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"You have no cards left."

"What qualifications do you have to fight me?"

"You, your uncle, your grandfather, all the Long Army outside the great temple will all die …"

"Ahh …"

Nangong Wudi roared, his two eyes turning blood-red. He was completely bewitched, his mind also being occupied by the dragon salyer.


Nangong Wudi's mind was being controlled by half of the dragon salyer, he had complete control of it.

The killing intent of the dragon salyer exploded.

Vicious weapon!

Even the upper half of the dragon salyer in Long Fei's hands was trembling.

Nangong Wudi took a step forward.

The b.l.o.o.d.y glow on his body soared into the sky, bringing along a series of thick b.l.o.o.d.y demon mirages as he charged towards Xiang Longfei.

"Long Fei, be careful!"

"Xiao Fei!"

Long Zhanhai and Long Sanfeng gasped on the ground.

Long Fei grinned coldly, and said: "Do you think I have no way of dealing with you?"

Nangong Wudi laughed in disdain: "What else do you have? You have nothing left, just die. "

It was also at this time.

The weakened Ice and Fire said solemnly, "Master, I, I can still unleash another combined attack and blast him with a cannon. I don't believe that I can't blast him to death."

The first release of the Ice and Fire Nine Heavens was the limit of the current state of ice and fire.

If he were to release it again, he would only overdraw his HP. This would definitely hinder his cultivation level in the future, and he might even be able to stay in the fifth stage forever.

Xiao Bai's body suddenly changed, immediately becoming more than two metres tall, the divine beast's Qi on his body became extremely fierce, and he shouted: "This daddy is really not happy."

"I want to kill him!"

Long Fei pulled Xiao Bai back, and said: "All of you, return to my war pet s.p.a.ce."

Xiao Bai still had not used his ultimate move.

However …

This powerful skill also consumed his Profound Qi.

Just like how Long Sanfeng had forcefully released his war master Qi, the consumption of his Profound Qi would cause his body to be severely injured, and his cultivation would forever stay at that level.

Long Fei didn't want to see them like this.


They're just cubs.

Xiao Bai was still only at the third level, ice and fire fifth level, simply too low. If he were to grow to the maximum level, a mere peak war master could be killed in an instant with a single breath.

Their future was limitless, they could not afford to let them go to waste at a time like this.


"We can still carry them!"

The two Divine Beasts were not happy with Nangong Wudi.

Long Fei did not allow them to resist, and shouted: "Go back!"

"Do you want me to do it myself?"

Without waiting for their response, Long Fei moved and immediately controlled their idea, summoning them back to the war pet s.p.a.ce.

Long Fei's idea moved, and said to the Ghost Warrior who were still wailing non-stop: "Didn't you want me to let you guys go?"

"Aren't you people from the Nangong Imperial Clan?"

"Now, kill him. I will let you leave this place!"

As soon as his voice faded …

All of the Ghost Warrior s rushed out, and the gigantic inescapable snare tight tactical method was instantly set up. It was also at this time that a wave of energy dragged Long Fei out.

"Boom boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The inescapable snare tight tactical method was activated.

Confining Nangong Wudi in an array.

Nangong Wudi was instantly stopped. Looking at the surrounding Ghost Warrior, he fiercely shouted, "You d.a.m.ned vengeful spirits, do you want to rebel?"

"You are just the Nangong Family's slaves."

"Get lost!"

Long Fei shouted from afar, "Kill!"



Three thousand eight hundred Ghost Warrior s started to move, unleas.h.i.+ng a crazy pressure on Nangong Wudi, crazily killing him. Nangong Wudi was simply unable to resist.

At this time, his dragon salyer also lost its effect.

This was because these Ghost Warrior were all spirit bodies and could not be killed.

All attacks were immune.

Even a dragon salyer that had been possessed wouldn't have any use.

Long Fei quickly ran to his grandfather's side, gave them a few seconds of healing pills, and asked: "Grandfather, are you guys okay?"

Lunatic Long stood up slightly, looked at Nangong Wudi who was inside the array, and said: "Xiao Fei, why did these ghosts stop you from ordering them?"

Long Zhanhai also said, "These people were once guards of the Nan Gong Family, they only listened to the orders of the Nan Gong Family, why would they stop you now?"

Long Fei said: "Just now when I broke through the array, these ghosts all listened to me."

"Hahaha …" Long Sanfeng immediately laughed out loud, looking at Nangong Wudi who was hiding in the east and west, "Old thief Nan Gong, why are you being so arrogant again?"

"Isn't it great to die in the midst of a formation set up by one's own ancestors?"

"Hahaha …"

Long Zhanhai also laughed out loud, and said: "Nangong Wudi, do you feel good now?"


It was extremely embarra.s.sing.

Even if he was Nangong Wudi, even if he was the war master, he still had no power to resist the inescapable snare tight tactical method.

Furthermore, this was a formation set up by the Ghost Warrior, so there was no way to resist it.

He had initially watched Long Fei struggle through the array, but now it was his turn.

The array core was an underground dragon vein, but where was the array core now? I don't know.

Nangong Wudi's entire body was riddled with scars, and bright red numbers continuously floated up above his head.

He had to say it.

The inescapable snare tactical method formed from these Ghost Warrior s are just too strong.

They were completely unrivalled existences, and adding on their anger towards the Nangong Imperial Family, they were even more furious. Every single Ghost Warrior used their full strength.

Of course.

As long as they knew a technique to attack with a spirit body, these Ghost Warrior would be killed as if they were vegetables.

Long Fei was a little regretful now.

Really letting them go?

He was truly conflicted.

Half an hour pa.s.sed.

The amount of blood on top of Nangong Wudi's head dropped by around the one hundred thousand points s.

"The three million HP is about to be depleted." Long Fei's gaze tightened as he summoned Xiao Bai and said, "Take Grandfather and Uncle out."

"Grandpa, uncle, you two leave first."

Long Fei was still a little worried.

After all, he was a peak war master Ranker, the strongest in the Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty!

Even the last drop of blood could not be left unnoticed.

Long Sanfeng glanced at Long Fei and said, "Xiao Fei, be careful."

Long Zhanhai wanted to stay, but he was glared at by Long Sanfeng.

Long Sanfeng knew clearly in his heart that Long Fei did not want them to take the risk. Long Fei also had his own secrets.

There must be a secret.

It was a secret that only belonged to Long Fei.

Long Fei moved and said to Xiao Bai: "Bring Grandfather and Uncle back to the Long family."

Xiao Bai said heavily, "Master, you must be careful."

After watching them leave.

Long Fei moved and said: "All of you retreat, now it's my turn!"

Three thousand eight hundred Ghost Warrior s quickly retreated to the side, prepared to fight at any time.

Long Fei slowly walked up, and looking at the extremely miserable Nangong Wudi, he smiled: "Nangong Wudi, is it good?" = Half ^ Float # # Life ^

Nangong Wudi was bleeding profusely, he stared at Long Fei and bellowed: "Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I will kill you!"


With a sudden movement, he rushed towards Xiang Longfei!

Long Fei clenched his right hand, and the dragon salyer fell into his hand. The corners of his mouth slightly curled up as he coldly laughed: "Come!"

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