The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1658

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Chapter 1658 - Beauty Attraction

filthy man looked at Long Fei with his eyes that seemed as vulgar as possible. He then told Long Fei with his eyes, "Come, big brother, I'll prepare my chrysanthemum flower for you at any time."

Long Fei secretly thought.

Luo Dongcheng squeezed filthy man to the side and said: "He is a member of my Luo Heights, do you dare to steal my people here?"


Long Fei was startled, "When did you become a member of the Luo Heights?"

The filthy man chuckled: "Master Luo, stop boasting, do you know that I don't understand your Luo Heights? He has nothing to do with your Luo Heights. "

"What's more, even if he's from your Luo Heights, so what if I invite him to join my Heavenly Tyrant Mercenary Squadron?"

Luo Dongcheng also had an angry look on his face as he said, "Your Sky Tyrant Mercenary Group? Even a bunch of skin shrimps would not dare to come out in front of gang of heros. "

At this time, he couldn't care less about giving them face.

Luo Dongcheng had already known in his heart that they were hiding in the dark because they were afraid of the gang of heros.

Right now, he only wanted Long Fei to stay.

The power that Long Fei had exploded out was too strong. If Luo Heights could keep Long Fei alive, then Luo Heights's strength would be very strong.

The filthy man did not mind what Luo Dongcheng said, and laughed: "Camel Manor Lord, if you offend the gang of heros now, you will only wait for death in your Luo Heights."

"How about this? All of you Luo Heights s, join my Heavenly Tyrant Team … "

Without waiting for filthy man to finish speaking, Luo Dongcheng immediately said, "Pah!"

"Pui, pui. Stop spitting. Take a look at my new boots." filthy man revealed a pained expression.


filthy man grabbed at Long Fei's hand.

Long Fei's reaction was extremely fast, and practically the instant filthy man made his move, he withdrew his hand.

His reaction was fast.

filthy man was startled.

The expressions of the four people nearby also changed slightly.

"What a fast reaction!"

filthy man didn't care at all. He pounced and hugged onto Long Fei's thighs, and said: "Hero, brave warrior, fierce man, come with me."

"Sigh …"

"It's this move again."

"Captain, don't you know any other moves?"

The other team members could not bear to watch any longer. They all turned their heads to the other side, feeling extremely humiliated.

However …

Clearly, they had also been asked to join the Heavenly Tyrant Team.

Luo Dongcheng's eyes trembled, he was stunned for half a second, and said: "How can you be so shameless? I've already said that he's a member of my Luo Heights, if you dare touch him again, I won't be polite anymore. "

Luo Dongcheng also did not expect the filthy man to use this move.

Isn't it too shameless?

The filthy man ignored him completely and said: "If you don't promise me, I won't get up. I'll be hanging on your thigh forever."

While they were talking …

His two eyes looked at Long Fei with a strange light in his eyes.

Adding on his split hair and his wretched appearance, Long Fei took a quick glance at him, "Oh, my, your eyes are really stinging."

The team members behind filthy man acted as if they didn't know him at all.

In G.o.d's martial continent.

In Chaos Realm, Long Fei made many friends, brothers, followed beside him until it was over …

In the ancient holy battlefield, his path … He was alone.

I don't want to be the same again.

Because …

In Long Fei's heart, he was the bane of all.

The people around him were always in danger, so he had to walk the path of this world alone.

Long Fei's eyes turned cold, and he said: "Let go, I will not join your team."

"Same thing." Long Fei looked at Luo Dongcheng and said, "I will also not join the Luo Heights."

Her voice was a little cold.

With a deep sense of loneliness.

filthy man looked at Long Fei and said: "You fierce man, are you trying to force my Enlargement Stroke?"

"Ahh …"

"Like a flower!"

filthy man shouted, and one of the four members looked at her with a cold gaze, a little unwilling. However, he still walked forward slowly, until he was in front of Long Fei and took off his cape, revealing a very pure face.

It couldn't be considered a peerless beauty.

However, she was still a beauty above average, at least at the level of 85 points.

Seduction of a beauty?

filthy man said: "Tough man, our team has benefits. As long as you agree to join my team, I will betroth my sister to you."



"Captain, what do you mean?"


The other three members rushed up one after another as if they were going to explode.

"Didn't you give the flower to me?"

"Bullsh * t, it's a betrothal gift."

"You are all latecomers. I was the first one the captain agreed to, and it's mine like this."

The trio's faces and necks were red.

All of them were enraged.

filthy man was surprised, he thought in his heart: "Aiya, I messed with you."

However …

Right now, he couldn't care so much, the cultivation base Long Fei had displayed was too strong, if he joined, then the mercenaries fighting would probably be able to obtain a good result and enter the top 50 rankings. Still entering the top 20 …

filthy man was overjoyed in his heart, and said: "Tough guy, my sister Shui Ling, as long as you agree to join Team Sky Tyrant, he will … …"

Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Long Fei directly said, "Not interested."

A single kill.


In that instant, Long Fei unleashed the Dragon Step of Great Perfection.

Instantly, he pulled out his leg and flew ten meters away from the other party.

It was a miraculous speed.

It had to be known that this was the ancient holy battlefield, not the Chaos Realm. Long Fei's cultivation was only at the Semi-realistic Realm, which was equivalent to the lowest realm.

But his speed …

Even Long Fei himself was shocked, he was extremely excited, "The steps of the great complete realm is truly strong, isn't that too awesome?"

"As expected!"

"Abnormal energy is much better than berserk energy."

"I like that abnormal feeling."


The Dragon Step was just the most ordinary step for the Devil Island. Most of the disciples in the gang of heros had already cultivated it, it was the step of a rotten street.

However …

The transformation of abnormal energy directly reached an unprecedented level of perfection.

In an instant, he became intrepid.

filthy man was stunned, looking at Long Fei who was more than ten meters away, he was unable to react, "What, what, what is that pace?"

Ru Hua was also shocked.

Luo Dongcheng, the entire Luo Heights was also shocked.

One of them said, "It's a bit like the gang of heros's Dragon Step."


"gang of heros's Dragon Step is like this?"


"Awesome, I'll be depending on you for the rest of my life." filthy man's eyes lit up, and immediately ran to Long Fei's side like a hungry wolf pouncing on its prey.

Long Fei wanted to use Dragon Step to dodge, but he realized that he no longer had any holy power value.

The filthy man hugged his thigh again.

This time it was even tighter.

filthy man said: "Ferocious man, just listen to me!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1658

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