The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2160

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Chapter 2160 - Gaming, can you ever play me?

battleground can only bring four skills.

Time reset was the first time for Long Fei.

The second.

star book.

When the death star bombarded down, there was no need to waste any time. It was just a giant sphere bombarding down, not giving you any chance to explain at all.

The sky darkened.

Shrouding the sky and blotting out the sun.

"What is this?"

"What is falling from the sky?"

"Oh my G.o.d!"

… ….

All of them were stupefied. The people lying in ambush around the valley raised their heads to look at the sky. They were all scared silly by this giant sphere.

At the same time.

Long Fei bellowed, "Charge out!"

The Evil G.o.d's reaction was fast as he said in a deep voice, "Source Spirit Demon General!"

A few G.o.d of Law s also flew out.

whoosh whoosh whoosh, whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

Bolts of lightning shot out like lightning, crazily flying out. In the moment that the death star descended, the source spirit Demon Generals clashed with the G.o.d of Law s.

It was also at this moment that the Evil G.o.d roared loudly, "Everyone, don't panic!"

"G.o.d Crossbow!"


"Long Fei, I know that you have the power to reset time in one strike, but this is an inescapable net.

"He's dead for sure!"

The Evil G.o.d shouted.

Long Fei had prepared in Devil Island for an entire month.


The people of evil G.o.d palace and main temple had been preparing for this entire month. They wanted Long Fei to die here, without any chance to fight with them.

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"Boom, boom …"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The source spirit Demon General's body was extremely large as it tenaciously resisted.

The G.o.d of Law s who flew out mainly defended, as they released their defense to its peak. Under dozens of powerful attacks, the death star that Long Fei had released was forcibly stopped.

Although it was still falling.

But the descent was too slow.

It would no longer harm those people in the valley.

Very strong!

The combined strength of the evil G.o.d palace and main temple was simply too strong.

Any one of these two forces was stronger than Long Fei, and if they were to work together, Long Fei would definitely not be his match.

He watched as the death star was blocked.

The Evil G.o.d laughed complacently. "Hahaha... Long Fei, let's see how long you can remain arrogant for, hahaha … "

ancient entry began to distort.

The Evil G.o.d's eyes widened as he shouted, "G.o.d crossbow hand, get ready!"

The main door of the ancient entry opened.

Arrows filled the sky.

It shot out crazily, covering the entire sky and densely.

This was to block all of them from entering the entrance and prevent anyone from entering the battleground.

However …

This time was different from the previous one. This time, Long Fei made some adjustments.

Long Fei's lips curled up slightly, and laughed: "I can still be arrogant for ten thousand years!"


ancient entry opened up, and 108 Giant Clan s rushed out, using their huge bodies to form a meat s.h.i.+eld, their bodies forming a king.

They are supertanks.


This was a tough battle.

This was also a place that was easy to defend but hard to attack. As long as they guarded the exit, Long Fei's people simply could not enter.

Even if they rushed in, they would have to pay the price of blood.

If it was an ordinary person, it could be said that they would never be able to enter this place, but … What is Long Fei?

He was a pro.

In his previous life, he had played over a hundred different kinds of games. From the ancient Empire's games, to the popular legends, to the legends of the west, to the Stone Age, to the various powerful blade-and-tower games, to the Infernal domain, to the underground cities and warriors, to the world of magic beasts, he had basically dabbled in them all.

Play games?

In this alternate world?

He could kill a hundred million of them with one.

Such a fierce battle.

The 'meat tan' acted as a s.h.i.+eld to block the attack. It opened a path of blood, and the people behind quickly entered, spreading out and launching a powerful counterattack.

The Giant Clan was the best meat.

Their physical bodies were extremely powerful, so even if the arrows shot out by these divine crossbows struck them, they would still receive the least amount of damage.


The most important thing was that every one of them had Long Fei giving them an additional ten Divine Healing Pills.

The one hundred and eight Giant Clan s expanded into a semicircle and crazily pushed forward, allowing the arrows to hit their bodies.

Just like a stone person.

In less than half a minute, their bodies were covered in arrows and blood. However, none of them fell.

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Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

"Rumble …"

The one hundred and eight people heavily chopped down, forming a huge human wall, protecting ancient entry behind them.

Every single arrow could fly past them.

He could not see what was inside the ancient entry nor what had come in.

The Evil G.o.d's eyes darkened as he shouted, "d.a.m.n it!"

Although he was trying to crack the G.o.d's Crossbow, but... The Evil G.o.d wasn't too worried.

His preparations were more than mere crossbows.

"Sword Formation!"

As the sound of the Evil G.o.d's voice faded, numerous gigantic swords appeared in the air above the valley.

It was cold.

Each greatsword was more than ten meters long and incomparably sharp. There was even a dark green poison on the blades.

Each sword was placed on a cannon rack.

All the gigantic swords were aimed at the ancient entry.

The Evil G.o.d laughed coldly, "Giant Clan, right? Then let's see how strong your Giant Clan can take it. "



The great sword tore through the air and flew out.

Long Fei's gaze tensed up.

Giant Clan can block the G.o.d Crossbow Arrows, but … Such a powerful greatsword wouldn't be able to block it at all, not even with a Sovereign level healing pill.


This time, he would be killed in an instant.

"Divine dragon!"

Long Fei shouted loudly.

The colorful fairy dragon rose into the air and flew behind Warrior.


The dragons all flew up.

The Evil G.o.d sneered: "What? Now, do you want another race to fight against it? Hahaha... Long Fei, no matter who it is, it is useless. No one can withstand the power of this greatsword! "


colorful fairy dragon and the rest did not try to block the gigantic sword.

Instead, he flew towards the mountain slopes, which were the turrets of the gigantic sword.

At the same time.

Long Fei moved his body and retracted the death star. His figure moved and landed in front of the Giant Clan, a drop of blood essence fell and the power of the Ming Clan's mark opened.



Long Fei's body released the black energy of the 'Underworld', and all the huge swords stabbed towards him.

The Evil G.o.d was overjoyed and excitedly said: "You are truly a fool, defending others with the sword. Long Fei, even if your body is extremely strong, but …. You can't block these swords either! "


As soon as he finished.

All the gigantic swords pierced towards Long Fei.

Over a hundred greatswords were as fast as lightning, and the impact was incomparably great.


As they flew to Long Fei's side, it was as if they were tightly bound by some kind of power.

In mid-air.

Long Fei was surrounded by hundreds of gigantic swords.

The image was quite sharp.

At this time, Long Fei flipped his right hand and a small golden flame appeared, coiling around all the gigantic swords.

The next second!

Long Fei coldly spat out one word, "Burn!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2160

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