The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1275

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Chapter 1275 - main artifact, G.o.d's s.h.i.+eld

h.e.l.l Gate.


"What's the use of keeping you trash?"

Zhan Wushuang's eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with fury and incomparable rage.

The Phantom Puppet Patriarch of h.e.l.l Gate kneeled on the ground and said: "Young Lord is right, this time we underestimated that brat's strength, next time we will definitely not do so!"

"Next time?"

"Do you think you have another chance?"

"Can I still believe your Puppet Ghost Clan? Guilty Ghost, your daughter already ran off with someone, what qualifications do you have to become the Ghost Clan's Patriarch? What qualifications do you have to kneel before me? " Zhan Wushuang said coldly.

The ghost's head heavily kowtowed as he said, "I was the one who failed to discipline her. I will definitely personally capture her and bring her back. I will definitely punish her in all kinds of ways."

"Hng hng!"

"Gui Rou used to like Long Fei too, right? Now that she's by Long Fei's side, do you think you can capture her and bring her back?" Zhan Wushuang sneered, "A trash is a trash.

"Alright then!"

"I want to see what you'll do with Li'er!"

Zhan Wushuang's gaze swept across them, then looked at the numerous patriarchs and elders of the h.e.l.l's Hall and coldly said, "Don't worry about this matter for now, even if Dragon trash is given a hundred years, he will still be a piece of trash."

"How is the collection of ancient spiritual treasure that I told you to do during this period of time doing?"

h.e.l.l Gate suddenly gathered a large number of ancient spiritual treasure.

This matter was ordered by Zhan Wushuang.

"Young master, we have collected eighteen Soul Treasures and have completed our mission."

"Our Water race has collected twenty of them."

"Our Savage Beast Demonic Clan has collected sixteen of them."


… ….

The various Elders and Family Patriarchs all expressed their opinions. The total number of these figures was over five hundred.

It was just that the ghost clan's ghost didn't say anything for a long time.

Zhan Wushuang asked, "Patriarch Gui, what about your mission?"

Gui Jue said in a low voice, "This matter has always been my responsibility, so …"

"Young master, I will definitely bring her back as soon as possible."

"I'll definitely do it as soon as possible …."

Not waiting for him to finish.

The corner of Zhan Wushuang's mouth quirked upwards as he faintly smiled and said, "There's no need."

Gui Jue relaxed and said: "Many thanks Young Lord, many thanks Young Lord …"

It was just that …

In this instant, Zhan Wushuang disappeared, and in that instant, he landed in front of Gui Ya. His five fingers turned into sharp claws, that instantly covered Gui Ya's head.


Five b.l.o.o.d.y holes appeared on the top of his head, and blood spurted out from them.

Gui Ya's eyes bulged, and his body trembled as he said, "Young Lord, Young Lord, don't, don't …"

"The Ghost Clan, the defence tribe of the h.e.l.l Gate, is also known as the Immortal Clan."


"In front of me, you puppeteers are nothing but trash." Zhan Wushuang said sinisterly: "You may bear the responsibility for the crimes your daughter committed. As for your daughter … "Don't worry, I will personally capture him and bring him back."

He exerted force with his five fingers.

The Ghost let out a painful scream.

"Get out!"


With a wail from the Netherworld, Zhan Wushuang's b.l.o.o.d.y fingers grabbed out a Skeleton Spirit Body. This was the soul of the ghost.

At this moment.

Gui Que's eyes were lifeless as he instantly collapsed onto the ground. His entire body was twitching and trembling. Even when he was dead, he was still trembling. His soul was being pulled out; this kind of feeling was incomparably difficult to bear.


Zhan Wushuang's left hand moved and madly kneaded the ball of soul, directly absorbing it into his body.

All the elders and patriarchs in the great hall lowered their heads, not even daring to breathe loudly.

This kind of soul devouring cultivation technique was a power that everyone was afraid of.

Nine Secret Warrior Family had originally come from h.e.l.l …

After Zhan Wushuang absorbed the spirit energy, he said, "Right now, all of you should focus on collecting ancient spiritual treasure. Five hundred ancient spiritual treasure are not enough, I still need more."

"As for that trash Long Fei, there's no need to care about him."

"The bounty gate and the Myriad Alliance will definitely not let him off easy."

All of the people within the great hall became heavy as they said, "We shall obey the young lord's orders!"


"One more thing."

"The Xiao Yao business alliance actually dares to interfere in the affairs of our h.e.l.l Gate. We will either hand over a hundred ancient spiritual treasure or destroy our entire clan!" Zhan Wushuang said.

An elder said: "Since Xiao Yao president is here, then his words are …."

Zhan Wushuang slightly sneered: "His ranking is higher than mine. Since he came to the h.e.l.l Gate, how can I not meet the King of h.e.l.l?"

"Hahaha …"

… ….

Half an hour later.

Zhan Wushuang arrived at the place where the Xiao Yao president was locked up.

At this moment.

Xiao Yao president's mind control technique had also disappeared. Seeing Zhan Wushuang, his heart sank.

Zhan Wushuang laughed blandly: Xiao Yao president, you dare to meddle in the matters of my h.e.l.l Gate, you are truly bold.

"Alright then!"

"You are ranked higher than me, so I want to take this opportunity to raise my Emperor List's rank." Zhan Wushuang's eyes were filled with contempt, not putting Xiao Yao president in his eyes at all.

It was as if increasing his ranking was an easy thing to do.

Xiao Yao president clenched his fists tightly. After considering for half a second, he said, "Alright!"

At this moment.

His killing intent rose.

As long as Zhan Wushuang was killed, it would be a blow to both Nine Secret Warrior Family and h.e.l.l Gate, and would also buy Long Fei more time.

He walked out of the cell.

Xiao Yao president lowered both hands, summoning the purple and red swords.

Her eyes locked onto Zhan Wushuang.


A battle between experts would only take 10% of a second to determine life or death.

In the instant that Xiao Yao president moved, Zhan Wushuang also moved. He waved the long sword in his hand, chopping through the air and piercing out.


Flames flew in all directions.

The two figures bounced away.

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The figure bounced away again.

The third time.

It was still bounced off, and the outcome was not decided.

However …

Zhan Wushuang lost his patience and said: "Seems like I am still not suitable to use the sword."


He immediately tossed the sword aside, and an enormous s.h.i.+eld appeared in his hand. The gambling cards were carved with a golden light that soared to the heavens.

G.o.d's s.h.i.+eld.

main artifact!

Xiao Yao president had never seen a sword attack before.

Zhan Wushuang's idea moved and linked it to the G.o.d's s.h.i.+eld. The golden light on the G.o.d's s.h.i.+eld became even brighter.


The power that erupted from the s.h.i.+eld pierced through Xiao Yao president's body.

There weren't any injuries on his body, but … Xiao Yao president's internal organs were all turned to powder, and corroded.

Zhan Wushuang did not stop there. With a leap, he landed on top of Xiao Yao president's head and fiercely grabbed down with his five fingers as claws, pulling out his soul in that instant.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Before Zhan Wushuang could refine it, the G.o.d's s.h.i.+eld had already devoured the Xiao Yao president's soul.

Xiao Yao president slowly kneeled on the ground, and his body went limp as he fell.


Zhan Wushuang laughed coldly: "Xiao Yao president? They couldn't even withstand a single blow. "

"But... It wasted the energy of my tenth floor ancient spiritual treasure. "

"I need to collect more ancient spiritual treasure. Only then will I be able to stand in an invincible position and enter the tower question of G.o.d!"

"To be able to mount Xuanyuan Li Er under his crotch."

"Hahaha …"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1275

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