The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1439

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Chapter 1439 - Initiating Super Teleportation

Ice & Snow Queen curled her body and trembled a little. She didn't know why but she felt a kind of fear towards Long Fei that came from the bottom of her heart.

The image in his mind was still lingering.

Blood flowed into rivers and bones piled into mountains.

Long Fei's entire body was covered in blood, standing at the peak, he looked down upon the world, he was a king, and also a demon.

Seeing Long Fei's playful expression, Ice & Snow Queen was still in a state of panic as he said, "You're a demon, you're a great devil."

Long Fei laughed and said: "Since I am a demon, then I should do what demons like to do."

He rushed forward!

Fiercely pressing down on Ice & Snow Queen's body, Long Fei said, "Aren't you cold and proud? Aren't you n.o.ble? Aren't you aloof and cold like ice? "

"I want to conquer you!"

Long Fei became rough.

To deal with such a cold queen, one had to be straightforward and straightforward.

Ruthlessly violent.

… ….

Two hours later.


The Ice & Snow Queen did not have any more arrogant aura, replacing it was delicate panting, as if she had lost herself, unable to extricate herself.

Long Fei slapped her white b.u.t.t, "What am I now? Demon, or a hero? "

Ice & Snow Queen looked at Long Fei with a serious face and said, "You are not a demon, nor a hero, you are my king."

"Hahaha …"

Long Fei laughed out crazily.

Ice & Snow Queen leaned on Long Fei's back with a gentle face.

Women are like that.

The moment the relations.h.i.+p occurred, she would change. Originally cold, the Queen on the Icemountain Throne had now turned into a gluey little fairy.

He went all out, afraid that Long Fei would not want him.

While the relations.h.i.+p was happening, Ice & Snow Queen's mind was still in a mess. He did not know what choice he had made, but … At the last second she made her choice.

No matter what Long Fei was.

She had even chosen Long Fei!

The devil who destroyed the world, the hero who saved the world, no matter what he was, he was still the king in her heart.

Why did this happen?

Maybe it was because he was comfortable!

Ice & Snow Queen leaned on Long Fei and said: "I saw a mountain of white bones beneath your feet, and a river of blood. That scene was too terrifying."

"How did you see this?" Long Fei felt that it was strange.

The Ice & Snow Queen did not hide anything and said, "There is a secret room in the Ice & Snow City that has been pa.s.sed down for G.o.d knows how many years. It is a archangel's staff."

"Archangel's Staff?"

"G.o.ddess Tear?" Long Fei immediately thought of the matter of the 'G.o.ddess Tear'. The G.o.ddess Tear was one of the materials needed to synthesize the archangel's staff.

Could it be …

This was the clue of the quest?

And then …

Long Fei immediately turned around to look at Ice & Snow Queen, and said: "Can you take me to see?"

Ice & Snow Queen hesitated for a moment and said: "Alright!"

The rewards for the SSS level mission G.o.ddess Tear were plentiful.


Most importantly, Long Fei wanted to know the secret behind the G.o.ddess Tear. Who exactly was she?

The power that erupted from the G.o.d's martial continent's G.o.ddess Tear saved him many times, and that familiar feeling made him feel incomparable warmth.


He was the reincarnation of a Yuan Long, but the Yuan Long had already been devoured by him, and it wasn't the Yuan Long's woman.

Who could it be?

This problem had been plaguing Long Fei since the beginning.

The clue to the mission that the Ice and Snow Plain triggered, 'G.o.ddess Tear', must be unraveled.

The two big SSS level missions in Chaos Realm, Jojo's Heart of Phoenix, this mission was basically already completed, and now they were waiting for Jojo's rebirth.

Is the G.o.ddess Tear quest also going to be solved now?

Half an hour later.

The two of them walked into the secret room.

Long Fei looked at the staff floating above the array and his heart tensed up, "The staff of the archangel is really similar."

Ice & Snow Queen asked: "Have you seen it before?"

Long Fei shook his head and said: "I've never seen this world before."


He had seen it many times in the game.

Long Fei carefully took out the 'G.o.ddess Tear', following that, two energies formed a resonance, and an azure light illuminated the entire secret room.

Ice & Snow Queen's face was filled with piety, and he directly kneeled on the ground.

Long Fei stood in place without moving an inch as an image appeared in his mind, and that familiar figure once again appeared in his mind.

Beautiful, moving, gentle, and charming.

A warm feeling that made Long Fei feel incomparable comfort.


The scene changed and the Nine Heavens Vortex began to spin.

A hundred layer G.o.d's tower descended from the sky, suppressing the figure.

Long Fei exhaled, "No!"


The scene disappeared and everything returned to normal.

At this moment.

Long Fei sweated profusely and his entire body was drenched in sweat. In that instant, as if his mind had experienced the great war of the Primordial Era, he heavily swallowed his saliva.

"tower question of G.o.d?"

"Could it be... Is the G.o.ddess Tear's ultimate task goal also amongst the tower question of G.o.d? "

"The father of this body left something for him in the tower question of G.o.d."

"His own father, Long Zhanting, also left something for him in the tower question of G.o.d."

"Now... Even the shadow of the G.o.ddess Tear pointed towards the tower question of G.o.d. Long Fei frowned.

The tower question of G.o.d was the most mysterious and powerful place in the Chaos Realm.

It is the organization of a G.o.d.

He specifically wanted to go to the Divine Battlefield to transport talented disciples.

But it was only what Long Fei understood.

But in reality?

Is it really just a divine organization?

Or was it hiding something else?

For a moment, Long Fei couldn't understand what was going on.


He had to enter the tower question of G.o.d, he had to pa.s.s through the tower question of G.o.d. Otherwise, all the doubts in his heart would not be able to be answered.

"w.a.n.g, what happened to you?" The Ice & Snow Queen said lightly.

Long Fei regained his composure.

The archangel staff had also calmed down, and the G.o.ddess Tear flew down from the archangel staff, landing in Long Fei's palm quietly.

Long Fei said indifferently: "I'm fine."

"I want to leave this place and return to my world."

Ice & Snow Queen had already known this from the start, but he still felt a little uncomfortable as he said, "The Secret World's exit has already been destroyed. There's no way out at all."

"Why don't you stay here with me? How about this …"

Long Fei said: "I have to go back!"

He had too many things to do!

"What did you just say?"

"The Secret World's exit was destroyed?" Long Fei was shocked. He clenched his fists tightly and said: "Zhan Wushuang, you are really ruthless, sending out killers, didn't you say you want to destroy Secret World's exit?"

"I must get out. Do you have a way?" Long Fei looked at Ice & Snow Queen.

Zhan Wushuang didn't want him to live.

Then he must live.


The more Zhan Wushuang targeted him, the more obvious that something big was happening outside.

"Huff …"

Ice & Snow Queen breathed out, and said: "I have a way to get you all out!"

A few hours later.

The G.o.d-level mountain range. s.p.a.ce twisted.

A void door appeared.

Long Fei was the first one to fly towards the void door. The idea moved, and looked straight at beast city, who had his eyes pierced.

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1439

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