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Everything that happened in the Fire Gla.s.s City, the Nangong Imperial Clan saw it all.

The originally dying Long Family had risen swiftly because of Long Fei's return.

The appearance of the Dragon Spirit Pill allowed the Long family to return to the ranks of the four pillars.

Right now, the Long family was at its peak, which made Nangong Huo feel threatened.

Ever since the establishment of the Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty, the ancestors of the Nan Gong Family had known that the Long Family was their biggest threat.

For the past few years, the Nangong Imperial Clan had constantly been weakening the power of the Long Clan.

The disappearance of the dragon salyer.

The death of several Dragon G.o.d Warriors.

The dragon blood on Long Fei's body was extracted, these … It was all planned by the Nangong Imperial Family.

He thought that the Long family would be annihilated this time and that he wouldn't have to worry about the threat of the Long family anymore. However, he didn't think that the Long family would become even stronger after reviving.

The limelight was too great!

Just today at the morning a.s.sembly, Nangong Huo received a report, Nan Gong Jun was only five kilometers away from Fire Gla.s.s City.

Nangong Huo immediately sent people to investigate.

So it was like that.


Nangong Huo was furious, but after being enraged, he became abnormally calm. What happened with the Long family during this period of time, was when Nangong Lei was dealing with them.

As a result, he did not bother with it, nor did he look for Nangong Lei. Instead, he sent people to lock onto Nan Gong Jun, at the same time, he ordered the imperial guards to quickly retreat in case of need.

"Nangong Lie is dead, the Nangong Imperial Manor is in a mess, the most important thing right now is still the Long family!"

"Long Fei!"

"Also... that is the secret of the dragon salyer. " During this period of time, he had searched through all of the dragon salyer's secret history. He had vaguely guessed that the dragon salyer's secret was the Dragon Clan's secret, and whoever could solve this secret might be able to command the Dragon Clan!

If …

If he could command the dragons!

Then the Nangong Imperial Clan would surely soar through the entire Sky Martial Continent, not hiding in a small empire in the South Horizon Region.

Every Sovereign King had a strong ambition, Nangong Huo was no exception.

"Control the dragon clan..." Nangong Huo couldn't help but become excited as he thought of this. He must properly organize this time's banquet of forbidden peak!

And then …

Nangong Huo walked towards his father's cultivation room.

… ….

The Sky Martial Continent was divided into five main regions. The place where Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty resided was the South Horizon Region.

In the South Horizon Region, Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty was as insignificant as a grain of sand. They couldn't even be found on a map.

All these years, the Nan Gong Family had always wanted to expand their territory, but the outside world was too strong. If not for them relying on the Fire Gla.s.s Mountain Range to protect the Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty, this empire would have been destroyed long ago.

If he wanted to change, then he had to become stronger!

The dragon salyer's secret was perhaps the only way for the Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty to become strong, and it was also a shortcut to rise to the sky in a single step!

… ….

Long family.

Inside Long Sanfeng's courtyard.

Long Zhanhai slightly said: "I never thought that Nangong Huo would actually not make a move and allow Nan Gong Army to camp outside the city. It seems like his guard against the Long family has never been lifted."

Long Sanfeng said slightly: "The Nangong Imperial Clan has never let down their guard before. They have always viewed the Long Family as their greatest threat, so I'm afraid that they will have to join hands and go against the Long Family."

Long Fei was also secretly shocked.

Who would have thought that Nangong Huo would allow the Nan Gong Army to station outside the city. This was a heinous crime.

One could imagine.

Nangong Huo also wished for the Long Family's destruction!

If that was the case … Long Fei's forehead turned sinister as he said, "Grandfather, Uncle, have you ever thought about mastering the Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty by yourselves?"

Long Sanfeng and Long Zhanhai were startled, at the same time they looked at Xiang Longfei.

Long Fei said solemnly: "The Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty is a world that our ancestors conquered. What kind of bird is his Nangong Imperial Family? All these years, we have been defending the borders of the Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty and obstructing the invasion of the demons, without any rewards, watching our Long family grow stronger and stronger day by day, the three great families suppressing him, Nangong Huo, did not even have a fart, and after doing this many times together, we can only hope that the Long family would die without a burial place. A ruler like that, what is there to be loyal to? "

During this year, Nangong Huo continuously weakened the power of the Long Family.

If not for his laissez-faire, how could the three pillars Family be so brazen?


The reason why Long Sanfeng was heavily injured was because he was ordered to do it by Nangong Wudi.

Seeing that they did not speak, Long Fei continued to speak: "Grandfather, Uncle, if he does not offend me, I will not offend him. If he offends me, we can give him a point.

"The Long family has never been bullied. After so many years, what did the Nangong family give us?"


"Now that Nangong Huo is riding on our necks, what qualifications do we have to resist him?"

"The people of the Long family never get bullied. Didn't the Nangong Imperial Clan like bullying us? Fine, this time I will remove his roots as well!"

Long Fei's Qi was released, it was extremely dense.

Long Sanfeng's eyes stared blankly as he clenched his fists tightly. The scales on his fists appeared one by one as he shouted loudly, "Cut the weeds by their roots!"

Long Zhanhai also asked, "Long Fei, what do you plan to do?"

Long Fei smiled: "Nangong Huo is not going to attack the Nan Gong Army outside the city, let's fight!"


"Disguise as the imperial guards and take action!"

"He, Nangong Lei, is filled with hatred towards the Nangong Imperial Clan. The Nan Gong Residence is given the family name by the Emperor, Nangong Lei had always wanted to restore his family name, so this time, I will let him reveal it."

Long Zhanhai frowned, and said: "We do not have that many people. "Then I'm afraid there's no guarantee for the safety of the Long family …"

"Heh heh …"

"Uncle, I've already prepared everything." Long Fei laughed sinisterly, "Long Shan has already returned, all the troops of the Nan Gong Army that are stationed at Great Li Mountain have been killed. Meng Yue has already rushed to the Fire Gla.s.s City with the eight thousand dragon soldiers, I believe they will arrive by tomorrow night."


"Good boy!"

The two of them shook at the same time.

None of them expected Long Fei to have already arranged everything.

Long Fei laughed: "Originally, I wanted to directly make Nangong Lei unable to turn the situation around. But now, let the surname Nan Gong disappear from Fire Gla.s.s City forever!"

Men had to be ruthless when doing things.

Long Fei would never show mercy to his enemies!

I like to play!

Then let's play it big.

Long Fei said solemnly, "There are still two more days. Within two days, I will make the Long family's army raise all of the Long family's disciples by one rank!"

"I want to let everyone in Fire Gla.s.s City know what the might of a dragon's fury is!"

Long Fei had been planning this from the beginning.

However, at that time, he had wholeheartedly wanted to deal with Nangong Lei.

To deal with Nangong Lie! = Half ^ Float # # Life ^

Because he had injured his grandfather, so he would definitely not tolerate those who had harmed his family in the world.

And now.

He wanted to let the Long family soar into the sky!

After suffering for tens of thousands of years, it was about to explode.

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 161

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