The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1327

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Chapter 1327 - Great Wilderness Abyss

"Hahaha …"

"I've struck it rich!"

Long Fei moved his hand and took the golden cudgel back.

The evil spring's body recovered.

At this moment.

Long Fei's idea entered the evil spring's sea of consciousness and said: "You're willing to become my war pet?"

The evil spring immediately nodded: "I am!"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for reining in 'healing spring', obtaining 100 experience, 100 Holy Source, and 100 points as a special reward."


"Congratulations to the player 'Long Fei' for obtaining the 'G.o.d's martial sect'. The current number of disciples recruited is five thousand."


Happiness came too suddenly, Long Fei wasn't prepared for it for a moment.

The subjugation of the 'healing spring', which was also a part of the G.o.d's martial sect, was also because of this reason.

It could be seen how powerful the healing spring was.

His strength may not be as good as the Bemon, but his overall strength was definitely much stronger than the Bemon, because... As long as he was around, Long Fei's army would not be an army!

"This feels great."

"I don't even need to bring my protective ring, hahaha …" Long Fei suppressed the joy in his heart and asked: "You have cultivated here for thirty-seven thousand years, then you should know how the Great Wilderness Land's calamity occurred, right? Where did the Great Wilderness Land's spirit energy go? "

The evil spring continued: "I'm not sure about what happened during the catastrophe, but I do know where the spirit energy in the Great Wilderness Land went to."

"That place is too scary."

Long Fei directly said: "Speak!"

The evil spring said: "Great Wilderness Abyss, deep in the earth's core."

Long Fei's heart thumped, "It's really the Great Wilderness Abyss."

The evil spring said: "Master, that place is the most dangerous place among the Great Wilderness Land. That place is the Chaos Realm's black hole, and no one can enter it."

Long Fei asked: "Do you know the way?"

The Great Wilderness Abyss had clues on reviving Jojo. No matter how dangerous it was, he had to go to h.e.l.l Long Fei.

The Great Wilderness Land has an area of tens of millions of kilometers, and all of the spirit energy has been absorbed by the monsters in the abyss. If not for him absorbing all the spirit energy, I might have been able to break through a few levels.

Without waiting for the evil spring to finish speaking, Long Fei moved his body and recalled the evil spring back into the war pet s.p.a.ce.

The evil spring was startled, and said: "Master, we cannot go to that place … …"

Not waiting for him to finish.

The evil spring's sacred art suddenly shook because he felt two incomparably powerful auras within the war pet s.p.a.ce, especially that small blob of rat that seemed to be like a lump of meat. Sensing the aura of death from the evil spring on his body, his body trembled, and he didn't have his own aura leaning towards another corner of the war pet s.p.a.ce.

The aura of the sky swallowing rat was too strong!

The Fire Unicorn lowered its voice and said: "Newbie, can you move a little less? You woke him up a million times, we are all finished."

The evil spring bubbled and turned into a small spring, quietly staying in the corner, not daring to move. He was like the Fire Unicorn, staring fixedly at it, afraid that it would suddenly devour it.

It was too dangerous!

… ….

"The direction of the flow of spiritual energy?"

Long Fei felt slightly, and said. "The spirit energy here is indeed denser than the spirit energy in beast city, but … The spirit energy here is not under control at all. "

Long Fei's cultivation method was different.

However …

He could also feel the flow of spiritual energy. The flow of spiritual energy here was very special, and he was unable to absorb it because the flow of spiritual energy was simply too fast.

"Huff …"

"Great Wilderness Abyss!"

"Jojo, no matter how difficult it is, no matter what happens, I will save you and revive you!" Long Fei swore to himself in his heart that he could still vividly remember the moment when Dragon Domain Jojo blocked the attack for him.

The first person that came to the G.o.d's martial continent for the first time was Jojo.

Her meticulousness.

Her care and concern made Long Fei miss her.

"Fire Unicorn!"

When the Fire Unicorn received Long Fei's call, it was as if it had escaped h.e.l.l. It gave the evil spring a good look, and instantly charged out, its face full of excitement: "Boss, where are you going?"

Long Fei said: "Follow the direction where the spirit energy is flowing."

The Fire Unicorn sensed for a bit and said: "Understood."

And then …

As he leapt into the air, the fiery clouds beneath his feet began to burn as his body pierced through the void.

… ….

In another place.

Xuan Yuan sword sect.

Above the great hall, the s.p.a.ce between Chen Xuanzong's brows widened, and he said: "What did you say? The two disciples that were sent to beast city did not come back? What exactly happened? "

An elder said, "Sovereign, could it be that the beast race wants to rebel against us?"

"Even their wild beasts dare to do so?"

"After the catastrophe, the beast race would never recover. As long as they are not allowed to cultivate in a place with dense spirit energy, they will forever be trampled under our feet."

"He dares to oppose us, it's more like he wants to die."

Chen Xuanzong also did not place the beast race in his eyes.

Right now, the beast race was not in a good shape and posed no threat to the Xuan Yuan sword sect.

The Beast Race was only their slave.

Chen Xuanzong pondered for a moment, then said: "Elder Wu, Elder Qi, you guys go take a look personally, if the Beastmen really dare to rebel, directly suppress them."

The two elders Wu and Qi walked out and hugged each other, saying, "As you command!"

… ….

beast city.

"Activate all of your powers."

"Since our boss isn't here, we should go all out!"

"So what if the spiritual energy is thin?"

"So what if I don't have cultivation resources? orce tribe has never been afraid! "

This is the third set of Flame War Hammer. If you guys also want to defeat those arrogant Xuan Yuan sword sect disciples, then break through your limits! "


Beast race Warrior s crazily cultivated.

It was the same for children and adults.

In another place.

It was the same for the disciples of the Kunlun Sect, they were not only competing with the orce tribe, they were also competing with themselves.

… ….

"They can all do that."

"We should work even harder." Both of Li Yuanba's eyes burned with anger as all the power in his body swelled up and his muscles expanded.

"Ahh …"

Li Yuanba bellowed furiously as he charged into the sky.

It was the same with the other King Kong.

They were all desperately cultivating.

Every time they broke through a little, Long Fei's G.o.d's martial sect would gain a little bit of experience, and the gang's experience would increase bit by bit.

A rank 10 guild.

Able to activate the Sect's teleportation ability.

The G.o.d's martial continent's dragon race, Long Army, Liu Luoxi and the others …

And Han Ba!

could even be teleported over by Long Fei.

For this.

Long Fei was also working hard, "The Bemon beast has joined the G.o.d's martial sect, the gang has levelled up, the healing spring has joined the G.o.d's martial sect, the gang has also levelled up."

"If the post-Nirvana Jojo joins the G.o.d's martial sect, the gang will definitely level up!"

"A rank 10 guild, we must complete it quickly!"

"Huff …"

Standing at the side of the Great Wilderness Abyss, and feeling the limitless power of h.e.l.l coming from it, Long Fei heaved a heavy sigh, "Go down!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1327

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