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Chapter 2150 - outer s.p.a.ce powerhouse?

Long Fei's background was complex and powerful.

If he were to offend such a person, it would not be good for Hong Tu.


He had promised others that he would bring Long Fei into the Universal Large World alive.

Thus …

He did not want to kill Long Fei!

Hong Tu said blandly, "As long as you submit to me, I will bring you into the Outer Realm, and I will even allow you to control a hundred thousand planes."

"How is it?"

Long Fei grinned: "There's no need to think about it!"

Hong Tu laughed, "Indeed, there is no need to consider it further. In the Hundred Thousand Planes, no one would reject such a condition, and no one would dare to reject me!"

"Hahaha …"

Only a fool would refuse.

Only fools would go against the strongest experts of the Hundred Thousand Planes.

Last time when he gave Long Fei a choice, Long Fei did not compromise. That was because last time, he was only a shadow of main G.o.d;

This time, the Sovereign had personally come.

Who dared to refuse?

"Hahaha …" Long Fei also laughed out loud and said, "I will reject it, and … If you, this ultimate BOSS, don't take it out, how can I leave? "

In that instant.

The aura within a million km radius suddenly became extremely dark and cold.

The ancient fire soul in Long Fei's body also suddenly started to circulate.

The Sovereign's gaze darkened, staring straight at Long Fei who was like an ant in his eyes, he coldly asked: "What are you talking about?"

"Long Fei!"

"Don't refuse a toast to my wine. What you've done is enough to kill you a hundred times over. Don't think that just because you've grasped a bit of the power of the Laws you can do whatever you want in front of me. To me, your power of the Laws is nothing more than thin paper, not even worth a single blow!" Hong Tu's voice was filled with anger.

He was very unhappy to be rejected.


What Long Fei had said made him even more unhappy.

Long Fei grinned, "Was what I said not clear enough?"

"I don't need anyone to give me what I want. I will take it myself. Whoever dares to stop me will die the same way! G.o.d is the same as you!"

"In addition!" Long Fei laughed excitedly, "I want to kill this big BOSS!"


Very arrogant.

So what if he was a Sovereign?

So what if he was a Chief Sovereign of a hundred thousand planes?

It was the same.

Since he was unhappy, he might as well do it!

The Sovereign's eyes were filled with rage. His enormous eyes bulged out as he growled, "You are courting death!"



The air rumbled, and endless sounds of explosions rang out. The entire G.o.d's mountain seemed as though it was about to be shattered into pieces as an endless pressure came crus.h.i.+ng down from above.

The pressure of a Sovereign.

This kind of pressure was filled with boundless killing intent.

It completely crushed Long Fei.

Long Fei's entire body was in incomparable discomfort. His power of law was like a mouse that had seen a cat, and he didn't dare to raise his head.


Very unhappy!

Hong Tu shouted, "Long Fei, who do you think you are?"

"Fight with me?"

"You must have the qualifications to fight me."

"You killed a few G.o.d of Law s, and control a few of the power of law, and you think you're invincible? Humph! You overestimating yourself. If it wasn't for someone from the other realms wanting you to live, do you think you could still be standing and talking to me? " Hong Tu said heavily.

He was the ruler of a hundred thousand planes.

He was the king.

Who would dare to disobey?

His aura of suppression and power crushed down.

Although he had long prepared in his heart, he never thought that the power of the Ancient Code would actually be useless in front of a Sovereign. He didn't think that it would even be of use to a G.o.d.


No matter what kind of powerhouse Long Fei faced, he would not cower.

Facing the pressure from Hong Tu's Sovereign powers, Long Fei's thoughts moved, "Blood essence, Ming Clan's imprint … Invincible state! "

The idea moved.

He couldn't care less at this time.

G.o.d Hong Tu's forehead tightened, "You still want to resist?"



The endless sea of Sovereigns moved, and the skies above them sank as they struck out with heavy blows.

"Kneel before your ancestors …" Long Fei roared out, and released the blood essence.

At this moment.

At the door of the G.o.d of Heaven Hall, tang renjie brought Jojo and walked out. Watching the forces in the sky collide, it was like a battle between G.o.ds, he said softly, "Boss Long, what happened?"

"Do you need help?"

As soon as the voice was heard.


The look in G.o.d Hong Tu's eyes went away and he was slightly shocked in his heart.

He was the same as Long Fei.

He could only sense Jojo's aura, but not tang renjie's aura.


As soon as tang renjie finished speaking, the pressure on his Sovereign's Might seemed to have received a shock wave like never before, and instantly disappeared into the distance of a million kilometers.

The pressure of the Sovereign's Might suddenly disappeared.

Long Fei was also startled, but he didn't have time to think about it too much. He shouted: "Protect Jojo well."

The Sovereign was stunned as well. He didn't think too much either.

He was the Paragon of a hundred thousand planes.

Who could fight against him?

In an instant.

The Sovereign moved, and the immense pressure came crus.h.i.+ng down once again. He shouted heavily, "Long Fei, kneel down obediently."

The ma.s.sive Sovereign power once more struck out.

Even the G.o.d's mountain was trembling.

Countless mountain peaks crumbled and the solid rocks were turned into dust. It was as if the world had come to an end.

Just when it was about to crush onto Long Fei, tang renjie once again scratched his head and shouted, "Boss Long, do you really not need help?"

"I'm your little brother."

"You don't even need me for free?"


As soon as his voice faded …

The might and pressure released by Hong Tu once again vanished, completely disappearing.

Hong Tu was secretly shocked in his heart.

Long Fei yelled out, and said: "What are you yelling for? I told you to protect Jojo, so you should protect Jojo.

Long Fei was about to get angry.

tang renjie smiled innocently, and said: "Alright, alright, I understand."

The Sovereign Hong Tu released yet another wave of powerful energy.

Long Fei prepared everything.


In that moment, Husky who was riding on tang renjie's shoulder suddenly opened his eyes, and glared at her.

Sovereign Hong Tu's heart suddenly trembled.


In that instant, Hong Tu's mind seemed to have been crushed by a wave of energy; it was incomparably uncomfortable.

outer s.p.a.ce powerhouse?

Hong Tu quickly withdrew his strength and stared at Long Fei. He then looked at tang renjie who had an expression of helplessness, and then looked at the Husky who had a face of 'soil and water' on his shoulder.

He could not find the source of this power.

However …

One thing was certain.

Someone was helping Long Fei from the shadows, and this person was extremely strong.

And then again.

This person must be outer s.p.a.ce powerhouse!

Hong Tu's mind secretly tensed up, "What is outer s.p.a.ce powerhouse doing here?"


Hong Tu looked at Long Fei and said, "Long Fei, we shall see inside the battleground!"

His figure moved.

It vanished in an instant.

Long Fei had a stupefied face, he simply did not know what had happened!

"What the f * * k? What the f * * k?"

— —

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2150

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