The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1893

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Chapter 1893 - Laozi Born to Kill

"The prophecy is true!"

The old monk's empty eyes filled with horror.

When Long Fei threw out the punch, the old monk rushed forward recklessly.

… ….

"I don't believe it!"

Since it had already come to this, Long Fei had no other choice.

From the very first day he entered the Devil Island, he had been looking forward to leaving this place. He wanted to enter the ancient holy battlefield as soon as possible so that he could obtain the power to change the world as soon as possible.


The dome's barrier had shattered, and the sky was covered with cracks. It was definitely going to be broken.

That way he could leave.

If he could enter the ancient holy battlefield, he could change everything, and he could save Jojo and the others!

Long Fei looked at the crack, staring at the two fierce eyes inside, and roared, "Break for me!"

The power of the purple sun buddha once again exploded.

Both of Long Fei's palms moved, striking towards the cracks.

The enormous Buddhist light palm descended heavily.

The moment the barrier hit the dome, it began to shake like a ma.s.sive wave. A deafening sound of thunder could be heard coming from the cracks, as if time and s.p.a.ce had split apart.

The cracks grew larger and larger.

The center was pitch black, but it could fit a person inside.

"Is that the ancient holy battlefield outside the crevice?"

"Are you the ancient holy battlefield outside of Devil Island?" Long Fei was extremely excited, looking at the pitch black crevice, as if he was tempted by something, he unconsciously took a step forward.

"I'm leaving."

"I'm going to leave this cage."

"Jojo, Qian Qian, Luo Xi, I'm coming to save you guys. Grandfather, Big Uncle, brothers of the Long Family, I'm coming." Long Fei's eyes flashed with desire.

I really want to leave here.

His purpose for entering the ancient holy battlefield was to turn over the entire Destiny G.o.d to save his family.


He was only one step away.

"Huff …"

Long Fei heaved a heavy sigh, looked at the pitch black crevice, and took a step forward.

At this moment.

The old monk moved his finger and a wave of light bound Long Fei.

Long Fei took a step back into the air, as if he was taking another step forward.

Not really.

Rather, he was bound by the laws of time and returned to his original place.

The old monk shouted: "Long Fei, it is not the ancient holy battlefield in front of us, but the Abyss."

"d.a.m.ned monk, you dare to ruin my good fortune?"

"I want you dead!"

In a split-second, a huge pitch-black hand suddenly grabbed towards Long Fei from within the crevice. At the same time, a strong power roared out.

The cracks in the sky flashed and turned into a black inferno.

The entire sky above Devil Island began to change.

"Black flames."

"What's that?"

"The sky is burning."

"What happened?"

… ….

The people on the Devil Island did not know.

They had never seen such a scene before. Not only was the sky splitting apart, it was also burning with black flames.

Not only the people from the Devil Island s, even the people from the main temple s trembled when they heard that, "How could it be like this? What is that? "

They also did not know what the black flames were.

He even didn't know what the hand that stretched out from the Dark Crack was.

"Does anyone know?"

"What's inside the Dark Crack?"

"Earth G.o.d, do you not know?"

"Destiny G.o.d, you don't know either?"

No one in the hall knew what the things in the Dark Crack were, as they didn't have control over them.

However …

They could clearly feel that the gigantic being within the Dark Crack was extremely powerful, and … An existence that could crush them.

Destiny G.o.d looked at the Sovereign's throne.

The Sovereign didn't appear.

Destiny G.o.d thought to himself, "This world is much stronger than I imagined, and the power of the Sovereign is also much stronger than I imagined."

He slightly retracted his gaze, and his heart tightened. "It's just a pity … A soul that was even stronger than Mu Wan'er disappeared in front of me. "

Long Fei was going to die!

He could clearly see Long Fei's Life Wheel slipping away.

This time, he would not be able to escape.

The monsters in the Dark Crack were just too strong.

… ….

As the black gigantic hand grabbed over, Long Fei's expression darkened, "What's that? Could it be that there's another monster inside the barrier? "

"This is too cruel."

Not waiting for him to finish.

The huge black hand seemed about to grab him.

At this moment.

The old monk stepped in front of Long Fei, blocking his attack.

The power of time!

His hands quickly formed a seal.

The power of the old monk burst out crazily, forming a huge s.p.a.ce of time.

Zhang Xuan's eyes darkened.

The old monk's eyes flashed with a bright light as he shouted, "Time Seal, open!"

At the same time.

The old monk said: "Long Fei, quickly run!"


The power of time exploded, enveloping the entire Dark Crack.

In an instant.

The giant black palm suddenly became sluggish.

Time slowed down.

Everything in the s.p.a.ce slowed down as time pa.s.sed and the Seal held onto everything.


The old monk struggled to hold on as his body trembled rapidly. His face also became paler and paler.

"Power of time?"

"The Time Laws again?"


"A thousand years ago, a little girl escaped, but this time …" I want all of you time controllers to die here. " A manic voice sounded from the darkness.

He was extremely angry.

A thousand years ago was the same as now.

He, who was in the Dark Crack, almost came out, but because of the power of time, his Seal was stopped once again.


This time, he would definitely not be hit by the Seal again.


This time, the power of time compared to the last time was completely different. This kind of power of time could no longer bind him.

The pair of eyes s.h.i.+ning with a cold light slightly widened in the darkness.

"Pfft …" The old monk spat out a mouthful of black blood and shouted, "Long Fei, I told you to leave quickly, did you not hear me?"

He couldn't hold on any longer.

His thousand years of waiting, was also for Long Fei.

He must protect Long Fei's life.

Thus …

He did not hesitate to use his own strength to raise the power of time to the maximum, but he clearly knew in his heart that with the power of time that he had cultivated, he was unable to stop the devil Seal inside.

At most, they could only delay it for a little bit.

However …

As long as he could buy Long Fei some time, it would be enough.

If Long Fei could return to the G.o.d rare sect, the tian shu would definitely take care of him.

His mission was accomplished.

All of this was a prediction!

Prophecy from a thousand years ago.

However... What was different from the prophecy was that Long Fei did not flee.

He just stood there quietly, listening to the voice that came out from the darkness, and said slightly: "It seems that my mother once used to work in the Seal, you know."

"My mother is kind-hearted and can't bear to hurt others."

"I'm different!"

"I was born to kill!"

"Third stage of the purple sun divine power, open for me!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1893

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