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Chapter 2007 - The awakening of the t.i.tan




… ….

Rays of golden light fell upon the city walls.

One incomparably sharp aura after another began to spread out.

A dozen or so powerhouse s.

Dozens of cold eyes stared at Li Yuanba and the other two.

"The Lord of legend palace is here."

"It's the people from the legend palace."

"Are they going to slaughter the city?"

"Master, the three of them are the ones who killed Crown Prince, the ones who are them …"

… ….

Originally, the people who were completely crushed by Li Yuanba had all started to seethe with excitement. The arrival of the powerhouse in legend palace had caused them to feel even more afraid, because they were worried that these powerhouse were here to kill them.

It had to be known that in the powerhouse in legend palace, even the combined forces of the entire city of martial arts wouldn't be a match for him.

Li Yuanba's forehead sank.

The purple-dressed woman's expression also changed, "It's powerhouse in legend palace, be careful."

w.a.n.g tai had also heard of the legend palace.

This was the first time a dozen or so powerhouse had appeared at the same time.

In other words!

Today, they were unable to leave the city of martial arts.

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His figure moved, and the moment he landed, the ground suddenly shook, a strong wind blew away the sand and rocks.

In the blink of an eye, he had landed in front of Li Yuanba.

Li Yuanba secretly clenched both his fists, as he felt the limitless power the man in front of him had, to the point where he was almost unable to endure it any longer.


The power of Li Yuanba's six opened doors had already disappeared. His body was in incomparable discomfort, and he was completely relying on brute force.

It could collapse at any moment.

Facing legend palace at this time, Li Yuanba grinned and said: "So what if I am?"

Very arrogant.

He was the King Kong, and the King Kong must have the aura of the King Kong.

So what if you're a legend palace?

I'm just not afraid.

The man lightly said, "Very good!"

At this time, the people at the side shouted loudly, "It was not him who killed them, the one who killed Crown Prince is hiding in the coffin on his back, it's the brat inside."


The man's brows twitched, looked at Li Yuanba and said: "Hand the person over, I'll leave an intact corpse for you."

Li Yuanba laughed innocently, and said: "If you have the guts, come and s.n.a.t.c.h it!"


With a loud rumbling sound, Li Yuanba's body swayed slightly.

It was simply overdrawing his life.


"With just you?"

"You overestimate yourself!"

As soon as he finished.

The man's eyes darkened. He dashed forward and struck out with his palm.

Li Yuanba's reaction was also fast as he threw out a punch, and roared out, "Relying on this daddy!"


The moment his power came into contact with it, it was as if his power was instantly strangled to death. His entire body was in extreme pain and he felt incomparable discomfort.


His body flew out and crashed into the ground a hundred meters away.

A building collapsed, burying Li Yuanba within the ruins.


"Brother Li!"

"Son of the looby!"

w.a.n.g tai and the purple-clothed girl shouted.

"Ahh …"

w.a.n.g tai roared, the power of the G.o.d's bone taboo in his body erupted even more crazily, he immediately pulled out a black ancient blade from his body and slashed out!

"Another one is courting death."

The man's eyes turned cold, he did not even put w.a.n.g tai in his eyes, his body flickered, and his palm swept across the air.

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w.a.n.g tai's body was blown away and smashed into a straight line, turning a building into ruins.

Two moves.

It was as though he had no power at all, but … They were instantly killed!

This power …

This cultivation base …


The violet-robed maiden's body couldn't help but begin to tremble slightly.

The powerhouse in legend palace was too powerful.


This was just one person, and there were more than ten people standing on top of the city walls. How could they be his match?

He couldn't beat them at all.

The purple-clothed girl was constantly thinking of ways, but this time, she really couldn't think of any. It had to be known that this was a world of powerhouse.

Before you become strong enough, any method will be useless as a paper tiger.

The legend palace man looked at the purple-clothed girl and said coldly, "Night King's descendant... Is the Crown Prince here for you? "

"Hand over the blood sacrifice bracelet."

"I will leave you with a complete corpse."

The purple-clothed girl said solemnly, "Since you know that I am Night Queen, then you should understand the relations.h.i.+p between the night king valley and the main temple, and the relations.h.i.+p between the and the Sovereign. You dare …"

Not waiting for her to finish.

The man moved slightly and instantly landed in front of the purple-clothed youth. The distance between them was less than ten centimeters, and the man said coldly: "There is nothing in this world that legend palace doesn't dare to do."

Her voice was cold.

The violet-robed maiden couldn't withstand it at all.

His face was incomparably pale.

"F * ck!"

"Are you bullying my sister-in-law?"

"You're courting death!"


There was an explosion from the rubble, and an enormous figure charged out.

Li Yuanba.

The man raised his eyes and sneered, "He's not dead yet. Is his life really that tough?"

Without waiting for Li Yuanba to fall.

The man disappeared and hovered in midair.

With one foot on Li Yuanba's head, the Qi on his body exploded, and he shouted: "Fall for me!"

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Li Yuanba's body was like a nail, nailed firmly to the ground. He simply could not control it, and he could not control it either.


The other half of its body was inserted into the ground.

The Giant Spirit Coffin on his back also tumbled to the side.

The joints of his feet cracked.

All of them shattered!

Li Yuanba spat out a mouthful of black blood, and his face became even paler, but there was no fear in his eyes.

He felt displeased.

If he did not consume three days and three nights, he would have definitely made this so-called powerhouse in legend palace eat feces!

But now …

Under his heavy injuries, his strength had already started to dry up.


He was Li Yuanba, he was King Kong, he still had more power.

The idea moved!

The t.i.tan Spirit G.o.d that was connected to the Giant Spirit Coffin roared out loudly, "t.i.tan Spirit G.o.d!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The lid of the coffin was suddenly lifted.

His strength shook violently.

But... The t.i.tan didn't rush out in an instant.

Everyone looked at the coffin, and after half a minute, they all started laughing, "Hahaha..." "Hahaha..."

"I always thought that there was some sort of powerful secret behind his coffin."

"It looks like... So it's just a joke. "

"Hahaha …"

"It's scary to carry a coffin on your back. So you're just here to act cool!"

"He's probably prepared to die for himself at any moment, hahaha …"

… ….

Everyone laughed.

powerhouse in legend palace also sneered coldly.

Li Yuanba frowned, he did not understand, "Why would it be like this?"

"Why is this happening?"

"I …"

"I …"

"Why can't I sense the t.i.tan G.o.d? Why do I feel like the t.i.tan has fallen into a deep sleep? "

"Why …"

At this moment.

Li Yuanba panicked a little.

This was the first time in his life that he could not sense the existence of the t.i.tan.

However …

At this moment.

A pitch-black hand suddenly stretched out from within the coffin …

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2007

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