The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1398

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Chapter 1398 - Crazy Rise

Long Fei was not allowed to enter the tower question of G.o.d.

Zhan Wushuang would definitely not let him enter, because he did not want Xuanyuan Li Er to know that he was still alive.

He didn't want Long Fei to affect her.

Thus …

He would use all connections to ruthlessly trample Long Fei!

… ….


"proficiency + 10 points."


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for his Alchemy Technique. Current Level: Level: 3!"


"Just one rank for half an hour? Isn't that a bit too fast?" Long Fei secretly clicked his tongue as he looked at the sleeping beauty who was leaning on his shoulder. He was a little confused.

What could omnipotence be?

What is the Elemental G.o.d?

Long Fei was finding it harder and harder to understand the Sleeping Beauty. Sometimes, Long Fei even had a feeling that the Sleeping Beauty was the ancient G.o.d.

Because …

No one had seen it, nor did anyone know the gender of the Archaic deity. What if she really was a woman?

Just by herself leaning on his body, Long Fei's Alchemy Technique proficiency would change from one point every time to ten points every time. It had to be said that this woman was really too mysterious, too sharp.


The Alchemy technique she mentioned was the same as gobbledegook s, Long Fei did not understand a single word she said.

It was not that she was blabbering nonsense, but that Long Fei's level was not high enough.



"proficiency + 10 points."


"proficiency + 10 points."


"proficiency + 10 points."

… ….

Long Fei continuously trained, and the proficiency of the Alchemy Technique continuously rose. This time, Long Fei was very serious, and did not take the previous two exams seriously.

Now that someone was going to target him and someone was trying to stop him, Long Fei would naturally not let them go.


He guessed who was stopping him.

Zhan Wushuang!

He was the person with the best results since the start of the tower question of G.o.d test.

Countless elders held him in high regard, and some even the Tower Lord of tower question of G.o.d had taken a fancy to him.

People who were destined to be sent to the ancient holy battlefield, these kind of people could possibly bring unparalleled honor and glory to the Chaos Realm's tower question of G.o.d, and they could also receive even more rewards.

Thus …

Anyone who obstructed Zhan Wushuang was their enemy.

"The more you hinder me, the more I want to kill you one by one!"

"Zhan Wushuang!"

"I was no match for you before, but now … I'm here! " Long Fei steeled his heart and continued to cultivate his Alchemy Technique.

Three days in a row.

Long Fei was always crazily raising his Alchemy Technique, and at the same time, combining it with his own comprehension, he would slowly comprehend the guidance of the Sleeping Beauty. Every time he comprehended clearly, the speed at which Long Fei cultivated the Alchemy Technique would increase.

Tonight, Ye Jingyun shared his experiences with Nangong Yan, helping them to understand their doubts.

… ….

song kuang was also training nonstop. In his room was the hall master of the tower question of G.o.d s alchemy hall, who also possessed the most Alchemy.

In the entire Chaos Realm, he was also the pinnacle of Alchemist.

With his guidance, song kuang also improved by leaps and bounds. His Alchemy's speed, technique, and quality of the medicinal pellets were all increased by leaps and bounds.

"Long Fei!"

"Just wait and moan at my feet, hahaha …" song kuang laughed out wildly, he was 100% sure that he could win against Long Fei this time.

"Don't let your guard down."

"You'd better not mess up Young Master Wushuang's matter, or else …" The pavilion master said calmly.

song kuang immediately said: "I will definitely get Long Fei out of here."

The pavilion master replied flatly, "That's for the best."

He was also extremely confident. The Song Family was a Alchemy family, and song kuang had a very unique comprehension of Alchemy, which could be easily comprehended with just a few techniques.

It could be said that in the future, he would definitely be able to reach the peak of Chaos Realm's Alchemy.

"Oh right, what happened to Long Fei during the past few days?"

song kuang replied: "Close door."

"With his level of Alchemy, even if he was given another hundred years, he still wouldn't be able to surpa.s.s me. Master, rest a.s.sured, I will definitely be able to defeat him."

… ….

"The a.s.sessment is tomorrow."

"How are your equipment?" Long Fei asked.

Ye Jingyun laughed: "Yong Master Long, you can rest a.s.sured. In the past, I did not dare say anything, but now, I am fine with it."

Nangong Yan replied, "I have no problems too."

They were Alchemy rookies.

However …

In these three days, the Alchemy Technique that Long Fei had guided them had undergone a tremendous change, just like how a caterpillar had transformed into an emperor b.u.t.terfly.

Nangong Yan asked: What about you?

Long Fei smiled faintly, and said: "I should be alright."

Nangong Yan wanted to say something but hesitated.

Long Fei said: "Ask away."

Nangong Yan said: "life essence..."

Ye Jingyun also looked at Long Fei, he had heard about the matter of the life essence, and the rumor had come from Long Fei.

Long Fei said: "I did not refine that."

Nangong Yan did not ask further, but only gave a light "Oh".

… ….

The night pa.s.sed in silence.

The next morning, martial-arts arena was already full of people, all of them in high spirits.

"This time, our Young Master Kuang will win."

"The Song Family is a clan of Alchemy, and the Alchemy Technique of the Young Master Kuang is at the Grandmaster Realm. Long Fei? Hmph, if it wasn't for me, he wouldn't even be qualified to carry Young Master Kuang's shoes. "

"Does he know what Alchemy is?"

"Hahaha …"

Ye Jingyun followed Long Fei to the Martial Arts Practice Grounds. Hearing these words, Ye Jingyun was not happy, and said: "These people are really cheap!"

"Don't bother."

"Just use the Alchemy Technique to slap them hard later on." Long Fei simply did not care about their words, because they were filled with disdain.

And then …

Yi Seng said: "I hope that all of you can improve after three days of cultivation. Bring out the results of your three days of cultivation, and show your strongest side."

"Let's begin!"

"Today's test pill is, Spirit Gathering Pill."

"You can pick any Spirit Gra.s.s or you can use your own, but … The condition is that you must refine a Spirit Gathering Pill. " The Yi Seng emphasized.

Ye Jingyun said: "Yong Master Long, what Spirit Gra.s.s do you want, I'll take it for you."

Long Fei replied: "Just a few stalks will do."

"In addition!"

"There are two Land Flower here. With your current level of Alchemy, you should be able to control them."

"Land Flower?"

"Two more?"

The two of them were stunned. Ye Jingyun said excitedly: "Hahaha … Let's see how song kuang will continue acting arrogantly this time. "

song kuang did not choose any Spirit Gra.s.s.


He already knew what pill he was concocting today, and he had been concocting Psionic Condensing Pills these past three days. It could be said that he could even concoct top-grade Psionic Condensing Pills with his eyes closed.

As for Spirit Gra.s.s s?

He was already prepared.

All of them were high quality Spirit Gra.s.s.

song kuang looked at Long Fei who was in the midst of the crowd, and said with a cold smile: "Brat, let's see how I will humiliate you today."

A few minutes later.

Yi Seng said: "Alchemy start!"

And then …

All of the disciples sat on the ground and started their Alchemy.

Less than half a minute.

song kuang was the first to stand up, and said: "The refinement is complete."

His speed was as though he was flying.

song kuang looked at Long Fei, and then said to Nangong Yan: "Nangong Yan, we have a bet, if I win, you can be my woman."

"Don't worry, I will definitely make you feel good about the heavens. Being my, song kuang's, s.e.x, slave, plaything is your honor."

"Long Fei, your woman is about to become my plaything. How do you feel? "Hahaha..."

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1398

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