The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1680

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Chapter 1680 - Flower Catch

Ask Li Ruchao.

He could not walk out of the Devil Island.

If he asked Lei Jiu and the others now, the result would still be the same, no!

Was there really no other way?

He really couldn't get out?

Inadvertently, Long Fei's fists tensed up even more as he said faintly: "There is no such thing as an absolute thing in this world. As long as we do it, as long as we work hard, I believe that anything is possible!"

As long as he worked hard and persevered, he might fail.

However, if you didn't work hard and didn't go, that would be impossible. You would definitely fail!

Long Fei did not accept his fate.

He also did not believe that he would not be able to leave the Devil Island. Since they were both in the same plane, it was impossible for him to not be able to leave this place.

Even if the endless ocean could not be traversed, the reward would be another aircraft carrier and he would not be able to walk out!

His loved ones had all fallen.

The brothers fell.

Long Fei was so depressed that he felt like dying. At that time, he had already stood up, so what else could he do to beat him?

fearless heart.

Lei Jiu looked at the expression in Long Fei's eyes. That gaze that was deeper than the ocean made his heart tremble, and he muttered to himself, "Anything is possible …"

His eyes could not help but look at Lan Ya.

This was the love in his heart.

There was a moment of silence.

Long Fei looked at Lei Jiu and asked, "Have you ever thought about why you are being chased by the gang of heros?"

tai hai immediately said: "We don't know the reason either, it's very strange, we didn't provoke the gang of heros, and just based on the power of us three great clans, who would dare to provoke us?"

"Maybe it was the Deputy Sect Master who killed him last time that caused Yu Wanxiong to lose a lot of face." Tarzan's thoughts were simpler.

Long Fei glanced at Lan Ya, and said. "Could it be that there is a problem within your family?"

"Now the matter is resolved."

"Your Heavenly Deer Magic Antler has been obtained too. Hurry and go back."

Lei Jiu immediately asked: "Brother Fei, then where are you going?"

Long Fei looked outside the valley and said, "I plan to make a trip back to the Yama city."

His cultivation base wasn't absolutely strong right now, but … He should be able to deal with the Knights of Darkness Guild with the Seism Fruit, Killing Techniques, and the Killing Sword Technique along with the virtual mirror.

Then again.

He wanted to find a way to leave the Devil Island.

There was no way to leave the mountain range.

He had to leave this place as soon as possible to find Xuanyuan Li Er, enter the battlefield, and find a way to change the order of the Ancient Code.

"Yama city?"

Lei Jiu was startled, and asked: "What happened after that?"

He really wanted to follow Long Fei.

Long Fei shook his head and said: "I haven't thought it through properly yet."

Lei Jiu immediately said, "Brother Fei, we happened to pa.s.s through the Yama city as well, let us go with you."

Long Fei shrugged and said: "Since it's along the way, then let's go together."

The five of them left the valley.

A figure landed.

He had seen everything that had happened in the valley.

A pair of cold eyes behind the black cloak stared at the direction that Long Fei and the others disappeared in, "How dare you meddle in other people's business? I want you to take the risk! "

"Yama city right?"


A cold voice.

In the blink of an eye.

The black shadow disappeared!

… ….

Yama city.

When he heard about how he was forced to retreat in front of so many people when he was fighting with Li Ruchao last time, he felt extremely displeased.

The Black Knight Mercenary Group felt even more humiliated.

Inside Li Ruchao's courtyard.

Li Ruchao was unable to get up from the ground, his face was pale white, he was on the verge of death, looking at the entrance of the courtyard, his fists tightly clenched as he smashed onto the ground, "Sister …"

Li Ruhua was taken away.

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1680

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