The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1896

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Chapter 1896 - Devil's Hand

To the four of them, the holy buddhahood was the Western Paradise, and was also a pure land.

However …

They had left for a thousand years. What had happened during that time?

They had no way of knowing.

Long Fei's injuries were too severe, and had already exceeded the range of their treatment. They had promised Mu Wan'er to save him thrice, and this was the second time.

Even though …

The three of them strongly opposed it, and the tian shu still wanted to bring Long Fei back to the holy buddhahood.

"The three of you, stay here and guard Devil Temple."

"I'll try to come back within a month." The tian shu said a few words.

Tian Jue and the other two sighed, saying, "Senior Brother, is it really worth it for him?"

The tian shu said: "As long as you do what you want in this world, anything you do is worth it. Everything has its determinations."

And then …

The tian shu carried Long Fei on its back. Looking at his sleeping appearance, she said softly, "Hopefully … You can bring hope to this world. "

Weng! *

A buzzing sound was heard.

The powerful Buddhist light on the tian shu's body fiercely exploded.


The dark Devil Temple radiated in all directions, s.h.i.+ning upon the entire temple's interior. All of them were incomparably sinister demons, baring their fangs and brandis.h.i.+ng their claws, incomparably ugly.

Just like how the Seal was still struggling in front of the wall.

The Buddhist light shone for a while.

The tian shu stepped into the buddhist light, following that, her figure disappeared!


The Devil Temple regained its calm.

The three great reverends let out a long sigh, looked at the endless darkness, and muttered, "Senior Brother, I hope your decision is correct."

"Long Fei was never saved."

"If you want to save him, you need to use a Buddha Root. If he, a person whose hands are filled with blood, fuse with a Buddha Root? He is basically a person who is on a completely different path from the holy buddhahood. "

"This is secondary. The key thing is …" The Buddha Root is a treasure of the holy buddhahood, will you give it to him? "

"I'm afraid!"

Tian Jue and the others did not hold any hope.

Because …

They were well aware of the situation of the people from holy buddhahood.

The Buddha Root's treasure would never be pa.s.sed to outsiders.

It must be Buddhist orthodox.


Buddha Root were also prepared for the son of G.o.d. An outsider would definitely not be able to obtain them.

Without the Buddha Root, there was no way to treat Long Fei's injuries.

Tian Jue retracted his thoughts, and said: "Let's not worry about that for now, the fate of Devil Island is up. The Dome of the Heavens will descend and destroy everything in the Devil Island, we should also make some preparations."

Tian Hong said, "I will be in charge of teaching them the legacies of the Dao of the Sword."

Tian Chong said: "I am in charge of the body inheritance."

Tian Jue said, "Before Senior Brother returns, we must make them into peak powerhouse. This is the only thing we can do."

… ….

Long Fei was heavily injured, and disappeared from Devil Island.

No one knew.

Even if it was the Destiny G.o.d who controlled fate, he did not know, because the fate of Long Fei had exceeded his control, so he had no way of knowing Long Fei's position.

The Desperate Man brought the Flying Crane and walked into the Devil Temple, kneeling straight down: "Divine Monk, I beg you, give me the inheritance of the Strongest Sword Truth, I will definitely not let the Young Master be threatened again."

He once again entered the Devil Temple.

This was the second time in a thousand years.

Not just him.

The Flying Crane also went in.

Tian Jue nodded his head, and said: "The thousand years of waiting, we were all waiting for Long Fei to appear, and now that he has appeared, the prophecy has arrived, but we are not under control. The only thing we can do is to become stronger."

"I will specially pa.s.s on the supreme Sword Dao legacy to you in the Devil Temple, as well as this Divine Crane, I will also cause it to evolve."


… ….

Within the misty starry sky.

One of the stars was exceptionally bright.

It was like a star that could emit light.

This was no ordinary light, but the light of the holy buddha.

The entire star looked like a huge sariras, and … holy buddhahood was built on sariras.


Before the birth of holy buddhahood, an ancient holy buddha fell and became a huge sariras.

The holy buddhahood was born.

Everything in the holy buddhahood was based on Buddhism energy, here, there was no killing, no desires, just like in the legends, it was a pure land, a paradise.

Long Fei had heard of the holy buddhahood before when he was still in the G.o.d's martial continent.

It was just that …

At that time, it was just an illusory legend.

He never thought that he would actually come to holy buddhahood one day.

Seeing that he was getting closer and closer to the holy buddhahood, even though Long Fei was unconscious, his consciousness was very clear. He muttered in his heart: "Could the person in charge of the holy buddhahood be the Tathagata Lord of Buddha?"

"If that's the case, then we really have to bicker with him."



Long Fei thought of an especially important matter.

At the border of the Devil Island, he used the power of the 'Purple Sun Heavenly Emperor' to cut off the pair of giant black hands.

Prompt for a 'mysterious item'.

"I have another mysterious item …" Long Fei was a little excited, "Let's see what this is."

The idea moved.

He opened up the system to check out the mysterious item.

Just as Long Fei's idea landed on the mysterious item, the system sounded out.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Devil's Hand'!"


"System prompt: Do you wish to fuse them?"

In the interface of the system, a demon's right hand was hovering above it.

Bright and dark.

Just like a piece of black iron.

Item: Devil's Hand



Description: Devil's Hand, the power of all evils, able to control life and death with one hand, able to overturn the world with the other!

Level and attributes were all unknown.

However, its description was extremely impressive.


"System prompt: Do you wish to fuse them?"

The system sounded out once again. Long Fei stared at the black Devil's Hand. It was like a glove, like a special equipment.

As long as he fused …

It was very likely that one of Long Fei's hands would turn into that of a Devil's Hand.


"System prompt: Do you wish to fuse them?"

The system sounded for the third time.

Long Fei tightened her grip on the idea, "Merge!"

"I walk the path of death, becoming a devil. It doesn't matter if I fuse with Devil's Hand or not."

And then …

Following Long Fei's command, the Devil's Hand in the system suddenly disappeared.



A loud sound echoed out.

Long Fei's right hand suddenly changed. Just as Long Fei had thought, the Devil's Hand was a special equipment, not to fuse with its power, but to directly replace Long Fei's right hand.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

At this moment.

Long Fei's arm suddenly trembled.

It was also at this time.

tian shu's figure moved and landed, "holy buddhahood, we're here!"

He could feel Long Fei's arm trembling on his back.

He immediately took a look and saw Long Fei's right hand. His expression suddenly tightened and his entire body suddenly took half a step back as he lost his composure and directly threw the unconscious Long Fei to the ground. He then looked at Long Fei's arm, "Demon, demon!"

"I brought a demon back to holy buddhahood!"

"I, I, just what did I do?"

At this moment.

Inexplicably, fear rose in the tian shu's heart …

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1896

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