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There was nothing he couldn't do.

She even knew what Long Fei had dropped like the back of her hand.

Nine Dragon Coffin, the person lying in the bronze coffin.

If Long Fei had not seen it with his own eyes, he would have suspected that she was a real person.

How did he know that he had used Zhan Hongtu's [Divine Arts], the [Body Fusion]?

Long Fei exclaimed, and said: "Yes, yes, what's wrong?"

Long Fei was extremely shocked in his heart.

The Sleeping Beauty was giving him an increasingly mysterious feeling.

He was simply an omniscient existence.

That Absolute Zero Secret World, what kind of existence was he exactly?

ancient G.o.d?

Can't do anything?

Long Fei didn't have that much time to think about this right now. He could only think of one thing, which was to blow the Semi-G.o.d Monster in front of him away.

Long Fei anxiously asked: "Should I use the [Body Fusion] to kill him?"

The Sleeping Beauty said, "No, use your [Body Fusion] to conquer it!"

"What do you mean?"

Long Fei was a little confused. Why did he conquer a demon beast? He did not have any special hobbies, and from the looks of it, the demon beast was also male.

Working with demon beast s?

"F * ck me …"

The chrysanthemum was about to be crushed.

When he thought about that scene, Long Fei felt a wave of nausea.

The scene was too childish.

The sleeping beauty rolled her eyes, stared at Long Fei, and said: "Smelly master, what are you thinking about? I wanted you to use the Fitted Soul to absorb it."

"Then you two will establish a relations.h.i.+p."

Long Fei asked: Establish a relations.h.i.+p? Basics? "

"Then you might as well kill me."

The sleeping beauty rolled her eyes again and said: "Don't you know the cultivation method of your Fitted Soul? You need to absorb a warbeast, and this beast king question of G.o.d is the best warbeast. A Semi-realistic Realm's warbeast, as long as you absorb its power, it will be equivalent to you possessing the power of the Semi-realistic Realm. "

"However, you must establish a trusting relations.h.i.+p with him. Otherwise, you won't be able to fully absorb its power with its personality."

Long Fei listened intently, and suddenly realized something, and said: "You should have explained it clearly earlier."

"You scared my heart out of me. I thought you wanted me to sacrifice myself."

The sleeping beauty was speechless.

Long Fei actually laughed out loud, and said: "I was just teasing you."

He already knew what the Sleeping Beauty wanted him to do when she told him to use the Fitted Soul.

Seeing the Sleeping Beauty's speechless expression, Long Fei laughed.

The Sleeping Beauty said angrily, "Master, you're really bad, too bad, hmph!"

Long Fei said: "I was joking, I was joking. I just needed to adjust the tense atmosphere. I ran for close to ten hours, and I'm about to fall flat on the ground due to exhaustion."

"Moreover... "You said a few hours at the beginning, how many hours would ten hours be?"

Really tired.

It was even more tiring than fighting for three days and three nights.

I never thought I'd be able to run that long.

Long Fei was tired.

That beast king question of G.o.d was also exhausted. After ten whole hours of rage, it could be said that it had exhausted all of its energy.

This was also when his defense was at its weakest.

Whether it was the sea of consciousness, the mind, or other things, they were all at their weakest.

Taking advantage of the situation to enter.

This was the Sleeping Beauty's plan.

She had let Long Fei escape from the beginning for this.

The Sleeping Beauty said, "Take advantage of his weakness and take his life. Right now, his strength is less than 10% of his original strength. However, you still have to be careful."

Long Fei said: "His strength is not even one tenth of his original strength, I think I am about the same."

He was very tired.

He was panting like an ox, but Long Fei did not stop to rest. He knew that this was his only chance, if he did not grab hold of it, it would be a waste of his ten hours of running.

It would be a waste if he didn't conquer it after ten hours of p.i.s.sing.

"Huff …"

Long Fei heaved a sigh of relief, and said solemnly: "Even after chasing me for ten hours, you still could not kill me. I do not know what kind of enmity I have with you."


"I'll give you one more chance, obediently submit to me!"

"Remember, you only have one chance!"

Sleeping Beauty said: "Master, this won't do, the beast king question of G.o.d definitely won't lower its head to any human, even the person who created it will not submit."

Every demon beast had their own unique characteristics.

Especially a demon beast of the SemiG.o.d level with frightening intelligence, it would definitely not submit to humans.


Without waiting for Long Fei to finish, he punched down with his fist. Even though his power was not as strong as it was in the beginning, it was still sharp, as if it could shatter the air.

Long Fei's gaze turned cold as he said, "Is this your choice?"

"Are you unconvinced?!"

"I'll beat you until you submit!"

Without using the Heaven Decimating Sword, with a move of his fists, the magmatic fruit's power burst forth. Facing the beast king question of G.o.d's fist, Long Fei shouted in his heart, "Asura Battle Body!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

A thick wave of energy superimposed onto Long Fei's body.

The two fists collided.


Long Fei's fist was not small, the magma in the air ruptured, and both fists collided.

Long Fei's body was flung out.

"Boom, boom, boom …"

As his body flew out a thousand meters in a straight line, the beast king question of G.o.d's body slightly trembled, and didn't receive any substantial injuries. His face also revealed a cold and disdainful smile, "You want me to submit? A weak human like you? Are you even worthy? "

"Even if it is the person who created me, I will still not accept it."

"Do you think you're my match if you consume my energy?"

"Brat, you're thinking too much!"

It was extremely disdainful.

A thousand meters away, a voice could be heard, "Wishful thinking, right? "Then let's see if it's wishful thinking."

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

A flash of fire.

Long Fei flew out in a straight line without any fancy tricks, and still, smashed out with his fist heavily.

The beast king question of G.o.d was very disdainful, saying, "I already said, your strength is too weak, it's useless against me!"

He was sent flying again.

This time, the beast king question of G.o.d's body slightly retreated half a step.

He was forced half a step back from the previous trembling!

Long Fei was sent flying just like before.


In that moment, Long Fei attacked again, and shouted loudly: "It's not even the slightest of use?"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Another violent punch.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Another punch!

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

… ….

A hundred punches, a thousand punches, ten thousand punches.

The more he fought, the more shocked the beast king question of G.o.d would become. was clearly more exhausted than he was, and even more severely injured than he was, but the power that he exploded out was actually more and more powerful, why?

This was Long Fei.

You can refuse to accept it!

I'll beat you until you submit!

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1457

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