The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1762

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Chapter 1762 - Fantastic BOSS

All the signs were that his mother was not simple.

G.o.ddess Scroll.

The Desperate Man's special memory control.

Furthermore, with the current Eight Elements Almighty, if it wasn't the owner of the system, it would be hard for Long Fei to imagine how it could be this strong.

Then his mother.

He was so strong!

Xia Chuyuan looked at the dazed Long Fei, and laughed: "You have suddenly caused a sensation in the G.o.d rare sect, and I'm afraid even the inner sect has caused a sensation."

"Kid, you're going to get angry."

Long Fei scratched his head and said: "Elder Xia, don't laugh at me. I don't want to cultivate anything else.

After all, a supporting position was a supporting position, and Long Fei's main focus was not in this area.

Xia Chuyuan said: "The secondary cultivation can also be used, and will not hinder you at all. Furthermore, it will also provide you with more cultivation resources."

"And …"

Xia Chuyuan stared at Long Fei curiously and said: "Your information indicates that your martial arts training Inherent Skill is of the third rank, I don't really believe that. Your eight supporting positions are all ten-rating gift, so your martial arts training Inherent Skill is definitely not low."

"Brat, tell me, what is your martial arts training Inherent skill?"

Long Fei smiled slightly and said: "What do you think?"

Xia Chuyuan looked at Long Fei's smile and said: "Good kid."

Long Fei did not say anything, but Xia Chuyuan had a feeling that Long Fei's talent was not low, and was possibly ten-rating.

This way, the G.o.d rare sect's new disciple exchange this year …


He finally had something to play with.

Xia Chuyuan became excited.

The ruckus in the crowd grew louder and louder, completely affecting the examination today.

If this continued, the exam would be delayed.

Xia Chuyuan muttered, "What's happening?"

And then …

Xia Chuyuan's voice sank, the sound wave was like a wave, instantly spreading outwards, "All of you, stop!"


Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The sound waves that could be seen with the naked eye rippled out one after another. Moreover, the sound waves were controlled very easily and perfectly. It just happened to avoid the disciples taking the exam.

This control was extremely strong.

Long Fei couldn't help but be shocked.

As the voice fell, the voices on the stage also quieted down.

Some people angrily turned around, and upon seeing Xia Chuyuan, they immediately lowered their heads. Xia Chuyuan was a very special existence in the outer sect, and not many people dared to offend him.

Some said he was a reformer.

All kinds of rights.

Some people also said that he was the sect master's trusted aide.

There were all kinds of discussions, but one thing that was confirmed was his strength, especially his sound wave technique, it was hard to find a second person in the entire G.o.d rare sect.

"How is that acceptable?"

"For a disciple, is there a need?" Xia Chuyuan said fiercely.

"You are elders of the G.o.d rare sect, but you are like a shrew, like a three year old child. How do you want the disciples to view you?"

Xia Chuyuan walked over to Long Fei's side and said: "All of you keep arguing, do you know what Long Fei is thinking?"

"You only know how to compete. What's the use of competing?"

Xia Chuyuan said unhappily.

At this time.

An elder asked: "Brother Long Fei, if you join our Alchemy Hall, I dare to a.s.sure you that from today onwards, you will use the pellets of the Alchemy Hall for free."

"It's the same for Refining Branch."

"So is the Inscription Hall."

"beast control hall..."

"The Spirit Channeling Hall..."

Each of the halls threw out olive branches.

Using pills for free, what kind of concept was that?

This was the first time in the history of the G.o.d rare sect that this had happened.

Long Fei's heart trembled slightly. He really needed the support of the medicinal pellets, after all his' blue medicine 'wasn't consumed without limits. He needed the medicinal pellets to back it up.


He also wanted weapons of unlimited use.

Beast Master, Psychic …

Long Fei scratched his head, and said: "About that, you guys are making things difficult for me. How about this, I join your eight halls."

As soon as he finished.



"This …"

They were all stunned.

Not only them, even the surrounding disciples were also stunned.

Not a single disciple had entered the eight halls at the same time. This was … How was this divided? How would they compete in the future?

Which disciple was it exactly?

For a moment, the eight of them looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

At this moment.

Xia Chuyuan pondered for a moment, then said: "I think that's fine!"

Everyone looked at him.

Long Fei was only speaking casually, he did not expect Xia Chuyuan to actually agree.

Xia Chuyuan said: "The ten-rating gift has limitless potential, and it can bring about great reforms to you, right now what the G.o.d rare sect needs is reform."

"The various traditional things in the eight halls are too old, and need to be innovated before one can walk on their own path in the G.o.d rare sect."

"I agree with Long Fei's suggestion to join your eight halls."

At this moment.


With a loud shake, Ma Fenglei walked out.

There were two emissaries beside him, and a sneer appeared on his face.

Seeing Ma Fenglei, the G.o.d rare sect disciples and elders all shouted in unison, "Great Elder!"

Long Fei slightly lifted his eyes and thought in his heart: "He is the Great Clan Elder … Uh... Something's wrong? "

Golden light emitted from Ma Fenglei's body.

It was incomparably dazzling.

Just like Golden Man.


"Hahaha... There was actually a Boss, and for the first time appearing, it was a Boss. Moreover … "This BOSS." Long Fei saw that the name on top of Ma Fenglei's head was actually yellow.

What did the yellow name mean?

This meant that at any moment, the Boss could turn red and attack him.

Thinking about how he shouted from Yi Xian peak, he thought to himself, "Seems like I touched his cake, which makes him very unhappy. That's why his name turned yellow."

"If... If I can make his name turn red and take the initiative to attack me, then I'll have a chance to kill him.

Wanting to fight these.

The corner of Long Fei's mouth drew back, "I'm really too f * cking smart, hahaha …"

"I just want to ask, who else is there?"


Long Fei said: What nonsense is this, why can't I join one of the eight halls? I'm not joining your hall, what right do you have to stop me? "

There was contempt in his tone.

Long Fei laughed: "I am a ten-rating gift, an Eight Ascendant, you should kneel down and lick me, a super genius like me."

Ma Fenglei wanted to deal with Long Fei anyway.

When he heard about Long Fei in the left and right envoys, especially that devil sword, he wanted to deal with Long Fei even more.

This a.s.sessment had caused him to lose a large amount of Divine Spirit Pills, so he definitely could not let it go easily.

He was just worrying that he could not find a chance to get angry at Long Fei, but he did not expect that Long Fei would come looking for him, what was this? This is what you call courting death!

Ma Fenglei was secretly pleased in his heart, "Brat, you're the one who is courting death."

And then …

Ma Fenglei's eyes turned sinister, and he shouted, "How dare a thing that doesn't know his limits speak to me like that? Are you seeking death? "

Long Fei sneered and said: "You want to die? If you have the guts, try touching me! "

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1762

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