The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1342

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Chapter 1342 - Bemon danger

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Outside the city, one puppet after another fell.

Gui Rou was still in the midst of creating puppets to rush to the battlefield, but it was just that … The materials in beast city were too scarce, refining puppet materials were very important.

Right now, she could only create low-grade stone puppets, so these puppets weren't very useful.

With a wave of the hammer in his hand, he said, "orce tribe, listen up! All of you descend the city walls and prepare for battle!"


The orca clansmen let out a wild roar, and rushed down together.

Everyone mounted their own warbeasts and guarded the city gate.

At this time.

Huo Lin took over the wall and said lightly: "Everyone listen up, we are the third line of defense, we must not let any disciple from the Xuan Yuan sword sect enter the city!"

"Yes sir!"

… ….

"Sovereign, why must you be so troublesome?"

"We can just fly into the city and kill them all. That will save us a lot of trouble." An elder asked in confusion. What was the difference between a city siege and an ordinary one?

They are cultivators.

How could a cultivator's war be so troublesome?

Chen Xuanzong smiled slightly and said: "Do you know what's the most painful thing in the world?"

The elder was stunned.

Chen Xuanzong sneered coldly: "The torment before death is the most painful thing in the world. I want to let those who resist me taste this feeling."

"I'm going to break the defenses in their hearts."

"Let any power within a radius of millions of kilometers know the consequences of rebelling against my Xuan Yuan sword sect!" Chen Xuanzong's mouth was gloomy.

He was not only going to kill the entire Beast Race.

He still wanted to make an example of this!

Falling several times in a row made Chen Xuanzong very unhappy.

This time, he was going to slowly play with the beast city until he died!

All the elders were stunned for a moment before they started laughing, "The sect master is brilliant!"

"Hahaha... "I knew it."

"This is too much of a torment."

… ….

A disciple hurriedly ran up and said, "Reporting to Sect Master, the puppet army has been dealt with. Please give us your next instructions."

Chen Xuanzong said indifferently: "Move it slowly!"

"Yes sir!"

Not long after, the thousands of Xuan Yuan sword sect disciples slowly retreated step by step.

The panic and fear that Chen Xuanzong hoped to see did not appear within the beast city. Instead, everyone was very calm and collected, and there were even soldiers everywhere.


The city gates opened wide, and Lei Dun shouted, "orca, kill him, charge!"

"Roar! Roar …"

"Roar! Roar!"

The mounts roared, and the beastmen Warrior s fiercely rushed out, just like how a bulldozer would lift up to attack quickly, with many beastmen Warrior s holding onto Flame War Hammer.

Chen Xuanzong took a step forward, his gaze slightly staring at the Flame War Hammer in Layton's hands. His heart s.h.i.+vered, and he thought to himself: "It really is the holy artifact!"

"The warhammers in their hands all have the power of the fire element. They are holy artifact s."

"Since when did the beast race have so many holy artifact? Did you find some ancient ruins? "

"Even if it's an ancient ruin, it can't all be the same weapon."

Chen Xuanzong grinned excitedly and laughed, "Hehe... Layton, is this the power you have to rebel against me? All of your holy artifact are mine. "

And then …

Chen Xuanzong shouted: "Elder Ma, Elder Li, pull out your two Super Monster s and grind these fellows up."

Who wouldn't have their eyes s.h.i.+ning with golden light when they saw the holy artifact?

The two elders Ma and Li immediately became excited. "As you command!"

And then …

Chen Xuanzong shouted a few more times.

A few more elders rushed out from beside him.

Chen Xuanzong narrowed his eyes, "holy artifact... A High Rank holy artifact is even stronger than ancient spiritual artifact. If I can provide the h.e.l.l Gate with more holy artifact, then my ident.i.ty in h.e.l.l Gate … "Hahaha..."

"Kill them all!"

"Kill them all!"

"Roar! Roar …"

The two demon beast s that were tamed by the Xuan Yuan sword sect rushed up from the left and right sides.

"Leader, it's a level eight Peak Demon Beast."

"Leader, we will be wiped out by their charge."


Lei Dong turned around to look at Huo Lin, who was standing on the city wall, and he nodded slightly.

And then …

With a heavy wave of the Flame War Hammer in his hand, he pointed to the nearby square formation and said: "Don't bother about the demon beast, just charge forward!"

How fast was he? Before he could even rush over, he would have been defeated by the demon beast that came from the bag.

However …

Layton's speed didn't decrease at all, instead charging forward even more ferociously.

Just as the two demon beast were about to pounce on him, Huo Lin who was on top of the city wall suddenly shouted, "Bemon!"


Suddenly, the Bemon stood up from the city and roared towards the sky. The sound was as clear as the waves, causing the ground to shake.


Its enormous body flew into the air.


A huge black shadow fell down heavily, instantly landing in front of a level eight demon beast.

Blood gushed out, and he fell to the ground, twitching.

Instant kill!

"Roar …"

The Bemon charged forward again and sat down on the ground. It then turned the level eight demon beast into a meat patty and killed it in a second.

Bemon could instantly raise the G.o.d's martial sect's level of strength. One could imagine how intrepid he was.

Chen Xuanzong's expression changed, his brows secretly tensed up: So you also subdued this gigantic beast?


Chen Xuanzong's gaze turned sinister, "A mere beast, how big of a splash could it cause?"

"Earthling's Right Envoy!"

A person walked out from behind Chen Xuanzong, and lightly said: "Understood!"

"Roar... Roar... Roar..." The Bemon Large Monster roared, and then its huge body charged again, directly shattering the square formation formed by the thousands of disciples.


He let out a thunderous roar and madly rushed towards the mountain slope.

Killing the king first!

As long as he killed the Xuan Yuan sword sect's Sect Master, everything would be easily resolved.


Huo Lin's face changed.

The Xuan Yuan sword sect was thousands of years old, but it did not fall because of her, and she did it because of her own reasons. Other than the sect master, the Xuan Yuan sword sect s were also the Emperor List, the powerhouse s on top of the son of G.o.d ranking.

Although Bemon s were strong, they were too rash.

"Great Master!" Huo Lin shouted out anxiously.

Kunlun Zi's figure moved, transforming into a stream of light as he rushed out.

"Earth Bind!"

"Get tired!"

"Rumble …"

On the hillside, the soil was like a pillar that was being lifted up crazily. As the Bemon stomped down, it was as if it had sunk into a swamp. Its body was quickly covered in mud.

The impact instantly dissipated.

In less than half a minute, the Bemon had become a statue made of mud.

"Heh heh …"

"Burial of the earth, die!"

A powerful force moved, and the power contained within the soil started to burst out crazily …

Bemon s were incomparably dangerous!

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1342

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