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Long family, martial arts practice field.

After retracting Nangong Lie's aura, Xiao Tiantian was unable to stand steadily. If not for Ye Ziyan's timely support, he would have fallen to the ground.

"Pfft …"

Xiao Tiantian could not hold on and vomited another mouthful of blood.

The difference in realm between her and Nangong Lie was too big, she could not withstand the pressure of the war master ream at all. In other words, Xiao Tiantian's foundation was deep, if it was a normal warrior, his internal organs would have probably ruptured and he would die.

"Senior sister, don't, don't let him enter the arena. If Grandpa Long is willing, then he's definitely not a match for him." Xiao Tiantian said weakly.

Ye Ziyan looked at Liu Luoxi.


The two girls attacked at the same time.

whoosh whoosh … *

Two swords struck over, the sword technique behind it was extremely profound, the figure moved, like a fairy scattering flowers, it directly sealed off Nangong Lie's path.

Nangong Lie was forced to take a few steps back. With a grimace between his eyebrows, he stared at Liu Luoxi and said: "Miss Liu, Miss Ye, I don't want to hurt you two, but …. "Don't provoke me, or hmph!"

In the arena.

Long Sanfeng also said: "Ladies, many thanks for your kind intentions, this is a matter of the Long family, it should be handled by me."

He knew a little about the rules of the Heaven Sect.

Do not interfere in local affairs. If you offend, you will be severely punished.

His heart was filled with grat.i.tude towards Liu Luoxi and the others, especially since that spirit pellet had saved his son's life. He was grateful in his heart, and was also happy for Long Fei.

However …

He couldn't let them get involved.

Liu Luoxi replied: "Grandpa Long, we promised Long Fei that we would protect the Long family. We will definitely do so."

This was a lie to Long Sanfeng.

Long Fei hadn't told him anything at all.

Ye Ziyan stared at Nangong Lie and said: "Since you know our names, then you should be clear of our position in the Heaven Sect. Nangong Lie, you are anxious to stop now, to offend us, your King Nan Gong Residence will not benefit."


They were both the daughters of inner court elders and possessed formidable powers.

Nangong Lie was also troubled in his heart, but the voice just now told him that there was no need to worry about all this.

Nangong Yan was extremely unhappy to hear what Liu Luoxi said, and said: "Big brother Jian, I hate them!"

Dongfang Jian suddenly moved.

Her figure was floating like a fairy as she landed beside Nangong Lie, and lightly smiled: "Grandpa Lie, just leave the things that you have to do to me, the two of them will do."

Dongfang Jian's appearance shocked the entire arena.

Everyone was looking at him, and there were quite a few girls who were infatuated with him.

"So handsome."

"What a gorgeous movement technique."

"His background is not simple at all."

"I heard that he is the only son of the Chao Tian Sect's vice sect master, and that his cultivation has reached the Peak Realm, so he is very strong."

"Sigh... With this relations.h.i.+p, Nangong Lei will have an even greater power in the Duke Nan Gong Palace. "

… ….

Everyone was discussing Dongfang Jian.

Dongfang Jian's gaze was ice-cold, his expression filled with contempt, extremely arrogant.

Nangong Yan enjoyed the discussions around him, and spoke in a spoiled manner: "Big brother Jian, do your best!"

Nangong Lie said: "Little Jian, then I'll leave them to you."

Dongfang Jian moved his sword, releasing the aura of the peak of the war chief, and said: "Grandpa Lie, don't worry."


Dongfang Jian stared at Liu Luoxi, and said: "junior sister apprentice, I advise the two of you to obediently surrender, I don't want to injure the two of you."


Ye Ziyan said unhappily, "I still don't know who's injured."


The two of them moved at the same time as Liu Luoxi stopped Nangong Lie with a sword.

Nangong Lie did not move. Dongfang Jian blocked his attack with his sword and sent Liu Luoxi's sword flying. With a step forward, he pointed his cold sword at the center of Liu Luoxi's brows, revealing a cold and disdainful smile: "junior sister apprentice, you're too weak. You're not my opponent at all."

"Is that so?"

"Look behind you!"

He didn't know when.

The image of a Sword Teeth Tiger appeared behind Dongfang Jian.

The idea moved.

The Sword Teeth Tiger roared and pounced forward.

This was the highest quality Sword Teeth Tiger Rune that Long Fei had refined. It was very powerful.

Dongfang Jian frowned, his figure flashed, and a burst of strong Sword Qi burst out from his body, "Shocking Moon Sword Technique, break for me!"


The sword qi moved and thrusted forward, causing the top quality Sword Teeth Tiger talisman to fall onto the slay. However, at this moment, his back felt a chill.

Liu Luoxi's long sword pierced forward, while Ye Ziyan who was at the other side also thrust forward.

Dongfang Jian was very unhappy and shouted angrily, "junior sister apprentice, you are courting death!"


Dongfang Jian's body released a burst of power, following that, his figure became extremely heavy, as though there were suddenly multiple clones inside his body.

"Sky Sword Art?"

"Top tier sword technique in the Chao Tian Sect …" You, you, how could you know this kind of sword technique? "You have no right to train at all." Ye Ziyan exclaimed.

The Illusory Sky Sword Technique, a peak ninth level heaven stage sword art that was one level higher than the Nine Heavens Divine Sword Technique. It was a sword art that could create multiple illusions.

It was extremely sharp!

Dongfang Jian coldly snorted, and said: "Since you know, then just lie down!"

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

whoosh whoosh … *

Dongfang Jian created 3 clones images, every sword attack was as fast as lightning, and instantly broke Liu Luoxi's sword technique, and even directly injured them.



Liu Luoxi and Ye Ziyan staggered backwards, their clothes stained red on their shoulders, their faces pale white.

Two slay s.

Xiao Tiantian was not convinced: "Dongfang Jian, I will fight it out with you."

Dongfang Jian sneered, and said: "Just now, it was I who remembered your father's ident.i.ty, and already killed you. Don't you dare come back, I will absolutely not show mercy."

Liu Luoxi's gaze turned cold as he said, "Then don't be lenient."


The three sisters rushed up together.

At the same time.

"Rumble …"

"Rumble …"

"Rumble …"

A series of thunderous booms rang out.

The three women were instantly stunned.

On the stage, Long Sanfeng's body was swaying unsteadily, blood was continuously flowing out of his mouth, and his battle qi was completely suppressed.

Nangong Lie's palm struck Long Zhanwu's chest, flipped him over, and stepped on him. He coldly laughed: "Lunatic Long, is that all you have?"

"Weren't you always so arrogant?"

"Isn't your Long family awesome?"


"You're a dead dog now? "Hahaha..."

Previously, he was stomped by the Long family, but now, the anger in his heart was released, and his right leg slashed down heavily, "Boom!"

He stepped on Long Sanfeng's chest.


His ribs were fractured and blood spurted out.

Nangong Lie laughed sinisterly, "Come, get up and come again, today I want to see how hard the Long Family's bones are!"

His right fist moved. 36o search: (. "Half Floating///="

The true breath in Nangong Lie's started to surge crazily as it punched towards Long Sanfeng's head, "Die!"

It was also at this time.

The crowd exclaimed.

"There's a huge dragon in the sky …"

The tenth chapter was delivered!

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 142

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