The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2001

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Chapter 2001: Now It's Me


A red light flashed on Li Yuanba's body, as his strength increased explosively.

The white-haired powerhouse who had his eyes locked on the middle G.o.d moved his body and rushed out.

And at this moment.

The strength of the G.o.d's bone taboo on w.a.n.g tai's body also increased abruptly, and immediately knocked the Golden Poison Corpse out as all the bones in his body grew out of his body like barbs.

Staring at the w.a.n.g Family elder, a cold glint flashed across w.a.n.g tai's eyes, "Since you call me a monster, then I'll show you a monster."

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He directly charged out.

The battle was about to begin.

The Kunlun clansman stared at Long Fei who was facing a legend palace youth at the side, and said, "His life is mine."


The shadow disappeared.

His aura vanished.

Long Fei couldn't sense his position at all.

The purple-clothed girl frowned, "Karakorum Savant's Great Art of Confusion!"

"Long Fei, Eagle Strike the Void!"

She was the young valley master of the night king valley and had been familiar with all the techniques and techniques of the ancient G.o.d battle since young. It could be said that the night king valley was the largest Kung Fu Storage Pavilion in the ancient G.o.d war.

She was just like w.a.n.g Yuyan from the Eight Heavenly Dragon Tribes.

He was very clear about the techniques and styles of the various sects.

After looking closely at the Karakorum Savant's movement technique, he immediately thought of a method to solve the problem.

The Yama edge in Long Fei's hand moved, and flew into the air, striking towards the sky.


On the Yama edge, it was a lightning strike.

Elder of Kunlun Clan explosively retreated as his forehead tightened, "Little girl."

His moves were repelled.

The legend palace youth laughed lightly, "As expected of the Young Valley Master of the night king valley. He is very clear on the secret techniques and techniques of the various great sects, and even the Confusion Great Art of the Karakorum Clan knows how to break it.

Elder of Kunlun Clan shouted, "You're still in the mood to laugh? Are you happy to see me lose face? "

The legend palace youth said: "You choose, who do you want to deal with?"

Elder of Kunlun Clan said: "Isn't that woman good at talking? Then, I shall tear open her mouth and see if her cultivation is as strong as her mouth. "


Elder of Kunlun Clan rushed out again.

At the same time.

The young man from legend palace stared at Long Fei and sneered: "Then your life is mine."


It disappeared on the spot like a black line pulled out.

"F * ck!"

"You made me look so weak!" Long Fei was a little unhappy, "Anyone can kill me?"

His fists shook.


The aura on Long Fei's body also abruptly changed as he released his idea. Every single strand of aura in the air was within his senses, and the moment he sensed the aura of the young legend palace, the Yama edge in Long Fei's hands chopped downwards.

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The saber sliced through the air, shattering the void.

The aura of the teenager from legend palace was shattered.


In this instant, the palm above Long Fei's head struck down heavily.

Directly facing the top of Long Fei's head.

The legend palace youth laughed out loud, "You're too weak!"

Breaking through the idea's aura could not hurt him, but now … This palm attack!

Long Fei's mind sank, his left arm moved, his palm struck out to block, "power of Buddha, explode for me!"


A Buddhist bell rang out.

Long Fei's left arm moved to block the attack as though it was a palm.


Long Fei's body sunk, his fists were instantly smashed into the ground, the joints of his arms released an even louder cracking sound, as he was unable to bear the impact of such a powerful force.

"Hahaha …"

The legend palace youth laughed out wildly and said, "Long Fei, accept your death!"

His left palm moved again.

Another palm attack came.

Long Fei's left arm had been crippled, so the power of Buddha was not his match at all. He did not panic at all. His eyes turned sinister as he yelled in his heart, "ultimate boxing!"

His right fist moved.


As he gathered his power, the entire atmosphere in the auction hall disappeared.

He struck his palm at the teenager from legend palace. "Come!"




The moment the fist and palm collided, a violent explosion occurred from the power of the shock wave. The legend palace youth directly smashed into the ceiling and heavily fell down, spitting out a large mouthful of blood. Right at this moment … His arm began to crack. "Bang, bang, bang …"

Explosions rang out one after another.

He couldn't control it at all.

His arm exploded.

Half of his body was blown away.

In the end, even the head was blown off.

The entire audience was slightly startled.

Many people's hearts turned cold, this was the powerhouse in legend palace, they actually died?

The purple-clothed girl's forehead tightened.


The purple-clothed girl suddenly shouted, "Long Fei, watch out!"

The moment the purple-clothed girl became distracted, Elder of Kunlun Clan grabbed hold of her and shouted out coldly. "You should be the one being careful."

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

His palm turned into a claw that grabbed towards the purple-clothed girl's throat.

Long Fei felt a chill behind his back, at this moment... He was like a prey being watched. He was unable to move, and could die if he moved even a little.

In the void.

A figure walked out.

Young legend palace.

Not dead?

Long Fei didn't know, but he could be sure that the youth in front of him was exactly the same as the youth before him, with no differences at all.

The young man from legend palace said coldly: "Looks like the news that the Devil Island sent back is true. You indeed have a fist technique that can kill people, fortunately … I was prepared, hahaha … "

"You need a long time to use your fist technique, right?"


"Long Fei, what other moves do you have now?"

"Hahaha …"

The legend palace was powerful.

The strongest power in the Primordial War, was only second to the main temple.

When Long Fei left the island, legend palace knew that they were also swiftly collecting everything related to Long Fei.

The Blasting fist was one of them.

Many people in the Devil Island knew about this fist art.

It wasn't hard to collect them.

Long Fei was shocked, and laughed: "Looks like there is someone who wishes for me to die early. Is it a Sovereign? Or your so-called Son of G.o.d? "

The legend palace s youth laughed: "The auction was actually not targeting you, but you were the one who wanted to get involved. If you could hand over that G.o.d's steel back then, you might have been able to live a few more days, but now …."


"Then let's die together!"

As soon as he finished.

The legend palace youth's body erupted with an extremely powerful force.

It was as if the wind had swept away the clouds.

"Long Fei!"


An explosion sounded in the air as a sword appeared in the legend palace youth's hand, and he thrusted it towards the center of Long Fei's brows.




There was no way to dodge, Long Fei also did not think of dodging, the idea moved, "The power of critical strike, fuse!"

"The power of breaking through armor, fuse!"

"Boom, boom!"

When the two energies fused into his body, Long Fei used his body to rush out at the same time.


The long sword pierced into his body. Long Fei used his bones to block the long sword, and laughed sinisterly: "Is it my turn now?"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2001

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