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Chapter 1332 - Laozi Is Going to Rebel

Absolutely do not give the gambling system any chance.

The entire gambling city was opened for him. If he didn't scam someone, then who else could he be scammed?

If Long Fei wasn't forced into a corner, he would definitely not come to this kind of place, he would really be dug a hole and not even his underwear would remain.

It was too tiring to compete in intelligence and courage!

Long Fei realized the problem when he was playing with the ox machine.

He had always been playing the fool, but his final move had been extremely thrilling.

Half a minute later.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for exchanging the points. The current number is 80 million."

"Huff …"


Long Fei breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. The moment he walked out of the gambling city, he said: "If you have the chance, come again.

The gambling system is an attractive system.

In addition to being able to bet points, he could also use points to bet equipment, gambling holy artifact, gambling blood vein, but … It was extremely difficult for him to win.

When Long Fei returned to the Exchange Hall, the idea moved!

"Exchange for the Blood of the Unseal!"


"Exchange successful!"

Long Fei immediately consumed the 'Blood of the Unseal', and a sliver of energy immediately recovered from his body. However, he did not fully recover his energy in an instant.

The red clothed female's Sealing was too strong; even if Long Fei had swallowed the blood from unsealing the seal, it would still require some time to completely recover.

"No rus.h.!.+"

"As long as it can recover!"

Long Fei was not anxious, he remained seated, and quietly waited for his strength to recover bit by bit.

At this moment.

A few ladies snuck into the room, but still looked curiously at Long Fei, the Short Hair Woman was one of them.

The scene of the large blade being suspended above his second brother was something that Long Fei would never forget for the rest of his life.

"Sister Wen, what is he doing? Are you cultivating? "

"Sister Wen, will he really become a sacrifice?"

"Big Sister said that the blood vein contains a great amount of power. Perhaps it can allow the female emperor to bestow us with a great amount of power, and then we can fight against the Great Demon King."

"It seems like men are quite useful."

… ….

The few women whispered to each other, they did not guard against Long Fei.

Someone who had been given a Seal by Big Sis did not even need to be released.

Long Fei understood the situation he was in from their conversation, and thought to himself: "So it's not because they want to gather me, but because they want to use me as a sacrifice to the heavens?"

"Or use my blood essence?"

"I already told you that the most poisonous thing is the heart of a woman. The more beautiful a woman is, the more poisonous their heart is." Long Fei was a little displeased in his heart. He opened his eyes slightly, concealing his strength, revealing a terrified expression, and said: "You want to use me as a sacrifice? It can't be for my life, right? "

The four women were stunned.

Short Hair Woman pulled out his long blade.

This blade …

It was extremely powerful. There were cracks on the surface of the blade, but this did not hinder its sharpness. There were some unique symbols flickering with green light on the surface of the blade.

He really missed Raven's sword!

Pointing the long blade at Long Fei, Short Hair Woman said: "So what if I want your life? It will be an honor for you to be our sacrifice for the rest of your life. "

Another young girl said, "Don't worry, Sister Wen is scaring you. You're only using a little of your blood essence to sacrifice the heavens, don't worry."

"This time, it will be different. Perhaps all of his blood essence will be used."


"It seems like Big Sister is very serious this time."

"We fell into the Chaos Realm. Big Sister wanted to bring us back, but previously, she didn't have the appropriate power for it. Now that his blood vein is very powerful, she should be able to make us feel our existence.

Several women started discussing.

Then, he forgot about Long Fei.

He didn't seem to care at all.

Only Short Hair Woman stared at Long Fei and felt that Long Fei was a little different from two days ago. As for what was different, she couldn't feel it.

"Falling into the Chaos Realm?"

"Are they the same as the Yuan Yang bigbeast? Are they also outsiders? " Long Fei was secretly shocked, "But... What world do they belong to? "

"I don't care!"

"The world they belong to has nothing to do with me. My goal in coming to the Great Wilderness Abyss is to find clues to Jojo's revival." Long Fei's heart sank, and his mind started to think frantically.

His cultivation was still not fully recovered yet. He had yet to figure out what kind of existence was here. More importantly, who was the 'Great Devil King' that they spoke of?


Long Fei closed his eyes and waited for the power to recover.

Not long after, the Short Hair Woman said: "Let's go. Tomorrow is the day of the sacrifice, you guys should also make some preparations."

The few of them glanced at Long Fei, and then walked out.

Short Hair Woman looked at Long Fei, and for some reason, he said, "If you succeed in offering sacrifices to the heavens, you might be able to live. If you fail … We do not allow any men to set foot here. You will be exiled and you will die. "

With that, the Short Hair Woman walked out.

Long Fei thought: "It doesn't look that bad?"

… ….

beast city.

Elder Wu and Elder Qi brought a dozen or so Profound Origin Sect disciples over to the air above beast city.

Elder Wu controlled his sword as he moved, directly landing on the square outside the City Lord's Mansion.

"Call Hu Tianba out."

As soon as his voice faded …

Suddenly, many people looked over and saw the face of Elder Wu's clothes suddenly change. A few disciples quickly ran out.

Elder Wu sneered, "A bunch of barbarians."

He thought that these people were afraid of him, because who wouldn't fear the elders of the Xuan Yuan sword sect within the radius of millions of kilometers?


The current Xuan Yuan sword sect had established a relations.h.i.+p with the h.e.l.l Gate and was the absolute hegemon of this area.


The situation was a little different from what he had expected.

In less than half a minute, two groups of people rushed out and surrounded him.

Wu Xiong's forehead tightened as he let out a heavy, cold snort, saying in disdain, "What do you bunch of trash want to do?"

Lei Dong walked out and said: "I don't want to do anything, I just want to remind you that this is the beast city, and this is our orce tribe's territory. We do not welcome you here!"

"Get out!"

The orce tribe took a sudden step forward and let out a loud shout.

His voice was deafening.

Wu Xiong's heart shook and he shouted, "You want me to scram? Are you beasts really capable? "

"You're courting death!"

With that, Wu Xiong's powerful aura burst forth, his sword thrusting straight towards Lei Dun.

It was fast and powerful.

The sword shadows spread across the sky. This time, they were here to teach the beast a lesson and let the dog know who was the master.


Lei Dun's forehead sank as he stared intently at Wu Xiong. The moment the long sword was about to land, his body abruptly charged forward.

He waved his right hand.

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A flame ignited and a hammer was smashed down.

All the fire energy was like an overwhelming pressure that struck the top of Wu Xiong's head.


Wu Xiong spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground like a dead dog. He glared at Lei Dun who was walking towards him and said, "You, you, you dare rebel?"

Layton shouted, "This old man is going to rebel!"

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1332

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