The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2094

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Chapter 2094 - Heavenly Treasures?

The dynasty was changed, and the powerhouse was replaced.

This was the law of survival.

If the 100,000 planes were mountains and rivers, then the current ruler would be the main temple, and the Sovereign would be the Emperor who commanded these mountains and rivers.

The dynasty that he overthrew thousands of years ago was where Long Fei had only just met the Great ancient giant.

They had once controlled a hundred thousand planes.


They did not die a stiff death, and their souls did not enter h.e.l.l, forming the zombie-like bodies they were now, but … After ten million years, their cultivation had only been deprived of the power of law, and their cultivation was still the cultivation of the main temple's G.o.ds, which made them extremely strong.


In certain aspects, they were even more difficult to deal with than the G.o.ds who controlled the laws of the main temple.

Because they were already dead!

They were not afraid of any harm or pain, and could even revive after death. They were not restricted by any power, the power of the Ancient Code in the main temple could not restrain them, and the laws of the Infernal Realm could not restrain them.

This was their most terrifying aspect.

To Long Fei.

They were also what made him the most excited. He needed to go on the holy artifact to complete the mission, but other than the Earth Plow, there was no news from the other holy artifact.

The appearance of the ancient giant shocked Long Fei.

These bosses would definitely have holy artifact on them, so what was the best way to kill them now?

As soon as they died.

The Polar Storm would naturally disappear.

It was not a natural disaster, but something ancient giant made to deceive people.

… ….

"Boom, boom, boom …"

The Variant White Ape carried Long Fei and quickly rushed to the other side.

Just the two of them.

The Variant White Ape King had a way to deal with the ancient giant, but … He didn't say what the method was, he only told Long Fei to follow him.

Long Fei did not ask in detail.

You'll know when you get there.

Long Fei was a little interested in the reason why White Ape King wanted him to deal with ancient giant, and could not help but ask: "Your cultivation is very strong, and you have over a thousand Variant White Ape s, why are you afraid of them?"


"With your strength and the power of the White Ape Tribe, I can't help much."

The Variant White Ape King said: "They are the last super powerhouse who controlled a hundred thousand planes. Their vengeful spirits were not dispersed and their corpses were thrown into the extreme regions, wanting to use the extreme regions to suppress them."

"But... What the main temple did not expect was that not only did the Extreme Earth not suppress them, it gave them the conditions to reach Innate Realm. "

"You saw that leader. He was a former Sovereign, the King of Laws of a hundred thousand planes. Although he has been stripped of all his power of laws, but …"

The White Ape King hesitated for a few seconds, then continued: "For him to be able to control the Polar Storm, he must have grasped the Frozen End Laws, or the Storm's Laws, or he could also grasp two types of Law Energies at the same time.

"It's the same for White Ape Tribe."

"We were originally living in the extreme, and the reason we appeared here was because they quickly rushed us here. Once we leave the extreme regions, our survival will become problematic, and our lifespan will quickly decline, so we cannot go too far away from the Polar Storm, nor can we get too close to it. They just want to grab onto our weakness and use us as a vanguard." The White Ape King said with hatred.

Every race had its strengths and weaknesses.

The Variant White Ape s had powerful physiques and shocking strength.

However …

They couldn't enter the tropics, so they could only survive in the cold.

They did not want to leave their homes.

They wanted to return to the extreme regions, and after entering the Deep Abyss Mountain, their bodies would begin to show strong reactions.

Long Fei nodded and said, "You all are unable to leave the extreme regions?"

The White Ape King replied, "Yes, we must return to the Polar World as soon as possible, otherwise my race will be exterminated. I need your help."

Long Fei said: "You saved me before, so I will do everything I can to help you. At the same time, I will also help myself."

"I am the Demon Emperor of the beasts tribes."

"I also want to help my beasts tribes deal with the threat of Polar Storm."

White Ape King said: "I can feel the magic rule from your body."

"That's why I chose you."

Long Fei was slightly taken aback, then said: "You've lived in the extreme regions for generations, do you know of the existence of the ancient entry?"

"ancient entry?"

"You want to enter the battleground?"

White Ape King's rapidly das.h.i.+ng body suddenly stopped, Long Fei's body slightly trembled, and almost fell off White Ape King's back.

The White Ape King's eyes trembled as he said: "If we could enter the ancient entry, do you think those ancient giant would abandon everything and seek for distance?"

"It's impossible to reach ancient entry."

"I can't get in either."

"If you are going to the extreme regions for the sake of the ancient entry, I advise you to give up." After White Ape King finished speaking, he started to run again.

Even the ancient giant could not be reached.

They were super powerhouse who once ruled over a hundred thousand planes.

Even they couldn't get in.

What kind of monster was hidden in the ancient entry?

"Seems like it is extremely difficult for only the legendary ancient entry to enter, but …" Long Fei grinned and said: "At least … It really exists! "

As long as there was an entrance, there had to be a way.

No matter how strong the BOSSes in the game were, they would have a way to take them down, and it was the same for the ancient entry.

If Long Fei wanted to enter the battleground to fight for himself, the ancient entry was his only way!


He had to go in!

He had to get rid of the main temple.

… ….

They charged all the way.

After a long while, the White Ape King finally stopped.

It stopped in a valley covered with white snow.

No vegetation could be seen.

Besides the thick snow, there was also snow.

Long Fei jumped down from White Ape King's body and asked, "What's here?"

White Ape King said: "Wait a moment."

As soon as he finished.

White Ape King suddenly stood up, with a stretch of his forelimbs, his arms that were tens of metres long shot out into the sky, his fists clenched tightly as he smashed them downwards.

It tore through the air.

The thick lines of Strength Stripes were clearly visible.

This power.

It was shockingly large.

It crashed into the ground, causing the thick snow within a few kilometers to be sent flying into the air. The ground shook and the mountains shook, which was extremely horrifying.

The valley also revealed its original appearance after a thick layer of snow flew out. The surrounding rock walls were as sharp as knives. In the depths of the valley, there was a cave. The cave entrance was not big, and only ordinary humans could enter.

A thick layer of snow shook open and a red light flashed in the cave.

Red light leaked out one after another, illuminating the entire valley in red, as if it was on fire.

Long Fei was startled, "This sign …. This is the sign of a treasure dropping from the heavens! "

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2094

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