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Chapter 2177 - Total Crash, Long Zhanting's Voice

There was no sign.

There was no hint.

It suddenly descended.

It instantly cut Long Fei's head off, and his body split into two.

The people surrounding the pillar of light were all scared silly.

Even the young man's expression became slightly cold. "The tribulation of the seven luminaries blood moon is indeed extraordinary."

The legendary calamity.

"No, no!"

"No, no, no, no!"

Baw.a.n.g Hua's body instantly became paralyzed and fell onto the ground. Her face was as pale as paper and seeing Long Fei's body split into two, she couldn't even cry.

Everyone widened their eyes as they looked at what was happening within the pillar of light.

"Dragon, dragon!"

"Boss, old, old, old …"

He couldn't even say a word.

It was cut into two halves, head and body separated.

Such a terrifying scene, not to mention himself, even the onlookers were incomparably terrified.


Ye Jingyun rushed forward.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

In the blink of an eye, his body was reduced to smithereens.

Bai Lian clasped her hands together as she thought to herself before charging forward. "Boom!"

His body was reduced to smithereens as well.

It vanished in an instant.

"Ah, ah, ah …" Many people cried out in fear. This was too terrifying, and they had never seen something so terrifying in their lives before.

This was even more terrifying than death.

Long Fei's army slowly retreated, all of them were stupefied.

Long Fei was slashed into two.

Many generals rushed forward and killed him in an instant.

They couldn't take it.

It was as though his soul had been shattered. He couldn't withstand it at all.

Everyone was trembling, and many people were shouting.

This scene would forever be their nightmare.

And at this time, the G.o.d of Law's army who had escaped earlier returned. Seeing Long Fei being slashed into two, one of the G.o.d of Law shouted, "It's our turn, kill them!"

"Kill …"

People from all directions started to fight back.

They quickly dispersed.

He continued to die.

… ….

And then there was Long Fei.

His body was chopped into two halves. Intense pain instantly spread throughout his entire body. At that moment … Long Fei felt that he was dead, but a few seconds later, he opened his eyes.

He saw his body hovering on the other side.

He himself was scared silly.

His face was extremely pale.


He was not dead!

He could feel that he wasn't dead, not in this sense.

The young man smiled coldly and said, "How does it feel to see your body split? It must be great, right? "Haha …"

"This is only the beginning!"

Before he could finish.

The b.l.o.o.d.y black hole that was slowly floating in the air suddenly dropped down. It was like a cutting machine.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

His body was sliced apart once again. This time, the other half of his body was sliced in half. All of his internal organs were cut off and spilled all over the ground.

Long Fei was trembling.

His sea of consciousness was shrinking rapidly.

His brain went numb.



He had died countless times in the world of Dragon Coffin. It could be said that he was not afraid of death at all, but … He had never thought that this was the so-called calamity.

Wasn't transcending tribulation supposed to be heavenly tribulation?

What kind of calamity was this?

Watching his body split apart bit by bit? Watching his internal organs flow all over the floor? Blood gushed out?

This is not death.

He was simply watching himself die.

What could be more terrifying than watching your own death?


Another heavy sound.

This time, his body was sliced open again. This time, it was his head that split apart. His eyeb.a.l.l.s were split in half, and his brain was burst open.

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

The young man laughed sinisterly. "No one can withstand such a tribulation. Watching their bodies split apart and die, this feeling …" "Hahaha..."

"Dragon Manor?"

"Mu Clan?"

"Hahaha... You didn't think of it yourself, did you? Your hopes are about to be dashed. " The man was excited to this day, but at this moment, a black box appeared in his hands.

It was exactly the same as the black box that vanity deity gave to Hong Tu.

There was only one thing he needed to do right now.


Before long, Long Fei would 'thoroughly' die.

… ….

In another place.

The Eight King Kong had destroyed the entire main temple.

Li Yuanba's mind tightened, and said: "Boss is in danger."


Eight figures uniformly flew towards Devil Island.

… ….

Devil Island.

At a cliff.

Jojo stood there quietly, with her at the center. Within a three meter radius, she was completely covered in blood, and the corners of her clothes were dripping with blood.

The scene was extremely ferocious, I'm afraid.

She finally knew the pain Long Fei had to endure.

It was exactly as the ancient fire soul said.

She couldn't take it anymore …

Above her head, a large blue flame bird was circling. A strange power was being emitted from her body …

… ….

A hundred thousand planes, at the very edge.

tang renjie's chest was pierced through, black blood continuously gushed out, his other hand was torn off, and only a white bone was left outside.

Husky …

More accurately speaking, it should be an enormous ancient beast.


His entire body was now covered in wounds.

His injuries were worse than tang renjie's.

"Huff … Huff …" "Huff, huff …" tang renjie gasped for breath, his eyes staring not far away.

vanity deity coldly said: "It's not good to learn, but who can you extradite to when you have to learn to be a extradition person?"


"The Mortal King's disciple is only so-so." The vanity deity sneered, "The person you want to extradite should be dead soon."

"How could you all have thought that it would be the calamity of the seven luminaries blood moon?"

"Do you think that the Dragon Manor and the Mu Clan would be able to fight against the G.o.d's tribe?"

"What qualifications do they have?"

vanity deity was extremely disdainful.

The supreme existence of the G.o.d's tribe, unrivalled.

tang renjie killing three Sky Region made him lose face in front of his master, which made him very unhappy.


tang renjie stood up again, stared at vanity deity, and said: "He is someone above the heavens, and is destined to step your G.o.d's tribe under his feet."

"Extradition is the glory of my life."

"I, will, no, regret, one, cut, cut, finish, succeed, lead, cross …"

"Even if!"

"Gamble with my life!"

tang renjie enunciated every single word with incomparable firmness.


tang renjie's entire body suddenly exploded.

vanity deity's expression secretly changed, "Soul Explosion?"

"Hahaha …"

tang renjie laughed out loud, and said: "I shall let you experience what it means to be the disciple of the Human King!"

… ….


It could be said that Long Fei's body was already 'smashed into pieces', and that happened right under his nose.

His heart was filled with fear.

He felt that death was slowly approaching.

He had thought that he was already prepared, that he wouldn't be afraid of any tribulations, but … The appearance of the seven luminaries blood moon was completely out of his expectations.

He couldn't bear it.

He watched as the people outside the pillar of light fell and died.

Thinking about the pain that Jojo had to bear for himself, Long Fei's heart felt even more miserable.

He was about to give up …

He really was going to give up.

Right at this moment, a voice sounded in the air, "Long Fei, fearless heart!"

The young man's eyes turned sinister, he suddenly stared at a certain direction and laughed coldly: "Long Zhanting!"

— —

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2177

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