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Chapter 1759 - Competing Talent

The first trial wasn't that difficult.

Most people can pa.s.s.

However …

But there were no such people as Long Fei.

… ….


"All dead?"

"How outrageous! Who would be so daring?"

Halfway up the G.o.d rare sect, in an outer sect, in a huge courtyard, an old man was furious. His eyes were staring at a disciple in the hall like they were bells.

The disciple trembled a little. He was well aware of the Great Elder's ruthless methods and immediately said, "It's the a.s.sessment disciple led by Long Fei."

"Take the disciple test?"

"Just a few disciples from the a.s.sessment can destroy my Yi Xian peak?"


"There must be someone backing them up." Great Elder did not believe that just with a few examination disciples, they would be able to destroy his Yi Xian peak and his four official disciples.

If it was that strong, what was the point in taking the exam?

He directly became an official disciple.

That disciple said in a trembling voice: "Great Elder, I am not aware of this, but this is a disciple that I brought back from the tian yan city. That Long Fei has a third rank talent, and a woman has not only reached the sixth rank talent, but she does not have such a martial arts training."

"Immediately find the envoys that recruited them and investigate in detail!" The Great Elder shouted.

"A mere grade three martial talent trash dares to challenge me?"

"I'm tired of living!"

The Grand Elder snorted coldly.

The disciple quickly left.

In the hall, an elder stood up and asked, "Brother Ma, do you need my help?"

Great Elder Ma Fenglei immediately said, "It's just a small matter, there's no need for you to take action. The thing I just told you … "

The elder smiled slightly and said, "Brother Ma, don't worry. I will definitely prepare some things for you. However, the number of Divine Spirit Pills might increase. One million at the moment."


Ma Fenglei frowned.

The elder immediately said, "This is also the lord's intention."

Ma Fenglei smiled lightly and said: "Go back and report to him, I will prepare the Divine Spirit Pill."

"Hahaha …"

"That's good!"

The old man immediately smiled.

He then wrapped his arms around her and left.

Ma Fenglei's eyes turned sinister, and he said fiercely: "Old fox, are you trying to raise the price? Just you wait, wait till I get the Wind Lei Jiu Level Technique, I'll make you look good! "


Ma Fenglei flung his sleeves.

He was furious.

A million Divine Spirit Pills was not a small sum, even if he was a outer door great presbyter it would be difficult for him to take out.

It took him ten years to find out.

He was just a little bit away from gathering it all, but … Something had happened to the Yi Xian peak, causing his a.s.sessment to be 'not getting anything'. Otherwise, it would be enough.

"Long Fei, right?"

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, let's see who's behind you."

"Against me?"

"I will let you know of my, Ma Fenglei's, methods!" Ma Fenglei clenched his fists tightly, his joints popping out and his body releasing a light yellow Qi that resembled battle qi, becoming extremely fierce.

… ….

It was a huge martial arts practice field.

This year's rookies were gathered together.

An elder walked up and said lightly: "This is the second stage of the examination place."


"This is the examination for Alchemy, artifact forging, inscriptions, spiritualization, and beast taming."

"Although these jobs are not as impressive and powerful as the martial arts training, but... These jobs are much more n.o.ble than the martial arts training. They can more determine your ident.i.ty. "

"In this year's Newcomer Compet.i.tion and ten sects's Newcomer Exchange, all of them will be partic.i.p.ating."

"Don't worry about these jobs, they are more important than anything else."

"If any of you wish to take the test, you can register now."

… ….

The second round's a.s.sessment was divided into batches.

Split the examinee into two.

There was still one more stage to the martial arts training, and it was much more difficult than the supporting job exams.

Li Ruhua looked at Long Fei and said, "Big Brother Long Fei, I want to go."

Her martial arts training Inherent Skill was very clear to her. In the last stage of the martial arts compet.i.tion, she would definitely not be able to make it.

Long Fei nodded, "Alright!"

At this moment.

Long Fei took out the G.o.d rare sect badge that Li Ruchao gave him and said: "This is what your brother left for you.

"Keep it safe!"

Li Ruhua looked at the order badge, it was given to her by an adult when she was young. She did not expect that her brother was no longer there.

Li Ruhua clenched his fists tightly and nodded: "En, I will work hard!"

"Work together for my brother!"

And then …

Li Ruhua walked out.

Many disciples walked out.

Long Fei did not move.

Lu Qin, Mu Bing, and Lei Jiu did not move.

… ….

"The Alchemy Inherent skill is low!"

"Don't be discouraged. You still have a chance to refine a weapon or inscribe a formation."

"Low talent in equipment forging."

"No talent in inscriptions!"

… ….

All kinds of sounds were constantly heard from afar.

No matter if it was artifact forging, Alchemy or Spirit Communication Technique, they all required talent. If one did not have talent, then no matter how hard you worked, it would be useless. An exception would be someone as perverted as Long Fei.

At this moment.

tang lie looked at Long Fei, and said: "Long Fei, just the martial arts training is so boring, any warrior would have a supporting job, don't you have it?"

Mu Bing stared at tang lie, and said: "tang lie, why are you like a fly, so annoying? If you want to test your supporting position, then go, what are you saying in front of my Sect Master? "

tang lie laughed lightly: "Junior Sister Mu Bing, I was just casually asking, why are you so angry? Alright, I understand, your sect master doesn't know anything. "

Lu Qin bellowed: "Young master tang lie, you talk coldly here."

tang lie looked at Long Fei and said: "Long Fei, what's wrong with hiding behind a woman? You don't even dare to fart? Aren't you ten-rating gift? "

"Go check it out."

Long Fei raised his eyes slightly, and said: "Do you really want to test it?"

Mu Bing immediately pulled Long Fei back and said, "Sect Master, let's not bother with him."

Lu Qin also replied, "That's right."

Long Fei continued to ask: "What do you want to test?"

tang lie said: "The Spirit Communication Technique!"

When he was at the Tang Family, he had already tested that his Alchemy was very high and that he also reached the Eight-level Talent.

It was extremely sharp!

It was as if he was stepping on Long Fei to emphasize himself.

Long Fei smiled faintly and said: "Alright, since I learnt the Spirit Communication Technique on the way here, I will test my talent."

At the same time.

The Sleeping Beauty said, "Master, I need three minutes to modify it!"

Long Fei said: "No need, whatever talent is useless to me, can you let me tame a demon beast in an instant?"

"What I need is this kind of power."

The sleeping beauty was stunned and said, "You want to do that? "Sure, but I can only use this power once."


The Sleeping Beauty muttered in her heart, But I still have to help you raise all of your supporting positions to the ten-rating gift, hehe!

… ….

"Out of the way! Out of the way! Get out of the way!"

"Our young master wants to test his talent in the Spirit Communication Technique."

"Get out of my way!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1759

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