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Chapter 2165 - ancient fire soul spoke

Excessive consumption of blood essence.

The aftereffects of the attack, Long Fei had endured it from the start.

He was worried that the Sovereign would discover.

When the Sovereign left, Long Fei could no longer hold on and directly fell from the sky.

With a step, Jojo flew into the air and directly hugged Long Fei. Tears uncontrollably flowed down as he muttered: "Young Master!"

Long Fei's face paled, and all the power from his body instantly disappeared. He struggled to speak: "Jojo, don't worry, don't make everyone worry …"

Then, he fainted.

The sequelae were different from the last time.

Last time, Long Fei had really consumed too much energy.

However …

All the energy in his body had been drawn out, as though his cultivation had been crippled, and he had no idea if he could recover Long Fei's energy.

As he fell.

The soul bead flew out.

After pausing for a few seconds, a system announcement sounded out in Long Fei's mind.


"Wild G.o.d Energy + 200 points!"

It had absorbed the soul of the Evil G.o.d.

The Evil G.o.d's soul only had 200 Arrogant G.o.d Energy Value, which was a little too little.

As to what use this Arrogant G.o.d Energy Value actually had, Long Fei still did not discover it.

No matter what it does.

As long as he completely absorbed it, a hint would be revealed.

Long Fei was not worried.

… ….

Within the empty s.p.a.ce.

Hong Tu bowed and asked: "Master, what kind of secrets is Long Fei's body hiding? How could he absorb that person's power when that person was killed? I was flipping through all the ancient books, but I still couldn't find this technique. "

vanity deity's words were ice-cold as he said, "This isn't something that you should know about."

As for why?

Forget about Sovereign Hong Tu, even he didn't know about it.


Even the entire G.o.d's tribe did not know.

They were all trying to figure out what exactly was hidden in Long Fei's body.

Just what kind of power did the Long Residence and the Mu Clan plant in Long Fei's body?

Was it the power of the ancient inheritance?

Or some other power?

With regards to the Mu Clan s, even was unable to understand what kind of person she really was.

This was also what G.o.d's tribe had always wanted to know.

During battleground's slash, vanity deity could also see it through Hong Tu's eyes, but he could not understand it either.

Hong Tu immediately s.h.i.+vered, lowered his head even more, and said: "This disciple won't dare to do it again."


vanity deity's expression softened as he asked indifferently: "Did something happen to battleground?"

Hong Tu replied, "Not yet."

vanity deity said: Not now, but it will be soon. Your cultivation can completely suppress Long Fei now, but now is not the time for you to do so. You have to wait until the time of the change in heaven and earth, when that will be Long Fei's calamity, understand? Only when you do as I say, will you be able to suppress him, and then, you'll be able to find out what exactly is hiding in his body. "

Hong Tu replied: "Disciple remembers everything."


vanity deity nodded his head, looked at Hong Tu, and said: "Now that I have settled this, I will try to help you out. At that time, I will let you become an outer disciple of the Tian Clan."

Hong Tu's eyes shone with a bright light. Excited, he said, "Thank you, Master."

An outer disciple of the Tian Family?

descendant of G.o.d's tribe!

What did this mean?

This ident.i.ty would be considered supreme glory in the Universal Large World.

He had once wanted to keep the one hundred thousand planes as his local emperor, but now … The status of the outer disciples of the G.o.d's tribe was much better than the local tyrants of the one hundred thousand planes.

His heart was instantly excited.

vanity deity looked at Hong Tu, the corners of his mouth hooked up slightly, and then he waved his hand and said: "Alright, let's go back."

"Yes sir!"

Hong Tu's figure disappeared.

At this moment.

A young man walked out of thin air.


vanity deity also immediately bowed, as if he had turned into Hong Tu, and said respectfully: "Young Master."

The young man said lightly, "Has the mutation started yet?"

vanity deity shook his head: "No."

Thinking about the question Hong Tu asked, he couldn't help but ask: "Young Master, what exactly is the strength that Long Fei possesses? It doesn't look like the power of the ancient inheritance, nor is it the power of the Dragon Palace, nor is it the power of the Mu Clan. Instead, it seems to be a little similar to his mother's, Mu Wan'er's, power, could it … "

The young man sneered, "What power is important?"

"Err …"

vanity deity immediately lowered his head, not daring to speak.


To the G.o.d's tribe, is power important?

No matter how strong one's strength was, in front of the powerful G.o.d's tribe, they were just trash existence.

The G.o.d's tribe was too powerful!

Long Fei's appearance had indeed attracted the attention of the G.o.d's tribe, but... Not all attention.

The young man said coldly, "No matter how powerful he is, he's just a gift for me."

vanity deity replied: "Yes."

The young man asked, "How is the Mortal King's disciple doing?"

vanity deity immediately replied: "Reporting to Young Master, I have already sent people over. I'm afraid it is impossible for him to become Long Fei's extradition person."

The young man nodded and laughed: "extradition person is gone. It will be difficult for the Long Residence and the Mu Clan to bring him back to Universal Large World."


"I'm just waiting for the mutation to start."


The young man looked at the empty sky and muttered, "The change should have started. Could it be that uncle is lying to me?"


The young man vanished into thin air.

vanity deity also disappeared right after.

… ….

Devil Island.

Long Fei came out of battleground.

Even after three whole days, he was still unconscious.

Jojo served beside him the entire time, just like how she served Long Family back then.

Outside, countless people were anxiously waiting.

The fact that Long Fei had fainted was a secret. Other than the few core members, no one else knew.

Jojo muttered while holding Long Fei's hand: "Young Master, you will definitely be fine, you definitely will be."

Just as Jojo was holding onto Long Fei's hand tightly.

A strange scene appeared.

The ancient fire soul stuck its head out from Long Fei's sleeve gently, and looked at Jojo like a flame fairy.

had also seen the ancient fire soul before.

There was also a sense of déjà vu.

Jojo looked at the ancient fire soul, and said softly: "Little Flame, how is young master now, can you tell me?"

"Huff …"

"I was just too anxious. You're just a flame, how can you speak?"

Just as Jojo was laughing bitterly.

The ancient fire soul began to speak, "Master is fine, he will recover in a few more days."


Jojo opened his eyes wide and stared at the ancient fire soul, his eyes glazed over: "You can speak?"

The ancient fire soul also thought it was strange, and said in shock: "Hey, why can I speak? I, I, I can talk now? "

"I can actually speak?"

"Oh my G.o.d!"

— —

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2165

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