The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1889

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Chapter 1889 - Devil Island's Boundary Point

During this one month, Long Fei had not stopped his slaughter.

It could be said.

Aside from the Destiny G.o.d Palace, all of the rest of Devil Island s had been turned upside down by Long Fei alone.

They were all wiped dry.

Now, only the Destiny G.o.d Palace remained.

It was also the strongest power in the Devil Island!

… ….

Destiny G.o.d Palace.

Following the loud sound of Jiu Tianmo coming out of seclusion, the Destiny G.o.d Palace trembled.


Countless elders from various sects rushed up and rushed into Jiu Tianmo's courtyard. Seeing Jiu Tianmo's appearance … They were all shocked.

The King Kong Iron Bone was like a dried up corpse.

Her eyes were cold.

Every part of his body was emitting the power of destiny, and the spiral Fate Wheel that could be seen with the naked eye made it impossible for anyone to approach him.

The appearance completely changed.

"This, this, who is this person?" Is it the Great Clan Elder? "

"H-How … How did you become such a ghost?"

"Is he a human or a ghost?"

The three clan elders muttered, when they looked up at Jiu Tianmo again, they suddenly felt a chill on their backs, "Boom, boom!"

Three loud bangs.

did not even move the slightest bit. With just his aura alone, he had instantly killed three powerhouse of the Black Star Peak Realm.

This power...

It was incomparably terrifying!

It was also at this time.

The expressions of all the elders in the courtyard changed. They immediately knelt on the ground and said in unison, "Welcome out, First Elder."

"Welcome out, Grand Elder!"

"Welcome out, Grand Elder!"

His voice was deafening.

Jiu Tianmo laughed sinisterly. Wuu, wuu, wuu, wuu, wuu... Where is Long Fei now? "

Exiting from seclusion.

The first person he wanted to kill was Long Fei.

The Destiny G.o.d had turned him into this kind of unhuman, ghost or not, all because of Long Fei, he wanted Long Fei to pay the price.

One of the elders immediately spoke up, "Great Elder, during the month of your seclusion, Long Fei annihilated the remaining eight great sects. His cultivation had also reached the ninth stage of the Black Star Realm, and … Compared to a month ago, his power has become even stronger. "


"No matter how powerful I am, I won't be as strong as him." Jiu Tianmo's lips curled up. He now possessed the same limitless resurrection power as the holy general, and this alone was enough to cripple Long Fei ten thousand times.

"Yes, yes, yes." The elder immediately echoed.

Jiu Tianmo asked: "Where is he now?"


"He never showed up when the eight great sects were annihilated, but …" The G.o.d rare sect is his nest, he should be in the G.o.d rare sect. " The elder said.

Jiu Tianmo laughed coldly, and said: "Alright, pa.s.s down my orders, gather all the disciples of the Destiny G.o.d Palace and bring the holy general along as well."

"In an hour!"

"Go to G.o.d rare sect!"

"Long Fei, I swear to the heavens, I will not let you escape."

All of the elders shouted, "As you command!"

… ….

Long Fei did not return to the G.o.d rare sect.

Baw.a.n.g Hua and the rest were all training in the Devil Temple.

There was no point in him going back alone.

After exterminating the eight great sects, Long Fei went straight towards the east, riding the Flying Crane all the way to the east.

He wanted to see the limit of the Devil Island.

He wanted to see if there was really a huge barrier blocking the way.

The Flying Crane flew tens of millions of kilometers every day for ten days, yet it still did not see the end of the line.

"Could it be that the Devil Island is a type of spatial shackle? There was no end to it? Is it impossible to find the edge? " Long Fei's heart was locked on the inside as he asked, "Uncle Destroyer, do you know where the boundary is?"

Desperate Man shook his head, "I have never been in the future."

Long Fei looked at him and said: "My mother should have come over, right?"

Desperate Man glanced at Long Fei, and after pondering for a moment, he said. "Master had once disappeared for a month on a Flying Crane, but I don't know where he actually went."


Long Fei moved and asked the Flying Crane: "Divine Bird, do you know its boundary?"

The Flying Crane released a sharp cry filled with fear, as if it was afraid!

He was the's number one warbeast.

Fear nothing.

But now, he was actually afraid?

Long Fei's heart trembled, and he immediately said, "You know where the boundary is right? And there are powerful creatures guarding the border, right? "

The Flying Crane screamed again.

Long Fei muttered: "As expected."

And then …

Long Fei gently caressed the Flying Crane's neck and said slightly: "Bring us there."

The Flying Crane slightly trembled.

Long Fei continued: "Don't be afraid, I'll take care of everything."

The Flying Crane spread its wings and moved.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

His wings whistled as he increased his speed once again, rus.h.i.+ng in another direction.

Devil Island was the Forsaken G.o.d Realm.

He specially exiled some people who displeased the G.o.ds, and some places where some of the stronger families in ancient holy battlefield abandoned some people, such as w.a.n.g tai.

He was being tested as a monster by his people.


The Devil Island was also like a cage.

It was an incomparably large cage.

Without a boundary, it was impossible to break through.

Since the establishment of Devil Island, only one person had managed to break through the shackles. This person was Flying G.o.ddess and also Long Fei's mother, how did she manage to break through the shackles?

Even the Desperate Man did not know.

Long Fei was even more clueless.

However …

Long Fei believed that since his mother could think of a way to leave, she must have also left him a clue and left.

"I will definitely leave this place!"

"I will definitely save you."

"I will definitely, definitely trample this world beneath my feet. From now on, no one can hurt you!" Long Fei swore again and again in his heart.

The separation of the soul.

The secret of his mother's disappearance.

Hidden secrets of the dragon race.

There were many things that had no answer, and he needed to solve them one by one.

Three million three hundred and thirty thousand years. Who was controlling this catastrophe?

main temple?

They didn't have that kind of strength.

Even Sovereigns wouldn't be able to control the heavens.

Mother's whereabouts.

The location of the souls of Jojo and the others … All of this was waiting for Long Fei to solve it, the first step was to break through the limits of Devil Island.

"Boom, boom!"


The waves rolled like thunder by his ears.

The Flying Crane could not stop.

Long Fei regained his composure, looked into the distance with both eyes, then slowly raised his head and looked upwards. In the end, he looked up with an aghast expression and his voice trembled slightly: "This, this, this is the border point of the Devil Island?"


"The heck..."

Two enormous statues.

Tens of thousands of meters into the clouds.

The two statues were dressed in armor and wielding axes. One of their palms was pointed in the direction of the Devil Island, indicating for them to stay put.

This was secondary.

The key point was …

This huge statue had a flowing light on its body, which was like flowing water covering its entire body. Long Fei had seen this light before, it was G.o.d's light …

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1889

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