The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2193

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Chapter 2193 - tenth heaven Break

The young man was just a small nameless disciple of the G.o.d's tribe, he only had G.o.d's tribe blood vein s.

The G.o.d's tribe had existed for millions of years, and their children and grandchildren were even more so an uncountable number. Disciples like him were countless beyond measure.

Even so, he was still a member of the G.o.d's tribe.

Just based on the G.o.d's tribe blood vein on his body, not just anyone could humiliate him, anyone could kill him.

Thus …

The powerhouse of G.o.d's tribe within the Universal Large World immediately made his move.

The main door of the tenth heaven opened.

The G.o.d's tribe's Divine Light had an invincible defense.


What they did not expect was that the G.o.d's tribe Divine Light suddenly broke, causing all the 'killing G.o.d altar' in the Heavenly Palace to shake violently.

killing G.o.d altar!

Destroying his soul, destroying his mind and consciousness, and shattering his divine spark.

Its power was unprecedented.

The divine light of the G.o.d's tribe was also released from the killing G.o.d altar.

Let alone a lower realm, there was not even anyone in the Universal Large World that could shatter the G.o.d's tribe's divine light that it released, let alone cause such a huge commotion in the killing G.o.d altar.

The sky palace shook violently.

Numerous caves of the powerhouse of G.o.d's tribe flew out.

"What happened?"

"Why is the killing G.o.d altar shaken so much?"

"Just what kind of power is it? Could it be that a new inheritance has appeared in the ancient world? "

"What happened?"

… ….

In less than half a second, a dozen powerhouse s who were in closed-door seclusion floated above the killing G.o.d altar. These people were all at the peak of Universal Large World.

Existence of the super powerhouse.

The old man's forehead was covered in sweat while his mind was filled with fear. He did not think that the small lower plane would have such a powerful force.

He bowed slightly and said respectfully: "Elders, it is the power of the Soul Blood. It is just that this ancient inheritance has failed to transcend the tribulation, causing it to go crazy and release all the Soul Blood in its body, which is why it has caused such a huge shock."

"Elders, please be at ease. It won't be skipping for long."

As soon as he finished.

Many powerhouse in the sky slightly trembled.

"Soul Blood?"

"Someone from the lower plane managed to cultivate the Soul Blood's great technique from the ancient inheritance?"

"It's just a pity that we failed to transcend the tribulation. Otherwise, we could have been recruited into the G.o.d's tribe."

"What's the pity? The ancient inheritance should all be in the hands of my G.o.d's tribe people, how dare a trash from the lower realms cultivate the ancient inheritance? "He deserves to die."

"Have you checked it out? Just which family's descendant is he? "

… ….

Only the families of the ancient world are allowed to pa.s.s down the ancient inheritance.

There was no doubt about that.

Be it the lower planes or the Universal World, they all shared the same principle.

The hempen-clothed elder immediately said, "Yes, it's the people of the Long Residence."

"Dragon Manor?"

"Wasn't the Long Residence stepped on by our G.o.d's tribe s until they couldn't even breathe? Don't they have to suffer heavenly tribulation every three million three hundred and thirty thousand years? "

"What is it? The Long Residence is still alive? "

Dragon Manor.

None of the powerhouse s present were unfamiliar.

The families in ancient world, just that … They had been stepping on him all this time, trying to stay alive.

The old man said, "I have yet to investigate this."

A young disciple asked: "Could it be the crystals of the Dragon Manor and the Mu Clan s? It seems … When the Long Residence obtained a ancient inheritance, no one was able to bear the inheritance. The Seal was placed on an infant's body, allowing that infant to grow up along with the ancient inheritance. "


"Is there such a thing?"

"The Long Residence still hasn't given up?"

"You want to fight with our G.o.d's tribe? Just with trash like them? "

"Just what kind of inheritance is it that even Dragon Lord Long Zhanting cannot endure?"

… ….

The disciple replied, "Long Zhanting is no longer the Dragon Lord. The current Dragon Lord is called Long Wutian. As for what kind of inheritance it is, even the Dragon Manor and the Mu Clan do not know."

