The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1369

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Chapter 1369 - Examination 0

There was no other language.

He took off his clothes as soon as he started, leaving only a thin undergarment and pants.

That figure …

There was nothing to say!

It could be said that any man who saw it would be moved, and would be aroused by the most primal of desires.

Long Fei suddenly asked.

However …

He was a man, a very normal man, and the reaction in his mind was, "Don't say anything, just do it."

It's free, it's not for nothing!

Since you are so direct, the corner of Long Fei's mouth revealed a sinister smile, and he directly carried Nangong Yan into the room.

And then …

Pa pa pa, pa pa pa, pa pa … …

A long time later!

On the headboard, Nangong Yan leaned into Long Fei's embrace, and lightly moved his fingers as he said: "Do you still want to know who I am right now?"

Long Fei looked at the system.

What surprised Long Fei was that.

In the process of his' pa pa ', the system had sounded out a notification sound and Long Fei's imprint had appeared on his body. This meant that Nangong Yan was one of his partners.

Experience 5% increase!

This made him very surprised, but no matter how the System thought about it, Nangong Yan had to be on guard against this woman, because the more scheming she was, the more she had to be.


Once it explodes, it is a very, very deadly poison!

Long Fei grabbed Nangong Yan's lower jaw and fiercely kissed it: "Even if you are someone from the Destiny G.o.d, you are still my woman now."

Nangong Yan cooperated with full strength.

Breathing in the masculine scent from Long Fei's body, his body slowly became soft.

… ….


Long Fei fell into a deep sleep, the war pet s.p.a.ce's sky swallowing rat was on guard.

The next morning.

Long Fei woke up very early, looked at Nangong Yan who was no longer by his side, and faintly smiled. "I'm more and more interested in you now."

"Just what is the power behind you?"

He stood up and glanced at the messy bed. After tidying it up a bit, he realized … There was a bit of red on the bed sheet. Long Fei's eyes trembled slightly as he muttered, "Nangong Yan …"

Early morning.

martial-arts arena had long since gathered all the disciples for the a.s.sessment.

"Hahaha …"

"Like I said, so what if he isn't caught? To dare to challenge the elders, this is the result. "

"Serves you right!"

"I thought I was just because I had some power. Is it good now?"

"The bottom of the list!"

"Hahaha …"

A burst of ridiculing laughter came from the martial-arts arena. When Long Fei walked to the martial-arts arena and heard their mocking laughter, he was too lazy to even check the results.

It didn't matter!

Long Fei could already tell the result from their laughter.

Nangong Yan was the top scorer in the first round of exams. Could it be that the first round's 99 points were only second to Zhan Wushuang?

As for Long Fei...

First from the bottom, points 0 points.

However, this was only the first round of exams, and didn't represent the results.

Nangong Yan walked to Long Fei's side. Her expression was the same as usual, as if she had not been slept in, and she had become different. On the contrary, her eyes became even more determined as she said: "Your score for the first stage of the examination was zero."

Long Fei laughed and said: "Just listen to their laughter."

Nangong Yan said: "Aren't you going to ask why this is happening?"

Long Fei said: "There's no need. The results of the first round of examinations are not representative of the final results. It doesn't matter anymore."

Nangong Yan's brows tightened, and said: "The tower question of G.o.d's examination is determined by combining all the results together. You scored a zero in the first round of examination, so it'll be difficult to catch up to the rest of the exams."

"And …"

Nangong Yan lowered his voice and said, "There are many super geniuses here, and there are only five spots in total. If you don't fight for them..."

Long Fei suddenly interrupted her: "Are you worried about me? Or are you worried about my results? "

"Err …"

Nangong Yan was stunned for a moment, her eyes became colder, and she said softly: "I was just reminding you."

Long Fei smiled and said: "Thank you."

At this time.

Yi Seng walked to the stage and said: "The first round's result has already come out, I believe everyone knows about it. What I want to say is, the tower question of G.o.d needs people who are upright and brave, not people who want to kill too much.

When he spoke, he looked at Long Fei.

After he finished speaking, he had been looking at Long Fei.

He was waiting.

Long Fei asked him why he got zero points, but after waiting for an entire three minutes, Long Fei did not say a single word.

Yi Seng's heart tensed, and then he said: "Losing in the first round of the a.s.sessment does not mean everything. You have entered the Secret World for more than ten days, but outside, there is only one day, and the monthly a.s.sessment has just started!"

"Today will be the second round of the a.s.sessment."

"Slaughter evil!"

And then …

The Yi Seng said slightly: "The criteria for this a.s.sessment is, the person who saves the most, the person with the best results."


A door to the Secret World opened.

Inside the Secret World.

Everyone could see that inside, the evil light was enveloping everything. Countless citizens wailed in pain and struggled to survive.

Yi Seng said: "This is a real Secret World, I hope that all of you can return alive from within."

"In addition!"

Yi Seng flipped his right hand and took out a large bottle of pills.

elder Chang Dao took it and distributed it one by one.

Yi Seng said: This is a exorcism pill, no matter what the situation is, as long as you feel like it's been invaded by evil spirits, you can consume it.

"Let's go in!"

elder Chang Dao looked at Long Fei coldly, then handed over the pill.

The pill in his hand was glowing with a strange red light.

Long Fei opened the system to take a look, and his heart s.h.i.+vered, "This is a exorcism pill?"

Pellet: Demons Gathering Pill

Grade: Divine Level

Stats: The user's body emits an extremely strong demonic aura. The rate of growth of the inner demon is increased by 10 times!

"What the f * ck is he doing?"

In other words, it was Long Fei. He had the system, so he could see the pill properties through the system, but, what did the red light mean? The system did not give any explanation.

Then, instead of thinking about the red light, Long Fei thought about something very special.

"Are you trying to screw me over? You want me to have an inner demon? "You sure are ruthless." Long Fei secretly tensed up, "f.u.c.k, you're still a little too inexperienced to scam this daddy."


"I will definitely play you to death!"

Long Fei was secretly excited.

Just as everyone was queuing up to enter the punish evil secret territory, Nangong Yan suddenly sent a sound transmission to Long Fei. "Long Fei, didn't you want to know who I was?"

"I will wait for you in the Evil G.o.d's Great Hall!"

Long Fei's forehead shook, his heart becoming cold, "Evil G.o.d's Great Hall?"

"Dark Legion?"


"I knew that the power behind you is not simple."


"I don't care what kind of dark or light army you are. As long as it's a Boss, I'll fight it out." Long Fei said in his heart.

And then …

Long Fei stood at the entrance of the Secret World.

The Yi Seng especially reminded him: "Long Fei, you have been slaughtering people too often. If you encounter any unmanageable situations inside, you will immediately use the exorcism pill. Do you understand?"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1369

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