The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1449

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Chapter 1449 - I'm Back

At this moment.

The sky darkened and an even more intense pressure came crus.h.i.+ng down.

His voice shook.

"tuoba yuan, do you think you are still the Third Elder? You are only a low level elder right now, what qualifications do you have to order this place to? "

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

A voice sounded.

Third Elder tuoba yuan's mind trembled, he raised his eyes slightly, and said: "Second Elder!"


The middle-aged man snorted and said coldly: "Coming back from billions of kilometers away, tuoba yuan, you sure are capable of doing this?"

"Is it worth it just for a disciple?"

"You still have a chance to choose, don't be so stubborn."

"Zhan Wushuang is the right path, that Long Fei … There is no talent, no potential, and no potential. Besides a murderous heart, there is nothing good about him. " Cai Tiannan said in disdain.


tuoba yuan did not manage to stand in a good queue.

He chose Long Fei, not Zhan Wushuang.

It was also because of this that he was suppressed and exiled.

tuoba yuan smiled slightly, "I do not know if Zhan Wushuang is on the right path or not, but I do know that his mental skills are incorrect. As for Long Fei … His potential and talent is far stronger than Zhan Wushuang's. "

He had investigated Long Fei before.

In just a few short years, he had grown to such a terrifying level.

You dare to say that such a person is talented and has poor potential?

Cai Tiannan laughed: "Is your talent stronger than Zhan Wushuang's? A trash with a broken is just someone you would want. What qualifications does such a person have to enter the tower question of G.o.d? "

"tuoba yuan, I suggest that you understand the situation and not even know how you died."

His voice turned cold.

Killing intent exploded out.

tuoba yuan asked coldly. "What? Do you still want to kill me? "

Cai Tiannan smiled slightly: "So what if I killed you? Anyone who could become Zhan Wushuang's obstacle could be killed, this was … The Tower Lord's exact words! "

"Kill you?"

"Hmph, do you think I don't dare?"

The expression in tuoba yuan's eyes changed.

If the tower question of G.o.d's Tower Master said this, then the number of floors Zhan Wushuang had broken through probably …

tuoba yuan said slightly: "Which floor has Zhan Wushuang pa.s.sed now?"

Cai Tiannan laughed complacently, "You have already broken through the seventieth floor this morning, so you will be eligible to enter the ancient holy battlefield in thirty more floors."

"tuoba yuan, do you know now that you've chosen the wrong thing?"

"Seventy levels?" tuoba yuan's eyes tightened as he muttered to himself, "To have achieved such an accomplishment in just a short year's time, in the past ten thousand years, he was the first to do so."

"This is too terrifying!"

He couldn't help but be shocked.

Zhan Wushuang's explosive strength was astonis.h.i.+ng.

Looking at tuoba yuan's shocked expression, Cai Tiannan laughed complacently: Now you know how terrifying it is? Zhan Wushuang entering the ancient holy battlefield was already a foregone conclusion, moreover … The Tower Lord had predicted that he would bring unparalleled honor and glory to the Chaos Realm. "

"Are you going to stop me now?"

tuoba yuan laughed, "Hahaha..."

"His talent is indeed terrifying."

"But... Nine Secret Warrior Family, do you think that it's an ordinary family? You do not understand this family, nor do you understand Zhan Wushuang. "

"No matter what level he broke through to now, I will persevere in my choice."

"Zhao Kong, wait for them!"

tuoba yuan's heart tightened, he was gambling.

He was betting everything on Long Fei.

tuoba yuan secretly thought in his heart: "Long Fei, do not disappoint me, I will bet everything on you!"

Cai Tiannan's eyes were filled with anger as he said solemnly: "tuoba yuan, don't refuse a toast and don't eat a forfeit!"

tuoba yuan said: "Second Elder, you should know what you have done yourself. If I were to tell you what you have done, hehe …"

Cai Tiannan frowned, and shouted: "How long are you going to wait?"

Zhao Kong also asked, "Second Elder, you need to have a time limit for us too. We can't just keep waiting, right? There are still other disciples taking the examination here. "

Cai Tiannan replied: "Half an hour."

tuoba yuan replied: "Two hours."

"One hour!" Cai Tiannan shouted, "If Long Fei and the others still do not appear after an hour, then they do not have the qualifications to continue with the a.s.sessment."


"You are never allowed to enter the tower question of G.o.d."


"tuoba yuan, I will report what happened today to the Tower Master. Just you wait." Cai Tiannan slightly shouted.

tuoba yuan did not speak further.

He could only buy Long Fei an hour. This was his limit.


As long as Long Fei did not appear, then he would have lost his last hope.

If he wanted to turn the tables, he had to rely on Long Fei.

As long as Long Fei enters the tower question of G.o.d and breaks through the hundredth floor, he will be able to crush everything. He was very clear in his heart that Zhan Wushuang's mental skills were not right.

His heart was filled with evil.

It was definitely not a good thing for such a person to enter the ancient holy battlefield.

If he wanted to compete with Long Fei, although Long Fei had a murderous heart, he at least had a clear conscience and could do it with fairness.

Time pa.s.sed by second by second.

Half an hour pa.s.sed.

Long Fei did not appear.

Cai Tiannan's face revealed a cold smile, "tuoba yuan, you're going to lose soon, and you want to borrow that brat's power? You made the wrong choice, hahaha … "

tuoba yuan slightly closed his eyes and did not speak. His palms were drenched in cold sweat.

Another ten minutes pa.s.sed.

Long Fei still had not appeared.

The pleased smile on Cai Tiannan's face became wider, and he started to hum a little tune, "Time is almost up."

tuoba yuan thought in his heart: "Could it be … Am I going to lose? "

If Long Fei did not appear, he would have lost!

Because …

Someone who was unable to enter the tower question of G.o.d was unable to turn him around, which could also mean that he had chosen the wrong thing.

Another ten minutes pa.s.sed.

Cai Tiannan laughed: "tuoba yuan, there's only ten minutes left. If you don't appear now, you know what the consequences will be."

This time it wasn't just exile.

It might even take his life!

tuoba yuan looked up into the sky and muttered: "This … Maybe it's my, tuoba yuan's, life! "

One choice was wrong, and that was to die for all eternity!


"Zhan Wushuang will never bring any glory to the tower question of G.o.d."

What a pity … No one would listen to him.

"There's only one minute left!" Cai Tiannan laughed proudly, "tuoba yuan, admit defeat, hahaha …"

tuoba yuan let out a light breath, looked at Cai Tiannan and said: "Help me tell the Tower Master, thank him for raising me for all these years, from today onwards, I, tuoba yuan …"

He no longer had the qualifications to stay in the tower question of G.o.d s.

He did not regret choosing Long Fei.

Now he had no choice.

Cai Tiannan laughed complacently. He became incomparably excited when he saw the depressed look on tuoba yuan's face.


Just as tuoba yuan was about to say that he had left the tower question of G.o.d, a voice came from afar, "I'm back!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1449

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