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Long family, in a thatched courtyard.

Now that Long Fei had recovered his ident.i.ty, he did not change his location. It was quiet in the back mountain, he was too lazy to switch to a large house.

Furthermore, jojo was enough to serve him.

Long Fei cultivated in a technique.

Toading Skill, dragon salyer technique …

He knew in his heart.

On the surface, the three pillars family had calmed down, but they were waiting for the message from the Nan Gong Residence.

Once that letter arrived, the three powers would surely launch a violent counterattack.

And Long Fei was also waiting.

He was waiting for the Long family's army, and he also sent the leopard girl and Xiao Bai back to let her lead the Long family's army, and even changed some plans.

This was a temporary change in his plan when he heard about the Long family's situation at the city gate.


whoosh whoosh whoosh … * Long Fei slashed out and the dragon chop's Blade Qi shot out, the blood colored atmosphere and the Flame Blade Qi fused together as one.

A void appeared in mid-air.

The blade aura was also overlaid by two hundred and five slashes.

After the dragon salyer technique had broken through to the third level, the overlapping numbers became more difficult.

It was the same for Long Fei, but he needed to acc.u.mulate a large amount of proficiency, but the amount of proficiency s needed to level up to level 4 required 80,000 proficiency s, which was simply too difficult to cultivate!

For the next four days, Long Fei practiced his techniques.

The Alchemy technique and the talisman technique also did not fall.

Using the Wild Mountain Devil's spirit blood to refine three high quality talismans, the fire-type spiritual herbs that he brought back were pretty much done, Long Fei concocted some by himself and gave the rest to Long Zhanhai to process.

And then again.

The dragon blood of the Ice Fire Dragon had also allowed Long Zhanhai to break through the war elder realm.

The Long family was making all the preparations.

At night.

Long Fei stood in the courtyard and muttered: "It should be about time."

"This battle!"

"We must slaughter the three pillars's spirit cleanly so that they will never have a chance to rise again." Long Fei secretly clenched his fists.


Xiao Bai landed in the courtyard, "Master, we're back."

At the entrance of the courtyard, the leopard girl also walked in. When she saw Long Fei in the courtyard, she immediately giggled and said: "Big Brother Long Fei."

Long Fei was overjoyed, the boulder in his heart also fell, "How have you been on the road?"

The leopard girl laughed, "En, alright. According to your orders, the Long Family army disguised themselves as commoners and infiltrated the Fire Gla.s.s City. They are currently resting at various places, and if there is any sound from the Long Family, they can rush over within ten minutes to provide support."


Long Fei shouted excitedly.

At this moment, he was completely relieved.

Relying on him, Long Sanfeng, and Long Zhanhai alone, it would be difficult for them to defend the Long family. Now that the ten thousand dragon army had arrived, there was no need to be afraid anymore.

Now, they just had to wait for three pillars and the rest to come looking for them, and then shut the door and beat them up!

jojo walked out and saw the leopard girl, "Yi, young master, who is she? "Such a good figure."

Long Fei looked at the leopard girl again …

There was nothing else on his body. This was not the Primordial Forest, he immediately said to jojo: "jojo, bring her a set of clean clothes to change into."

Dressed like this, if he walked out in broad daylight, he would definitely cause a traffic jam.

The rate of return was absolutely one hundred percent.

The leopard girl's figure was extremely s.e.xy, and the wild aura she gave off could enchant a person to death, making men feel an intense desire to conquer her.

The leopard girl giggled and walked to jojo's side, politely saying: "h.e.l.lo, my name is Leopard Girl."

jojo also giggled, "My name is jojo."

The leopard girl said, "So you are Sister jojo?"

jojo was startled, "You know me?" When she said 'Sister jojo', she was even more elated.

The leopard girl said: "Big Brother Long Fei, I often talk about you and even when I'm dreaming, I remember your name."

"Huh?" Long Fei grinned and muttered: "When did I dream?"

jojo was even more elated, he pulled the leopard girl and walked inside, saying: "Don't bother with young master, I'll bring you to change your clothes."

In the room.

"Your chest is so big."

"Wow, your figure is too good."

"Did the young master do anything to you?"

"No?" jojo exclaimed, "Is he even a man? Can he even endure this? I really didn't think that Young Master's mental strength would be so strong. "

The two girls chatted merrily.

Long Fei started to wonder in the courtyard.

Every so often, Shadow would join the chat.

Now he finally knew what it meant by 'three women in a play'. If they didn't have a good chat, it was more than just a play. The entire stage was going to be played by them.

"Sigh …" Long Fei still wanted to ask more about the Long family's army, but it looked like he had no way of asking.

Looking at the three people who were chatting pa.s.sionately, Long Fei smiled and swiftly rushed to his grandfather's courtyard.

… ….


Nangong Lei shouted excitedly, his face flushed red, he said: "That's great, Nan Gong Jun has achieved complete victory, there are no longer any Long Family Army in this world."

"Hahaha …"

"Without the Long family's army, the Long family won't have a last resort. Long Fei, I want to see how you can act so arrogantly." Nangong Lei was very excited.

Taking out the letter Nangong Kun wrote himself, he firmly believed it.

He could not help but feel excited when he thought of how the army that was currently stationed at the Wolong Valley was his Nangong army.

In the lobby.

Zhuge Tian and Li Chongtian also became happy, but …. Their hearts turned cold. The Long family's army had already been annihilated by the Nangong Imperial Clan. In that case, the power of the Nangong Imperial Clan was much stronger than before.

Even without an expert from the war master ream, he could not be underestimated.

The black-robed elder smiled slightly and said, "Your Highness, the chance has come."

Nangong Lei immediately asked: "Teacher, what plans do you have?"

The black-robed old man rolled his eyes, and said: "There are still ten days before the banquet of forbidden peak, at that time, the imperial family will definitely invite the young talents of the Fire Gla.s.s City, and Long Fei will definitely be among them."

"When Long Fei leaves, the gigantic dragon will naturally leave with him."

"Then the only ones left in the Long family are Long Sanfeng and Long Zhanhai, the two severely injured people, and the Dragon family's trash half disciples. At that time …"

Nangong Lei laughed.

Zhuge Tianlong and Li Chongtian also laughed, and both of them thought to themselves, "This person is too sinister."

Nangong Lei laughed: "Once Long Fei leaves, the Long family's defenses will become empty. I don't believe that I can't kill the Long family! "


Nangong Lei shouted: "Men!"

A guard walked in.

Nangong Lei said: "Ride on my Ferghana Horse and head to the headquarters of the Nan Gong Army and have him bring all the ten thousand over Nan Gong Army over to Fire Gla.s.s City."

"As for General Nangong Kun … Let him stay put and just stay in Dragon Mountain Valley. " Nangong Lei thought for a while. The Long Family had just been recruited, so their morale was definitely not stable. At this time, Nangong Kun had to guard Dragon Valley, just in case. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

"Yes sir!"

The guard took Nangong Lei's weapon talisman and left anxiously.

Nangong Lei laughed: "This is called double insurance, this time I will definitely trample the Long family to death! I want to avenge my father's death! "

"The moment Nan Gong Bing arrives, Long Fei, your time of death is up!"

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