The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1706

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Chapter 1706 - Rampage

In the wilderness, a man and a woman alone.

In the weedy wilderness, this sort of place …


"If you won't take the initiative, then I'll take the initiative." Long Fei smirked evilly, "Just now, you scared my little brother so much that he shrank back. I must see if there are any traces left behind."

"I'll do the experiment with you."

And then …

Long Fei took a few steps and said: "Comparing sword techniques is it?"

"I'll show you my sword technique."


Once the devil sword appeared, the devil aura instantly spread out from Long Fei's body. The idea moved, releasing the Killing Sword Technique.

The sword stabbed out.

The girl's reaction wasn't slow either. She blocked it with her sword and said, "I must kill you."

The moment the two swords clashed.

The girl's eyes trembled as she thought to herself, "What a powerful aura, what a powerful sword intent."

Long Fei's heart was also startled, "I never thought that this seemingly weak and weak sword move would actually have such dense power, it is truly shocking."

"This female ghost is very extraordinary."


"The more aggressive a girl is, the more I like her." Long Fei moved, the smile on his face became even more sinister, and he bellowed, "virtual mirror, activate!"

"Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!"

"Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!"

The holy power value sharply decreased, and the void door s also began to open one after another following the consumption of the holy power value.

Long Fei's figure moved, and disappeared from the spot.

The woman stabbed the air as her face tightened. She shouted, "Come out, come out!"

Before she could finish her words, a chill ran through her back.


The clothes on her back were not cut at all, revealing her snow-white skin. The woman abruptly turned around and glared in front of her as she shouted angrily, "Come out for me."


The sound of fabric being torn was heard again, and the woman's long legs were ripped apart.

He still couldn't react.

Long Fei's figure could not be seen at all.

The girl was so anxious that her palms were sweating. She kept turning her body, her long sword unceasingly striking out, but it was completely useless.

Wait for her to overlook it.


Another sound rang out.

The clothes burst again.

"Since you won't take the initiative, then I'll take the initiative."

"I will tear your clothes into pieces piece by piece. You are the one who is beautiful naked, hahaha …" Long Fei's excited voice sounded from the void.



There was no longer any clothing covering his back.

There were also a few cuts on his chest.

It had to be said that every strike was just right for the girl. This kind of extremely thin sword intent could only be controlled by the demon sword.


"Ahh …"

The woman screamed as a large piece of clothing from her chest fell to the ground. The fair skin on her chest was exposed as well as her hands instantly covered the entire area.

But it was still seen by Long Fei in that instant.

"He scared the c.r.a.p out of me. He has to take revenge, and he has to take it himself." Long Fei said fiercely.

It was fine to take his life.


He wanted him to cut off all his descendants, that was out of the question!

The woman was panicking.

Right now, she didn't even have a grasp on her sword. She hugged her chest with both hands and said with tears streaming down her face, "You scoundrel, I definitely won't let you get away with this."


"Thousand Year Tree Demoness?"

"Hur hur, she knows. I've already slapped you until you're done." Long Fei kept on attacking, and after half a minute, the woman no longer had any form of cover.

"That's more like it!"

"You'll only look good if you're naked, hahaha!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1706

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