The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1668

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Chapter 1668 - See how hard you are

Outside the mountain range.

"You two protect Lan Ya. I'll go back and help him." The more Lei Jiu thought about it, the more powerless he became.

If they were to escape and let Long Fei face the gang of heros alone, could he still be considered a man?

Long Fei saved them.

Yet, they patted their b.u.t.ts and really left.

What was this?

The more he thought about it, the more upset he felt.

Lan Ya grabbed Lei Jiu and said: "Ninth Brother, don't go back. That person is probably …."

That kind of situation …

Without even thinking, one could tell that Long Fei was in trouble.

Lei Jiu gently removed Lan Ya's hand and said: "Even if he dies, I will still carry his corpse back."

"You two take her back first."


Lei Jiu ran deeper into the mountains.

No matter what, he owed Long Fei.

If Long Fei died, he would use all the power he could muster to turn gang of heros into ashes.

Just when Lei Jiu ran into the deep mountains.

"Let's go together."

"d.a.m.n it, it's just a mere gang of heros, do you think I'm afraid of him?"

"I'm going all out."

"We cannot lose face for tian yan city."


The two of them followed along, and Lan Ya chased after them.

… ….

Consecutive slashes for a hundred people!

The speed was unimaginably fast.


Long Fei's movements were extremely strange, it was simply impossible to discern her it was extremely terrifying.

He had never seen this kind of cultivation technique before.

"Vice Sect Leader, there's no way to deal with him!"

"Let's go."

One of them ran up to the vice sect master and asked to retreat. If he didn't, all of them would die here. This was not a joke.


Not waiting for him to finish.

The big guy broke the head of that lackey, then kicked his body and shouted, "Whoever dares to say that in front of me, I, your father, will kill him!"

"Just a mere three star G.o.d Realm cultivator. Even if I have to use it up, I will use it up to kill him!"

He was unhappy.

It was quite unpleasant.

The big guy shouted in a deep voice, "Today, I will drink all your blood and swallow you up!"


Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

With one step, the ground shook. With a body of five to six hundred kilograms, he rushed towards Long Fei with a powerful body.

Golden light radiated in all directions.

Long Fei's expression slightly darkened, and said: "I'm just afraid that you won't come!"


Su Yun turned his body towards the void door and instantly landed behind the big size man. In his hand, he held the Mountain Spliting Knief that was on the body of gang of heros and slashed down.

At this moment.

The big bloke grinned and said, "Hmph, you're too slow!"

His body suddenly turned and a fist came flying toward him.


The strong wind howled, and the fist wind seemed to pierce into his body.

Long Fei's eyes changed, and he reacted with a movement of the idea, "Dragon Step!"


His steps were like the wind, narrowly avoiding the punch. He was only a tiny bit away from being heavily hit by the big guy. If he didn't die, he would at least be half dead.

In terms of strength, cultivation level, Long Fei was unable to fight against the big size man, and could only use the virtual mirror to fight with him.

Just like how a mage could not get close to the Warrior.

Long Fei had a lot of experience in this kind of battle.

"He dodged?"


"I just want to see how many times you can dodge." The big size man sneered, even though Long Fei's movements were strange, he did not care, as cultivation was everything.

No matter how strong your movement technique is, it's only a cultivation technique.

The big size man rushed towards Long Fei once again.

Although his body seemed huge, his movement technique was very agile and his reflexes were surprisingly fast.


Long Fei turned into the void door.

The big bloke rolled his eyes from left to right, coldly shouting: "You dog, get out here!"

"Get the h.e.l.l out here."

"Let's see how long you can hide."


The big bloke's footsteps shook, "Bang!"

The moment his foot landed on the ground, the ground trembled. Just like a wrestler, his body slightly lowered, and a gigantic ball of flesh half-squatted on the ground.

The action was very strange.

However …

The surrounding gang of heros lackeys all paled as they desperately retreated backwards.

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

"I'll let you see my Earthquake Technique. I want to see where else you can hide." The huge bloke laughed out wildly as he suddenly curled up his body, turning into a ball of flesh.

The ball of flesh shot out!

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

It bounced off into the air and exploded on the ground like a cannonball. A violent vibration spread out and the surrounding trees immediately exploded.

The rock turned into powder.

Many of the gang of heros warriors who did not manage to escape in time started bleeding from their orifices, and their bodies started bursting apart.

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

"Where else can you hide?"

"Hahaha …"

He did not care about the life or death of his disciple; he was completely like a madman. His body crazily bounced up and down, and the air and the ground were filled with violent ripples of vibration.

Long Fei's virtual mirror, tens of thousands of void door also began to crack from the shock.

Cracks appeared one after another.

This was because Long Fei's holy power value was too weak and was unable to withstand the energy waves from the big sized guy's Earth Shock Technique.




As the void door shattered one after another, Long Fei hid within the flickering void door. His heart secretly tightened, "d.a.m.n, if this goes on, all of the void door will be shattered."

Broken one void door meant losing a protective barrier.

This was quite disadvantageous for Long Fei.


Long Fei stepped out of the void door, "Grandson, grandpa is here!"

The big sized man glared at Long Fei furiously, and with a leap, he struck Long Fei accurately. Long Fei then disappeared, pa.s.sing through a few void door s.

At this moment.

A few more void door s broke into pieces.

He couldn't stop it at all.

This meatball's elasticity was too abnormal.

Furthermore, he could not feel any pain at all. Cultivating the Earthquake Technique had refined his skin and flesh to become extremely hard, just like a demon beast. This kind of impact would not hurt at all.

"Hahaha …"

"Brat, come out!"

"You p.i.s.sed laozi off, laozi will grind you into mincemeat." The big guy said savagely.

"Boom, boom, boom!"

"Rumble …"

They exploded.

He couldn't even block it!

"Is there any other way?" Long Fei was secretly anxious, "What kind of power can block him?"


Long Fei's heart sank, "Death Planet!"


tai tan king was not absorbed by the system furnace, and neither was the star book.


Long Fei shouted coldly, "Let's see just how powerful your body is, and how powerful you are compared to one of my planetary planes!"


Long Fei walked out from the void door, and the big size man instantly rushed towards him, grinning widely, "Hahaha … "Brat, give me your life."

Long Fei moved his right hand and a gobbledegook s book appeared in his hand.

The moment the big guy crashed into him, a huge round ball fell down.

The big guy disdainfully said, "You can block me with a rock like that?"


"Let me show you my strength."

He used all the strength in his body to strike it …

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1668

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