"Long Wutian?"


"There's no sky? In my opinion, it should be called Dragon Kneeling Heaven. "

Disdain could be seen on the faces of the elders.

He didn't even put the Long Residence in his eyes.

An elder said: "Then the person who destroyed the G.o.d's tribe's Divine Light was this brat? Logically speaking, even the power of Soul Blood would not be able to shatter the's Divine Light's defense. "

The hempen-clothed old man's face tightened. He could not understand this question either.

Why was that?

Unless the power of the ancient inheritance was unleashed to its peak, no matter how strong the Soul Blood's power was, it would not be able to shatter the G.o.d's tribe's divine light.

The old man said, "I have yet to investigate this."

He had seen it very clearly in the killing G.o.d altar just now.

Other than the power of the Soul Blood, there was another tyrannical power. But what kind of power was that?

He didn't know.

Never seen it before!



The killing G.o.d altar trembled again, but this time, it shook even more violently.

Everyone s.h.i.+vered.

Many powerhouse s descended and stood on top of the killing G.o.d altar. Staring at the scene, their eyebrows knitted together and their faces turned angry, "A mere commoner dares to charge at the killing G.o.d altar?"

Just now.

Long Fei soared into the sky with the remaining power of the Soul Blood.

Bringing the Arrogant G.o.d Force with him, he broke through the sky!

This was also the reason why the killing G.o.d altar was in such a state.

To kill one would be to kill, to kill two would be to kill, and to kill ten thousand would be the same.

To Long Fei.

Killing one was enough, but killing two was enough.

He knew in his heart that his father had high hopes for him to live through the Dragon clan's counterattack. Although his mother had never seen him before, she had always helped him clear the way. She loved him dearly.

As a son of man.

Right now, the only thing he could do was to kill as many people as possible from the G.o.d's tribe.


He rushed to the 2nd Heavenly Layer!

The void trembled violently.

This made all the powerhouse of G.o.d's tribe s angry.

"Challenge the tenth heaven?"

"Charge to killing G.o.d altar?"

"This person is either crazy or r.e.t.a.r.ded."

killing G.o.d altar.

So far, no one had been able to break through.

It was a huge Soul Treasure in itself.

It was a treasure that was nurtured together with the emperor Xuan. In a trillion years, its power was incomparably terrifying. Breaking through it was practically impossible.


Just as everyone was laughing at Long Fei, another loud explosion rang out.

Third Heavenly Layer!

was once again stepped on by Long Fei.

Every time he broke it, his afterimage would take an incomparably powerful heavy blow. However, Long Fei seemed to not have felt any pain at all.

There was only one word in his world, kill!

So what if you're a G.o.d's tribe?

So what if you're a killing G.o.d altar?

If you don't accept it, then let's do it!

Since he was going to die anyway, Long Fei was going to throw caution to the wind.

Many of the powerhouse of G.o.d's tribe's expression changed, anger growing in their hearts, "Daring to barge into the tenth heaven, if we don't teach him a lesson, how will we save face for him?"

"Where is the might of the heavens?"

"A mere trash from the lower realms dares to be so arrogant in front of us?"

"You overestimate yourself!"


"Where's Sky Guard?"


In an instant …

With a move of the Empty Sky Shadow, two rows of Warrior s in golden armor appeared. On each of the armors, there was a carved word "Sky".


Fourth Heavenly Layer!

An elder coldly shouted, "Kill him!"

— —

Hai Yang explained what happened yesterday.

My upload time was 12: 00 PM, but due to my error, the audit failed. In the afternoon, I modified it and uploaded it, but the print operation editor was always offline, so the audit couldn't be completed, so the update didn't appear.

It was such a thing. I also knew that when the climax came, everyone would be so anxious to wait. I called to urge them and sent a message to them, but they still couldn't settle it in the end. Hai Yang was extremely sorry.

Besides, to those who were scolding them, they were all raised by their parents, so they had to be generous with their words.

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2193

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