The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1696

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Chapter 1696 - Something happened indeed

G.o.d rare sect had to go.

However, he could not find a way out, which was something Long Fei absolutely did not expect.

When Li Ruhua said 'tian yan city', his heart trembled slightly as he thought to himself, "A city controlled by the Lan Clan?"

"Huff …"

"It seems like there are some things that I can't hide from!"

Long Fei tried his best to avoid Lei Jiu and the others.

Because …

He didn't want to get involved in the clan's own struggles.

But in the end, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to dodge.

"Huff …"

"Since I can't dodge, I might as well take it head on!" Long Fei faintly shouted in his heart, before turning to Li Ruhua and saying, "Alright, let's go to tian yan city!"

… ….


"You failed three times in a row, what do you want me to say about you?"

tian yan city.

Lan Clan, in a secret room.

Lan Mo knelt on the ground, not daring to speak.

Three, three failures, especially the last time. Even he himself could not think of a way to deal with Long Fei, otherwise he would definitely have acted personally.

However …

Fortunately, it was not discovered.

Lan Mo said: "Third Elder, that brat has an extraordinary body, and the cultivation technique he released was even more strange. I have never seen it before."

"I suspect that he is the reincarnation of a certain powerhouse." Lan Mo said the same words as Lei Jiu, because the technique that Long Fei had displayed was truly incomprehensible to others.

Third Elder Lan Zhen's gaze turned sinister as he asked coldly: "What's so special about it?"

Lan Mo said: "A Dragon Step cultivated by the gang of heros, this is only the most basic of steps, but it is also only the training of the disciples of the gang of heros. However, he can learn it in an instant, and in an instant, cultivate the Dragon Step to the state of being as pure as fire.

"And he knows a secret art."

"If I'm not wrong, it should be the gigantic Heavenly Deer's Spirit Communication Technique, void door."

Heavenly Deer, this kind of spirit beast, can only release one void door, but after killing Heavenly Deer, he grasped this sacred art, and it is infinitely enlarged. I'm afraid that beside him, there are thousands, and tens of thousands of these void door, forming a Void Killing Array.

"These are just cultivation techniques."

"The most terrifying thing is that he knows a fist technique. This kind of fist technique is average and ordinary, but... I've seen him do it three times, and each time, it was an instant kill. "

"Regardless of whether the opponent is a demon beast or a powerhouse who is several times stronger than him, he will die with a single punch …"

Without waiting for Lan Mo to finish.

The fury in Lan Zhen's eyes grew stronger and stronger. In the end, both his eyes darkened and he fiercely roared out loud while staring at Lan Mo: "Losers always like to find all sorts of excuses for themselves."

"Lan Mo, failure means failure. Everyone will have their moments when they fail, but you … Yet you found so many reasons for yourself. Is this what you brought back to me? "

Her voice was cold.

It was filled with killing intent.

He simply did not believe what Lan Mo had said.

If he really was that powerful, then he would have been placed in main temple long ago.

Lan Mo instantly kowtowed to the ground, his body trembling uncontrollably, as he did not dare to say a single word.

Even though …

His words were not the least bit exaggerated, but he knew Lan Zhen's personality very well. If he continued, there would only be one result, death!

After a long time.

Lan Zhen asked coldly: "Where is Lan Ya?"

Lan Mo swallowed his saliva and replied: "Reporting to the elders, Lan Ya will arrive at tian yan city tomorrow."


"Go down and prepare."

"Since she has returned, we no longer need to fight in secret. We should properly ask her to relinquish her position as the clan head." Lan Zhen let out a cold laugh, and muttered: "My good niece, you asked for this yourself. How can a little girl like you shoulder such a heavy responsibility for the Lan Clan?"

"Even if I agree, the ancestors of Lan Clan would definitely not agree to it."

"It's so good to die outside. At least you won't know the pain of your father's death. You're going to be sad. " Lan Zhen laughed sinisterly.

… ….

White cloth fell around the walls of tian yan city.

What did this mean?

This meant that something big had happened to the tian yan city, and an important figure had died.

"Is he dead?"

Lei Jiu said as he looked at the white cloth hanging on the tian yan city.

Seeing the city guards tied with white flowers, Mt. Tai's heart tightened. "It's the Lan Clan …"

These guards were all guards of the Lan Clan.

There was only one reason why they were tied to white flowers, a certain big shot of Lan Clan had died.

In that instant.

Lan Ya's heart tightened as she thought of her own father. At this time, her tears could not help but flow down, and she ran crazily towards Lan Mansion.

… ….

"He's back!"

"Lan Ya is back."

The moment he saw Lan Ya appearing in tian yan city, Lan Mo went to report to the Third Elder.

Lan Zhen smiled and said: "Go inform the clan elders' pavilion and have them give orders to bring Lan Ya to the meeting hall."

Lan Mo was startled, and said: "Clan elder, she is not allowed to go to the mourning hall?"

"Hahaha …"

"Let her give up the position of patriarch before she goes to the mourning hall. On the day of the funeral, let her go to h.e.l.l with her father." Lan Zhen said fiercely.


Lan Mo quickly left.

… ….

"Why don't you let us in?"

The main gate of the Lan Mansion.

Lei Jiu, Mt. Tai, and tai hai were blocked outside the door.

Four guards stood in front of the gate.

One of the guards said, "Young Masters, Lan Clan does not receive any guests right now. Please go back."


"I am from the Lei Family."

"I'm from the Tai family."

"Our three families have always been allies, so why can't we join?"

One of the guards snorted, "If it weren't for the fact that this is the Lei Clan and the Tai Clan, do you think you would still be standing here?"


If it wasn't for the fact that their ident.i.ties were different and the four of them had already taken action, how could they have the heart to waste words with them?

Lan Ya said slightly: "Nine, wait outside for a while. I will go find my father later and have him give the order for you to come in."


Lan Ya walked in quickly and headed straight to his father's courtyard.

All the disciples they met along the way, had their heads lowered immediately, waiting for Lan Ya to pa.s.s through them before whispering to each other again.

Lan Ya was getting more and more worried.

Without waiting for Lan Ya to reach her father's courtyard, she was stopped by a group of elders.

Lan Clan's Elder Pavilion.

Nine Elders!

They stared at Lan Ya with serious expressions.

Lan Ya was slightly taken aback, then said: "Nine Elders, what are you all doing here?"

One of the elders spoke: "We are waiting for you!"

"Lan Ya, come with us to the meeting hall."

Lan Ya was startled, and asked: "What matter do you want to go to the council chamber for?"

That elder said, "Regarding your Patriarch's position, let's go!"

"Don't make us use violence!"

Lan Ya's heart trembled as he looked at his father's courtyard that was faraway. "Father …"

Father was in trouble!

Without waiting for her to rush out, she was immediately stopped. One of the elders yelled, "Bring her to the meeting hall!"

… ….

tian yan city, the main gate.

Long Fei looked at the white cloth on top of the city gate, "Something has really happened!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1696

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