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Chapter 1912 - Lord of Buddha Imprint

The explosion of Qi was extremely powerful.

Eight strong men crashed into him and were sent flying.

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The white-clothed girl was startled. She looked at Long Fei and said, "Thank you."

The Great Demon King of Bick walked over and looked straight at Long Fei, saying, "chief w.a.n.g, I never thought that you would be so powerful."


When the white-clothed girl heard "chief w.a.n.g", she couldn't help but laugh out loud.

That smile...

Spring was s.h.i.+ning, and the whole mountain was covered with azaleas.

The smile was so moving and intoxicating.


Long Fei was slightly startled, he had never seen a smile like the spring wind, the girl in front of him was truly not ordinary.

Bick was also confused.

He placed a hand on Long Fei's shoulder and muttered to himself, "chief w.a.n.g, what do you feel? "Why do I feel like I'm in a sea of flowers? The sunlight s.h.i.+nes on my body in the spring, it's too comfortable."

Long Fei said: "Bick, you are a buddhist disciple, don't think too much."


"Who is the Bick?" His eyes widened as he said, "Head chef, I didn't expect that you would be so fierce."

At this moment.

The white-clothed girl had already walked to the registration point, and Long Fei did not visit her any longer.

Bick was about the same.

The reason why he attacked wasn't because the woman was beautiful, but because he couldn't bear to look at Lin Yuan, nor could he bear to see her sad and weak.

Seeing that Long Fei had walked far away, he quickly followed and asked: "Chef, you still haven't told me how you cultivate?"

"What do you think a cook like you would do?"

"Do you know what a Buddha is?"

"Do you know how to write the word 'Buddha'?"

"Hey, hey, hey …" I'm talking to you. " Bick chased Long Fei all the way and asked incessantly, but Long Fei ignored him.

Bick continued to ask behind him.

This was because the power that Long Fei had released caused him to be excited.

"Big cook."

"Shall we fight?" Bick blocked Long Fei's way, and said: "Let's fight?"

Long Fei looked at Bick's serious expression and said, "Are you crazy?"

The Bick clenched his fist and said: "The power that you exploded out earlier did not come from the buddhist power. I really want to know what kind of power it is, so let's fight right?"

Long Fei stared at him and said: "You are so energetic, go and fight with an ox, I have no time to care about you."

Long Fei still had to make some preparations for tomorrow's selection.

The son of G.o.d selection was different from all the previous selections.

Buddhist cultivation?

Long Fei didn't understand a thing.

The main topic of the first stage was Buddhist cultivators. If one could not even pa.s.s the first stage, how could one become a son of G.o.d?

Long Fei needed another day to make it up, so he decided to hug the Buddha's feet for a bit to see if he could get away with it.

Long Fei walked to the end of the street and looked at the nine story building, "Buddhist Scripture Pavilion!"

At this moment!

The entrance of the Sacred Mansion was also filled with people, there were many who had the same thoughts as Long Fei. When sharpening the spear, even if it wasn't quick, it would still s.h.i.+ne, whether it was useful or not, let's first take a look.

Bick walked to Long Fei's side and said: "You want to enter the Buddhist Pavilion?"

Long Fei looked at the long queue. If he were to queue up here, he might not even reach the line tomorrow. He immediately shook his head and said, "Come and take a look."

The Bick followed Long Fei's gaze and smiled: "Head chef, as long as you are willing to fight with me, I have a way to bring you to another place. That place has far more scriptures than this place, and they are much deeper, how about it?"

"Let's fight?"

Long Fei looked at him and asked: "Why do you have to fight with me?"

Bick said excitedly: "Because I have never seen the power in you before, I want to fight with you for a family, I did not come to partic.i.p.ate in the selection to become the son of G.o.d, my goal is not to become the son of G.o.d, my goal is to become the martial buddha, ah, the son of G.o.d is so boring, the most powerful thing in the world is to fight."

Long Fei said: "If you want to fight that badly, why don't you go and fight the evil spirits?"

Bick scratched his bald head and said, "What use is there in thinking about it? I can't do it."

"Don't talk about that."

"I'll ask you now if you want to go to the Buddhist Scripture Pavilion?"

Other than knowing the words' Buddha ', Long Fei really didn't know anything else. If he really wanted to test some of the things in the scriptures, he would be like a gobbledegook.


"I promise you!"

Long Fei said: "One round!"

Bick said excitedly: "One match is enough, no matter if you win or lose, I will bring you there."

Not long later.

The two of them arrived at the riverside outside the arena.

A cool breeze blew past, causing the willow leaves to float in the air.

Bick cupped his fists and said, "Big chef, I'm here!"

While they were talking …

With each step he took, buddhist light burst forth from under his feet and the muscles of his entire body expanded. Even half of his clothes were on the verge of bursting apart, giving him an extremely vigorous and vigorous aura.

Long Fei's eyes moved slightly, and thought: What a strong power.

He could clearly feel the orthodox Buddhism energy released from Bick's body, as if there was a power surrounding his entire body.

Long Fei's mind moved, the aura of Silver Star Realm burst forth, and his right fist clashed directly with the aura.

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His holy power value surged and erupted.

Long Fei's body exploded with a burst of silver light.

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The fists collided.

Long Fei retreated a few steps, and Bick followed suit.

The two of them were evenly matched.


Bick shouted excitedly: "Again!"

His muscles tensed up even more, and his clothes started to crack. Crack! Crack! Crack!

His strength was even stronger.

Long Fei's aura also shook slightly as he increased his strength. Once again, he punched out.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The two fists collided and the two retreated explosively once again.

Bick looked at Long Fei and said, "You're really strong, hahaha … "Big chef, I am going to use the power of ten layers now!"


A ray of light shot out from his body and gushed into his fist. His eyes flashed with a bright light. "Swish …"

A loud sound echoed out.

The jacket burst.

Every muscle seemed to be cast from copper water.

Long Fei's eyes turned sinister as he thought to himself, "Let me see just how strong you are at the tenth level."

His fists sank!

All of the Silver Star Realm's power had been released.


The power of Long Fei's Sacred Body also erupted right after, and the two energies fused together. In an instant, the power of the holy buddha in Long Fei's body suddenly moved and fused into his fist.


Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Without any hesitation, the two fists collided once again.

At this moment.

The two of them did not separate immediately. The powerful energy continued to collide and Long Fei could feel the orthodox Buddhist power on the Bick's fist.

"Ahh …"

Bick roared: "Watch out!"


A Buddhist light burst out from his back.

Long Fei's eyes widened in shock, because … A huge 'Swastika' rose from his back.

The golden light was dazzling.

Buddhist orthodoxy.

The power was incredibly dense.

On the back of Bick was a buddhist seal. It was not a tattoo, but an innate imprint.

The seal of卍, also known as the Lord of Buddha's Mark!

The power of orthodoxy!

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1912

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