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Long Fei, you bandit return bandit

The system suddenly sounded out.

At the same time, Long Fei's left arm stung.

Long Fei took a deep breath, he did not listen to the system's voice, but retreated abruptly and asked, "What is it?"

The white haired old man said, "This is the mark of our Ming Clan. When you see the Ming Clan in the future, you will naturally know."

"Ming Clan's Mark?"

It was also at this time.

The system's voice resounded in Long Fei's mind.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Ming Clan's Mark'!"

It was just a prompt.

Long Fei opened up the system to check.

He did not notice the existence of anything. It was as if he had disappeared.

Long Fei said: "Is the Ming Clan Mark only seen by people from the Ming Clan?"

The old man replied: "Yes."

Long Fei said: "Is there no other use?"

The old man was surprised: "What do you want?"

Ming Clan Mark!

Ancient Imprint!

In the Universal Large World, every single warrior wanted to obtain this ancient imprint because every single ancient imprint contained this power.

An incomparably powerful force.

This Ancient Mark was much stronger than the hundred thousand Nine Star main artifact.


Long Fei was currently not far from being able to compare to him.

Long Fei laughed wickedly: "At least give me a little bit of power that can't die. Your Ming Clan's ancient inheritance, Ming, should not die, right?"

"Just give me this power."

"I want something else too."

ancient inheritance, Obscure.


If he could obtain this power inheritance, he wouldn't die either.

His father, Long Zhanting, was the King of h.e.l.l. If he could give his father the power of this inheritance, his father's cultivation would definitely advance by leaps and bounds.

The white-haired elder did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Undead Power?"

"Sigh …"

The white-haired old man sighed, and said: "The Undead Power is too weak, it is impossible to enter the Ming Clan's mark, it is the weakest existence in the Super Force of Ming Clan."


"The story was told and the Ming Clan imprint was given."

"You should leave!"

The white-haired old man said, "Aren't you going out? There is an exit deep within Dark Hall, and it leads to the place you want to go. "


"Remember, keep your fearless heart."

"Go to the Universal World and fight for supremacy there. That is your world."


The old man's figure slowly disappeared.

Long Fei was startled, "Holy s.h.i.+t, it's a fearless heart again, what's going on? Why do you all want me to maintain my fearless heart? "

"What is a fearless heart?"

Long Fei muttered on the spot, and called out, "Old man? "Old man?"

"He disappeared so quickly?"

"It's good that he's gone!"

"Heh heh …"

Long Fei laughed sinisterly, "Give me a Ming Clan imprint or something, I can't even sense any power, and you're even leaving a burn wound on my arm, ugly to death."

"Luckily I have hands and feet."


Long Fei walked out of the Kung Fu Storage Pavilion, the idea moved, releasing the Xu Mi Rings and said faintly: "Receive it for me!"

The Xu Mi Rings moved.

A ray of light shone on Kung Fu Storage Pavilion.


The entire Kung Fu Storage Pavilion was sucked into the Xu Mi Rings.


Long Fei walked to the side, "Hidden Weapon Pavilion?"

"It should be filled with weapons, swords or something like that, right?"

"I'm too lazy to watch it."

"Come on!"

The Xu Mi Rings then kept the hidden weapon pavilion inside, and then … Powder-storage Pavilion, Hidden Spirit Pavilion, Hidden Origin Pavilion … Most of the buildings in the entire Netherworld Sect had been taken away by Long Fei.

If he did not find the steps to step 9999 too huge and was not in a bit of a ha.s.sle, he would have taken that huge plaza and placed it amongst the Xu Mi Rings.

Seeing how empty it was, Long Fei laughed with satisfaction, "This trip was not in vain."

While they were talking …

Long Fei walked toward the only great hall.

The reason why he did not retrieve it was because Long Fei was worried that he would not be able to find an exit.

That would be a tragedy.

Long Fei entered the palace.

A figure was hovering in the air, unsure of whether to laugh or cry.

"Why would there be such a person?"

"How can such a person be worthy of the ancient inheritance?"

"He's practically a bandit!"

"No, calling him a bandit is insulting the bandit. Even the bandit can't match up to him."

Although the white-haired old man was complaining, he was still smiling.

Judging from the ancient inheritance power that erupted from Long Fei's body, he knew that Long Fei was definitely not an ordinary person. He believed that Long Fei would be able to cause a huge sensation in the Universal World.

Maybe …

He could turn the sky upside down!

"Hahaha …"


"I can do it, but the rest is up to you."

"G.o.d's tribe."

"Just wait and see, hahaha …"

The white-haired old man laughed loudly, his body started to tremble, his body started to dissipate bit by bit, all of his energy was injected into the Ming Clan imprint.

It was his mark.

When his Ming Clan's mark disappeared, his soul also disappeared.


"Don't let me down, you have to turn Universal World upside down, you have to, hahaha …"


With a light sound, his soul disappeared.

The entire world seemed to have fallen into dead silence.

As Long Fei walked into the depths of the great hall, the 9999 steps started to fall one by one. They shattered as the gigantic plaza actually wasn't a martial arts training ground, but an underworld stage.

It too crumbled.

It was the same as losing support.

This was the first of a hundred thousand planes.

He was also the creator of a hundred thousand planes.

The Netherworld Sect!

… ….

"Where is he?"

"Why did it disappear?"



After those soul demon clan flew out, Long Fei fell into the abyss and it was as if he had disappeared from this world.

There was no way to sense his presence at all.

Black Robe Destiny G.o.d lowered his head, he too did not understand, "Those devils are indeed very strong, but Long Fei should not have died in their hands."


"Long Fei's life is mine!"

"His life must be mine!"

The entire G.o.d's mountain trembled. He had been waiting for this chance, but it was clear that Long Fei's aura had disappeared.

It made him furious.

… ….

"Huff …"

Long Fei broke through an ice wall, following that, a black light shot in.

Long Fei's eyes hurt.

"Black light?"

"Polar Darkness?"

"Darkness zone, I'm here?" Long Fei walked out of the layer of ice and looked at the darkness in front of him.

The dark world was like a huge ferocious beast, swallowing everything in its path.

Long Fei became excited, "f.u.c.k, I finally got there!"

Without the slightest hesitation.

Long Fei stepped into the extreme darkness, into the hundred thousand dimensions, a place that even the main temple would not dare step into, to search for the ancient entry!

… ….

Amongst the Xu Mi Rings.

The sudden appearance of the Kung Fu Storage Pavilion caused Jojo, who was inside, to tremble slightly. With an alluring expression on her face, she walked into the Hidden Soul Hall.

— —

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2123

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