The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1923

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Chapter 1923 - martial buddha Awakening, All dead!

I don't care what you blaspheme.

Who cares what you kill.


Don't provoke me, or. That was just one word, f.u.c.k!

Long Fei wasn't that kind of person who cared about women, he wouldn't stay his hand just because you were a beauty. As long as you were in his way, he wouldn't care about your beauties or your wild beasts!

"Limitless Blasting fist!"


Long Fei's arms fiercely shook. Not speaking nonsense, I will first blast you a round first.

From the moment Long Fei entered the Buddha Hall, he had already locked onto the White-cloth Saint.

Thus …

The Blasting fist could be directly released.

The power of Limitless, the combination of yin and yang, and the corresponding plaything, in this instant, an incomparably powerful energy surged on Long Fei's fist as he punched out!


The air exploded.




Extremely powerful.

Both the Bick and the rich young master were shocked. They did not expect that Long Fei's strength would be this strong to such an extent. They were extremely shocked.


The expression in White-cloth Saint's eyes changed slightly as he said with a cold smile, "This kind of power can also display its full power in the plane you're in. Where is it now?"


"Use it on me?"


"It... Still not strong enough! "

The White-cloth Saint was not afraid in the slightest. Instead, he took a step forward in front of Long Fei, and struck violently with a burst of power in his hands.

To go head to head with the Blasting fist?

If this was a world of a hundred thousand planes, it would undoubtedly be a death sentence!


One level after another of the restrictions of the Law Energies.

No matter how strong the cultivation method was, Long Fei's strength was restricted by the power of law.

The Blasting fist was the Blasting fist of the one hundred thousand planes commanded by the main temple. In this holy buddhahood, was it still able to unleash that kind of strength that could instantly kill everything and ignore everything?

Long Fei was not confident.

The moment he saw White-cloth Saint charge towards the Blasting fist, his heart faintly moved, and his body charged forward as well.

The Blasting fist erupted.

Powerful evil spirits collided against each other.

They did not touch the White-cloth Saint.

The moment the two forces made contact in the air, it was as if the sky was falling and the earth was cracking. The s.p.a.ce around them constantly exploded, creating crackling and crackling sounds of fire.

He had withstood it!

The Blasting fist was blocked!

In the past, he would at most be interrupted.

But now!

However, the Blasting fist was forcibly stopped by a force.

Long Fei frowned, he secretly tightened his eyes, "The first plane and the first stage of the Ancient Code, it seems like the Blasting fist is of no use to this holy buddhahood."

It was still fine to deal with ordinary experts.


When it was time to deal with the powerhouse, it was unable to unleash its power of instkill.


The instant the power of the Blasting fist was stopped, Long Fei had already landed. The aura from his entire body moved, and directly jumped over the first two stages of the purple sun divine power.

With a loud roar, he shouted, "Heavenly Emperor Ziyang!"

"The destruction of the Celestial Emperor!"

Purplish blue flames burned on Long Fei's body and a Heavenly Emperor's simulacrum appeared above his head. His palm struck down, as if it was crus.h.i.+ng down from the sky.

White-cloth Saint's face darkened.

This power was beyond her expectations.

However …

Who is she?

She was the Evil Spirit Holy Maiden.

Power, cultivation is something this low plane holy buddhahood cannot compare with!

Because …

She came from the Universal Large World.

Facing Long Fei's power of the Purple Sun Heavenly Emperor, her eyes narrowed slightly as a drop of her blood essence floated out and exploded on top of her head.


"Evil Spirit Blood Sacrifice!"

"Undead s.h.i.+eld!"


A blood sacrifice of power formed a light s.h.i.+eld that enveloped him. The light s.h.i.+eld formed countless undead that surrounded his body, coldly saying: "I didn't think that you would have such powerful strength, however … …." Even if you are strong, it's useless. Today, you must die! "


The power of the Purple Sun Celestial Emperor chopped down.

White-cloth Saint's Undead s.h.i.+eld resisted the attack.

Her body only trembled slightly, and she didn't suffer much pain.


At the same time, she took a step back and pointed at Long Fei's forehead!

"Finger Sword!"


The Sword Qi on the tip of White-cloth Saint's finger was like a ray of light, penetrating through all the energy and attacking Long Fei.


"Incomparable speed!"

"Faster than lightning!"

Long Fei's body was now an extremely strong body. No matter how fast he was, he was crawling like an ant, but the speed of the White-cloth Saint's fingers and swords were at a stage where he couldn't even see them clearly.

Long Fei continuously retreated.

Bick and the generous young master looked at each other.


The seal of卍 s on the two roared loudly, the buddhist light shone through tens of thousands of meters, and rushed out at the same time.

"martial buddha?"


The White-cloth Saint snorted and said: "Just the two of you?"

The upper half of the Bick and the rich youth's bodies were bare, and the light emitted by the Swastika character was incomparably dazzling. The strength in their bodies was especially strong as well.

The two of them went to their right and left bags.

Long Fei suddenly tensed up, and shouted loudly, "Be careful!"


Too late!

White-cloth Saint laughed coldly, "You overestimate yourself!"

The finger sword moved.

whoosh whoosh … *

Two moves!

It pierced the hearts of both the Bick and the young master!



Blood spurted out from his body as his body fell heavily to the ground. His body twitched for a few moments before he lost all signs of life.

Instant kill!

He wasn't a match at all.

They had only awakened the seal of卍 and did not become a real martial buddha.

Their strength was only slightly stronger than the average person.


Their mission was to protect the son of G.o.d, to protect them with their lives.

They weren't sure if Long Fei was son of G.o.d or not.

However …

They were sure that Long Fei was their brother!

As he watched the two people fall to the ground, Long Fei's fury surged and the power within his right arm became somewhat out of control.

"Hng hng!"

White-cloth Saint laughed coldly and said: "martial buddha? In my opinion, they are just two pieces of trash, no different from them. "

"Now it's your turn!" White-cloth Saint stared at Long Fei.

Long Fei stared at White-cloth Saint and said: "Is Evil Spirit Tribe born to kill randomly? Is Evil Spirit Tribe born to be a devil envoy? "

"If that's the case..."

Long Fei's right arm trembled.

It started to shake rapidly.

This was a surging Devil's Power that had never been seen before.

At this moment.




Explosions rang out one after another.

Five consecutive hums rang as Buddhist light appeared and five rays of light appeared from the martial buddha.

The five seal of卍 had awakened.

The White-cloth Saint trembled and said with a sneer, "Another five pieces of trash awakened. I told you before … Seiji Buddha, you might as well kneel before me! "

"Kneel or not?"

The five of them didn't say a word and immediately rushed toward the Holy Maiden.

Long Fei's face tensed up, "Don't go!"


The five of them acted as if they did not hear it, and rushed towards White-cloth Saint with all their might.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Five voices!

As the five landed, their hearts were pierced by the sword qi.

White-cloth Saint swept a glance at the few remaining people who were still alive and said, "There's still one more martial buddha, come out and wake me up as well."

At this time.

The remaining people all knelt down.

"We are willing to believe in the Evil Spirit Tribe, spare us!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1923

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