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Outside the city, in a small forest.

"Brother Fei, why are you here?" Lei Jiu asked.

Long Fei replied: "We'll know in a while."

He didn't know why Lan Mo had sent a sound transmission to him, but there must be something.

Tell him what?

Or was this a trap in itself?

For a moment, Long Fei was not so confident.

However, he still came!

After approximately half an hour, Lan Mo arrived at the small forest. He looked directly at Long Fei and said softly, "I didn't expect that you would really dare to come."

tai hai said softly: "You know us?"

Long Fei said: "He is the person who has been chasing and killing you. gang of heros, Black Knights Warrior were all arranged by him."


Mt. Tai's eyes widened in fear. "Why would you want to kill us? Just who are you?"

Lan Mo did not deny and said: "Chase you guys down? All of you are just a mere foil. You don't have the qualifications to die in my hands. "

Lei Jiu suddenly took a step forward, and said: "The one you want to kill is Lan Ya!"


"How is Lan Ya now?" Lei Jiu's heart tensed up, his eyes staring straight at Lan Mo, waiting to pounce at any time.

Lan Mo smiled faintly, and did not take Lei Jiu seriously at all, and said: "A person like you, I can beat him down ten times with a single hand, don't pretend to be fierce in front of me, it's useless!"

"As for your little lover, Lan Ya, she is now …"

He did not continue.

Instead, he revealed a playful smile and said, "Why should I tell you?"

"Hahaha …"

"Tell you what I can get?"

"Hahaha …"

Lan Mo laughed out loud.

Lei Jiu was enraged, he immediately rushed forward.


His cultivation was too far away from Lan Mo's by far, and it was just as he had said; one of his hands could defeat ten Lei Jiu's, and before he even got close, he was forced back by a strong force.

Lei Jiu rushed forward again, but was stopped by Long Fei this time.

Long Fei looked at Lan Mo, saw that his face still had a little blush, looked at the dust on his knees, and said slightly: "You have earned the qualification to be a person."

Lan Mo's eyes became tight as he stared at Long Fei.

Long Fei smiled slightly: "In front of your master, you are just like a dog. If you can tell us everything, you will be just like a human being."

"Do you look like a human being?"

"Or should I say... Are you used to being a dog? "

Lan Mo's eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with anger, his breathing became heavier.

Very clearly, Long Fei had touched his reverse scale.

In Lan Zhen's eyes, he was a dog, a dog that Lan Zhen called over and over, a dog that was often beaten up, and it was also because of this that he was able to send a sound transmission to Long Fei.

He wanted to live like a man.

Long Fei's words had injured his self-esteem and he couldn't accept it for a moment.

Lan Mo fiercely said: "Who do you think you are? [What does it have to do with you that I am a human and a dog? "Huh?"

Long Fei laughed: "Seems like you're used to being a dog."

"How dare you!"

Lan Mo bellowed, his fists moved, and he took a step forward to attack Long Fei.

His speed was extremely fast.

Lan Mo's cultivation was very strong, he had long surpa.s.sed the cultivation of a Ten Star G.o.d, and could be said to be an existence that could completely suppress the five star cultivation.

However …

Long Fei did not dodge. Instead, he stood in place and laughed: "You should be clear about my strength. Do you think you're my match?"

If there had been anyone else here, they would have laughed.

Laughing Long Fei is too arrogant.

The five star cultivation was actually going to suppress powerhouse who had a cultivation beyond 10 stars?

Was this person r.e.t.a.r.ded?


However, Lan Mo was very clear in his heart, that he was not his match!

When his fist was still a few centimeters away from Long Fei, he stopped. Looking at Long Fei who did not even blink, his heart sank slightly, "Aren't you afraid that I'll kill you with a single punch?"

Long Fei had a fist technique that could instantly kill people.

This was the thing that Lan Mo was most afraid of.

As for the virtual mirror and the Spirit Treasure Armor on Long Fei, he did not care.

Long Fei laughed: "Afraid!"

Lan Mo was startled, he did not expect Long Fei to be so direct, and said: "Since you're so afraid, why aren't you moving?"

Long Fei said: "Death is very scary, but I'm more afraid of losing!"

Lan Mo looked at Long Fei and the burning anger on his body slowly subsided. He said faintly, "Lan Ya is currently locked in the dungeon, so his life is not in danger right now."


"Lan Zhen will not let her go."

Lei Jiu immediately walked over and asked: "Lan Zhen? The Lan Clan's Third Elder? All of this was part of his scheme? "

Lan Mo nodded his head: "Even though I did not personally witness it, the death of the Patriarch should be directly related to him. Lan Zhen went into hibernation for a few years for the sake of the Patriarch's position, just to wait for this opportunity.

Right now, Lan Zhen was the Acting Patriarch.

As long as Great Elder Lan Xiong and Second Elder Lan Xiao did not return, he would be the Patriarch and would be in control of the entire Lan Clan's forces.

Let alone Long Fei and the others, even the combined forces of the Lei and Tai Families were not a match for Lan Zhen.

Lei Jiu's eyes darkened as he muttered: "No, I have to save Little Sister Ya, I have to save her."

Lan Mo said: "There are heavy soldiers guarding the dungeon, and if Lan Zhen doesn't let anyone near, you all won't be able to enter."

"You guys should leave as soon as possible, stay as far away from tian yan city as possible." Lan Mo said with a bitter smile, and at the same time he felt his heart relax a little.

It had always been a dog by Lan Zhen's side.

Help him get rid of all obstacles.

Today was his first time doing something like this, and he felt an indescribable sense of relaxation, as if the weight of the giant rock in his heart had been greatly reduced.

Lei Jiu was a little abnormal, and said: "I don't care, I must save her."

He was already panicking.

Long Fei looked at Lan Mo and asked, "Is there no other way?"

Lan Mo said: "There is, but... I'm afraid we won't be able to do it within three days. "

"What method?" Long Fei asked.

Lan Mo said, "Find the Great Clan Elder and the Second Elder. They are the people Lan Zhen fears the most.

"Then it's over."

Lan Mo looked at Long Fei and said: "Use your Instant Killer Fist against Lan Zhen. Once he dies, all of his p.a.w.ns will naturally crumble, just that... The Lan Clan may be split because of this. "

"Lan Ya is just a woman, with her words, I'm afraid she won't be able to support the entire Lan Clan."

The woman was not acknowledged as the head of the family.

Many people would refuse to accept this.

Lan Mo continued: "It's also because Lan Ya is shouldering the crime of killing her father, so she must be washed away. Otherwise, she won't be able to stay in Lan Clan."

"The crime of murdering his father?" Long Fei slightly grimaced.

At this moment.

"What a good Lan Mo, you actually betrayed the Patriarch by eating something inside out?"

"Then die with them!"

In that instant.

The small forest was filled with Lan Clan elite guards.


The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1699

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