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Chapter 1756 - Desperate Man, NPC?


Long Fei had never played this game before.


Come on, I've never been afraid!

The four disciples quickly retreated, rus.h.i.+ng towards the direction of the Yi Xian peak.

Mu Bing said, "Sect Master, could they be in cahoots with the bandits of Yi Xian peak?"

"Why are they also going to the Yi Xian peak?"

Long Fei laughed, and said: "Since the ancient times, there has always been a nest of robbers. Since the ancient times, they have always been on the same side as us.

"We are here for the a.s.sessment, not to bribe. If we want to enter the G.o.d rare sect, we must use our own strength, and not rely on these bystanders to get through."

Long Fei said sternly.

Everyone was startled.

Long Fei looked at the steep mountain peaks in the distance and muttered, "Bandits? "Hmph, I was really afraid that there weren't any bandits, so I took the opportunity to level up."

He was just worrying about not finding a chance to level up.

And then …

Long Fei brought them to the Yi Xian peak.

… ….

"f.u.c.k, hit laozi?"

"I will definitely let you die here today."

"These trash, offend laozi, watch me deal with you like this."

The disciple who was beaten up was very angry.

At this moment.

From high up in the Yi Xian peak, a burly man walked out. When he saw the four of them, he immediately said, "Four sirs, why have you come?"

"Isn't today's a.s.sessment just beginning? "This should be the time for you to make a huge profit."

One of the disciples immediately said, "Don't say anymore."

"Hurry and call your chief Desperate Man out."

The tall and st.u.r.dy man was slightly surprised.

He was stunned for a moment, then the disciple with a pig head that was beaten into a pig by Long Fei instantly went berserk, went up to the disciple and kicked him: "Didn't you hear what I said?"

"You dog, you don't want to live anymore?"

"Immediately call out Desperate Man!"


With a fierce kick, the burly man was sent flying. Not daring to get angry, the burly man slapped the ground and said, "I'll go right now."

He didn't dare to say anything. He didn't dare to get angry.

The surrounding disciples of the Yi Xian peak village were all the same.

"How preposterous."

"Against laozi?" The disciple said angrily.

A disciple asked softly: "Senior Brother, is it not good for us to do this? Furthermore, if the things that we do are discovered, I am worried that … …"


Without waiting for him to finish, he slapped him again.

The Senior Brother shouted, "Are you f * * king crazy? Is this the first time you've done this? With outer door great presbyter here, who do we have to be afraid of? "


"Who will find out?"

The beaten disciple immediately lowered his head and said, "Yes, yes."

Not long later, a man dressed in white with the appearance of a scholar walked out. His body seemed to be moving, his legs were not occupying the ground, and even the wind was blowing.

Powerful character.

"Milords, what orders do you have?" The scholar asked.

That Senior Brother immediately said: "Kill someone for me."


"Kill six people!"


The Senior Brother looked into Desperate Man's eyes and said solemnly: "This is the order of the Great Clan Elder!"

Desperate Man's gaze tensed up, and he immediately said: "Understood!"

… ….

At the foot of the Yi Xian peak.

There was a narrow path between the two mountains.

Standing at the intersection.

Long Fei looked up into the sky, saw a trace of sky, and said faintly: "This should be the Yi Xian peak, from this moment onwards, be on full alert."

This place was very dangerous.

If there were ambushes on both sides of the valley, it would be very dangerous.


Everyone nodded.

Long Fei took a step forward as his aura was slowly released.

The valley was abnormally quiet. Other than the sound of the wind, there were no other sounds.

After Long Fei and the rest walked for about half an hour.

Lei Jiu muttered, and said: "Maybe they are just scaring us, Brother Fei, it's very safe, there's nothing wrong."

"Don't let your guard down."

Long Fei had not finished speaking.


A white shadow flew past …


His clothes fluttered in the wind and then disappeared in an instant like a female ghost.

Cold sweat appeared on Lan Feng's forehead. He heavily swallowed his saliva and said, "Did you see that just now? What was that white shadow? Is it a ghost? "

Long Fei looked up at his surroundings, shouted, "Don't worry about it, just give it your all to break through.

"Lu Qin, Mu Bing, you two open up a path!"

"Lan Feng, Lei Jiu, you two block the rear."

"Ru Hua, you are in the middle."

"Charge out in one breath."


"Everyone, remember, act according to my plan. Remember!" Long Fei warned repeatedly. Since it was a mountain bandit, then he could not be let off!

He would treat it as getting rid of the evil for the people!

Long Fei felt a dangerous aura.

Mu Bing and Lu Qin also reacted quickly, they rushed out with all their strength.

Li Ruhua, the one with the weakest cultivation stood in the middle.

Long Fei stayed behind.

A small team charged out madly just like that.

"You want to escape?"

"No way!"



An intense sound echoed from the ancient peak.

Long Fei's heart tightened, "Not good, there's a falling stone!"

"Sovereign, be careful!"

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A gigantic boulder separated Long Fei from them, and an explosive sound rang out in front of them. In that instant, Li Ruhua and the others who were in front of them were also blocked by the gigantic rolling boulder.




One figure after another fell to the ground. One after another, the sound of their backs footsteps could be heard. "Hahaha..."

"You want to escape?"

"Let's see where you guys can run to!"

"Don't even think about leaving!"

"Hahaha …"

A group of bandits roared, surrounding Long Fei and the others until not even a drop of water could trickle through. Right at this moment, a white figure landed, and silently landed in front of Long Fei.

Both of his eyes looked at Long Fei with a shocked expression.

And Long Fei was the same.

"What's going on?"

"It's not gold?"

"But there's light on your body?"

"It's a Boss?"

"Is it even a quest NPC?" Or something else? " This made Long Fei extremely suspicious, because this was the first time Long Fei saw the Desperate Man in front of him flas.h.i.+ng with a light other than that of a BOSS's halo.

"What the h.e.l.l?"

Long Fei secretly felt that it was strange.

He had thought that there was a BOSS in this bandit's lair, but now it seemed that it wasn't a BOSS, but a …. A mutated NPC?

It was too strange.

The expression in Desperate Man's eyes was also somewhat surprised. In his mind, he felt as if he had seen those eyes of Long Fei somewhere else.

Even if he had never seen it before, he had seen the exact same look in her eyes.

However …

This was something in his mind, and he could not recall it at all.

Desperate Man coldly said: "Just surrender."

Not waiting for them to make a move.

Long Fei raised both his hands, and said: "I surrender!"

In another place.

Lu Qin and the others did not resist either, and shouted directly, "We surrender!"

This was Long Fei's plan!

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1756

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