The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1479

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Chapter 1479 - Three People Come Out!

Long Fei looked at the Sleeping Beauty's serious expression and nodded without hesitation. "I really want to know!"

"Hee hee …"

The sleeping beauty stuck out her tongue and said, "I don't know either."

"Err …"

Long Fei rolled his eyes: "I admire you, and you still look serious. Alright, I won't ask you this question next time."

The Sleeping Beauty really didn't know?

Honestly, Long Fei did not believe it.

However …

After this time, he would no longer ask this question. This was because if the Sleeping Beauty wanted to tell him, she would naturally tell him. If she didn't, he wouldn't be able to ask.

The key was …

She had been helping Long Fei the entire time.

It was enough for them to keep helping him.

The Sleeping Beauty pouted as its large eyes blinked. It looked a little wronged and a little sad. Its expression made one's heart ache just by looking at it.

The sleeping beauty whispered like a mosquito: "Master, I'm sorry, I can't say it, I really can't say it, I'm afraid it will bring you a lot of trouble."


"I come from another plane …"

"An unimaginable plane, I am here..."

"To find you!"

As for his goal … She didn't say it.

Her goal was to find Long Fei.

Otherwise, Long Fei would be endlessly hunted down, and would become the target of the powerhouse, who were even more powerful than the powerhouse in this plane.

There was no way Long Fei could survive!

These sleeping beauties definitely could not let Long Fei know.

Her voice was so soft that no one else could hear her.

Long Fei naturally did not hear it either. Looking at the sleeping beauty's pitiful look, his heart ached to the point of breaking down. He hurriedly changed the topic and said: "Oh right, how do we deal with the one star G.o.dhood?"

A divine spark.

To the warriors of the Chaos Realm, it was a treasure.

Compared to any holy artifact, ancient holy artifact s were a hundred thousand, a million times stronger, because it could truly allow you to soar into the skies, allowing a person who knows nothing to become a peak powerhouse.

Even though he was a trash, he had instantly become a peerless powerhouse.

That was his charm.

Long Fei no longer had any interest in this divine spark, so dealing with it now was indeed a problem.

The Sleeping Beauty thought for a moment and said, "It isn't of much use to you. Moreover, you can't absorb its power right now. You can decide on your own, give it to others or throw it away."


He completely didn't place this divine spark in his eyes.

What others couldn't even ask for was like trash in her eyes.

At this moment.

Ye Jingyun and Nangong Yan walked over, looking at the demon beast corpses littered the ground, the two of them were shocked on the way, what kind of scene was this?

"Yong Master Long."

"You killed them all by yourself?"

"You, aren't you being too awesome?"

Ye Jingyun was in a state of disbelief. He looked at Ye Jingyun, then looked at Nangong Yan, and thought to himself: "Are they suitable candidates?"

"Or to those in the Heavenly Court's base in the Infernal Realm?"

At that moment, Long Fei was also unable to make a decision.

He wanted everyone around him to be able to break through their shackles and walk out of his path of divine cultivation, fusing with his unique divine spark.


Becoming a Deity?

It was too difficult!

Amongst the billions of living beings in Chaos Realm, less than one in ten million could break through the bottleneck and become a G.o.d.

Even out of a trillion people, it was hard for even one of them to become a Deity.

There were two paths to becoming a G.o.d in the Chaos Realm. To cross the heavenly tribulation and use the heavenly tribulation to condense a divine spark, the path was basically a dead end. The chances of one becoming a G.o.d were even slimmer.

No one had succeeded for hundreds of years, and no one even tried now.

It was the same as the G.o.d's martial continent tribulation, if it failed, it would disappear into ashes.

The other way would be for tower question of G.o.d. After entering the ancient holy battlefield, one could obtain merits in exchange for a Divine Spark.

These are the two paths to becoming a G.o.d in the Chaos Realm.

It was all extremely difficult, and the success rate was as low as it could be.

Take the current tower question of G.o.d, for example.

In these few hundred years, there had been a Zhan Wushuang who had appeared in the last thousand years, a person who was most likely to become a deity!

And that's why.

Only then would the tower question of G.o.d view him as a treasure.

"Huff …"

Long Fei eventually gave up. He only had one divine spark, who should he give it to?

He couldn't decide.

He had to give it to someone who needed it more.

Looking at Ye Jingyun, he smiled blandly, and said: "Now, we will harvest these demon beast's heads, and will be teleported out in a few hours."

Ye Jingyun laughed excitedly, "Hahaha... This is a huge reversal. "

… ….

Martial Arts Practice Field.

The final day of the a.s.sessment.

Other than the examiner Yi Seng, there was also a large group of tower question of G.o.d elders present.

beast control hall.

Alchemy Hall.

Refining Branch.

They were all watching to see who would become the first disciple to come out, who would become the first person in the group, did they have the qualifications to enter the tower question of G.o.d?

"This batch has quite a few good seedlings."

"Disciples who are able to obtain volume question of G.o.d are all geniuses amongst geniuses."

"If only we had a few more geniuses like Zhan Wushuang."

"Keep dreaming, there's only been one Zhan Wushuang in Chaos Realm for the past thousand years, how many more do you want? To be able to get even one more would already be burning incense to wors.h.i.+p Buddha. "

Isn't this another batch of disciples that had killed the Great Clan Elder? What is his potential? "


"Just that piece of trash, who knows what kind of strange power he cultivated, based on his strength alone, he isn't even the Grand Elder's opponent. If he were to be compared with the Second Elder, this kind of trash will definitely not be able to enter the tower question of G.o.d."

"I heard that his is broken and his tendons and veins are congealed. What potential can such a person have? He wants to compete with Zhan Wushuang? How can the stars compete with Haoyue? "

"Says he's a star that has been raised."

"He's also a slave. He has the mark of a slave on his body, and is just a lowly lowly slave in the Chaos Realm. I really don't know what methods he used to obtain the volume question of G.o.d."

"All these are secondary. Do you know how many points he obtained in this exam?"

"Two times, and there are two more times that I am 10 points, hahaha... Can a trash like him pa.s.s the examination? Even a three-year-old kid wouldn't be like him, right? "

"Hahaha …"

… ….

The elders started to laugh out loud.

Killing elders looking down on tower question of G.o.d, this made them feel extremely displeased.

At the same time.

They were more aware that Long Fei had offended Zhan Wushuang.

This alone was enough for them to stand in formation.

At this moment.

Yi Seng coughed and said, "Time is up. Open the Secret World's door and summon them out!"

"Yes sir!"

At this time, everyone quieted down and looked towards the exit of Secret World.

Just who was the first to come out?

The first person to come out was the best.

This was automatically acknowledged by the Secret World.


The Secret World's door opened, and a figure was summoned out.

The one standing in front of them was no other than Long Fei!

Then, two voices came out, Nangong Yan, Ye Jingyun.

And then … There was no 'then'.

The three of them had returned!

All the elders were stunned. However... At the same time, he was also enraged!

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1479

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