiest person there, and there was no need to worry anymore, and furthermore … Today's auction was very special, so special that even he did not know how many peak powerhouse were hidden inside.


Today's auction was not about qiu hou's Spirit Treasure being the main character, but the elixir!

Long Fei was the owner of the elixir.

He was extremely important!

qiu hou raised his eyes slightly, and said coldly: "qu changkong, do you dare to stop me?"

qu changkong smiled faintly, and said: "How could I dare to stop you when your Elder Qiu has something to do? I just came out to remind you that he has the diamond invitation, if you want to touch him, you have to consider whether or not your own weight is enough."

To put it simply, it was as though a powerful pressure was crus.h.i.+ng down.

qiu hou had heard of this matter before, but he thought that qu changkong was acting. However, in this kind of public environment, qu changkong did not have that much guts.

"Could it be..."

"Is he really special?" qiu hou was shocked.

At this time, he wasn't the only one who was shocked in the auction. Many people were incomparably shocked.

Diamond invitation. This meant that the person's status was special and precious, and ordinary people simply didn't have the qualifications.

The people of h.e.l.l Gate, the people of bounty gate, and the people of Ten Thousand Alliance were all shocked in their hearts. Even if Long Fei was once of h.e.l.l Gate, it was impossible for Xiao Yao business alliance to give him a diamond invitation card.

What happened?

Fatmen Chen muttered, "Who is this person? So cool? To think that there would be an invitation for a diamond. If ordinary invitation card were powerful, wouldn't that diamond invitation card be heaven-defying? "

The Heavenly Spirit shrugged. "Who knows who he is? He should be a descendant of some powerful powerhouse."

Ao Ya glanced at the distant Long Fei.

The four of them had no idea that it was actually Long Fei.

Their appearances had all changed. How could they possibly recognize a completely different person?

… ….

qiu hou's eyes darkened and he said coldly: "qu changkong, you gave out the diamond invitation card without permission. I will definitely tell headquarters about this matter."

The ident.i.ty of the diamond invitation card was precious and he could not move against it.

This was the rule of Xiao Yao business alliance.

qu changkong laughed: "You can go and complain now, it's not your first time anyway, if you have the ability, you can do it now."

qiu hou coldly snorted, and said: "I will go!"

"But, not now. I'm still waiting for the show."

"Kid, bet fifty thousand Xuan crystal wins. Fine, I'll accept it, but … Can you take out fifty thousand Xuan crystal? Just with a diamond invitation card like you, you have to take out the money! " qiu hou heavily disdained.

young master of martial prowess mansion mocked: "Fifty thousand Xuan crystal, do you f * cking know how many fifty thousand of them are?"

"A country b.u.mpkin shouldn't be showing off here."

Fifty thousand Xuan crystal.

This was an extremely large number. Even a first-rate family would not be able to take out this many Xuan crystal.

It was even more impossible for him to obtain a pill that he had only been in the Chaos Realm for a few months.

However …

Long Fei was not an ordinary person. He could not take out fifty thousand Xuan crystal, but he did have a lot of items that were of equal value.

Just as Long Fei was talking.

Master Cang Long said: "I will be wagering my fifty thousand Xuan crystal. This is my gold card, there are fifty thousand Xuan crystal inside."

While speaking, Master Cang Long threw the gold card out.

He didn't even blink.

Fifty thousand Xuan crystal s without blinking?

How grand was this?

Everyone was shocked.

"Cang Long, oh Cang Long, this money must be all that you have left. Today, I'll let you become a pauper, if you don't have this money, I'll see where the Spirit Gra.s.s s of your Alchemy will come from!"

Long Fei looked at the Master Cang Long at the private box's window and said: "Thank you, Big Brother Cang."

Brother's greetings?

Many people were shocked in their hearts.

The Azure Dragon was not proud at all. Instead, he was very humble. His posture was very low, and revealed a smile: "You're too polite, what is this little money to you?"

qu changkong muttered, "So what? ~ Is this the money Cang Lan Emperor gave you to predict the future of Alchemy? If you lose, I want to see how you will report your loss to the Cang Lan Emperor. "

A smile hung on the Azure Dragon's face, and cold sweat covered his back even though the center of his palm. If Long Fei lost, it would be as qu changkong had said, he really couldn't account for it.

However... Cang Long still remained stubborn, "I can't stand Long Fei's scene. He's my sworn brother, so even if he loses, I have to support him."


Long Fei still had a elixir to auction.

How much was this elixir worth?

It must be a lot more than fifty thousand Xuan crystal!

Master Cang Long was not worried.

qiu hou laughed and said: "Since Master Cang Long is willing to pay, then everything is fine."

"Seems like the Master Cang Long views this kid very highly."

"Such a huge sum, but... Maybe you still don't know, but young master of martial prowess mansion has already broken through the Sun Rank, and your fifty thousand Xuan crystal s … I thank you! "

As soon as he finished.

Master Cang Long's brows shook as he thought to himself, "The news is indeed true."

"Sun rank?"

"young master of martial prowess mansion's talent is really amazing."

"This time, this kid is even less of an opponent."

"Hahaha... I just bet three thousand profound stones on young master of martial prowess mansion to win, looks like I can earn a lot. "

… ….

Chen Tianfei looked depressed and said: "Tianling, we've lost miserably this time. Ten Xuan crystal, all our savings, we're done for now."

"I'm going to starve again."

The same was true for the sky spirit, "d.a.m.n, I was tricked by this s.l.u.t. I should have revealed their cultivation levels earlier."

"Sun realm?"

"What the heck are you doing now?"

The four King Kong were all stunned.

This was a gamble that he had to lose.

If one were to fight a purple realm at the Sun Rank realm, just the difference in level alone was more than ten or twenty levels, how could one fight? A completely crushed existence.

"It's over, it's all over. My ten Xuan crystal." The Sky Spirit wanted to cry, but had no tears.

At this moment.

young master of martial prowess mansion instantly jumped onto the stage, the sword in his hand pointed, he pointed at Long Fei and said: "Kid, come up and die!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1240

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