The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2210

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Chapter 2210 - Sky Sword with Luck buffs?

"f.u.c.k, why didn't you stop arguing the whole night!"

"I haven't slept the entire night."

"If I don't kill it today, I won't believe in kings."

"He's just a beast. If he dies, so be it. If no one kills him, I'll kill him."

… ….

A large group of disciples rushed towards the desolate hill.

In the distance.

The Great Elder of the Magic Weapon Pavilion, Yi Changfeng, revealed a cold smile as he looked at the disciples below the desolate mountain slope, and said disdainfully: "Gui Qingshan, after offending the Seventh Prince, can you still preserve that green ox?"


"It was also you who brought him back. Now, not only is it that green ox, even you can't protect yourself now."

He received the news.

When the Seventh Prince returned to the Southern County's Palace, he flew into a rage.

He was the current empress's youngest son, and was her most beloved son. If he was displeased, many people would be displeased.

Right now, the Xuan Yue sect itself was unable to endure any storm or waves.

Someone had to be held responsible for charging into the matter of the Seventh Prince.

… ….

"A Long, don't wander around here."

Xiao Die explained, then went to cut the gra.s.s.

It's winter now.

The wild that filled the mountains were incomparably spa.r.s.e.

However …

didn't hesitate to enter into some dangerous places for the sake of the big water buffalo, however … Her cultivation was a Fourth grade Refining Body, so gathering gra.s.s wasn't too difficult for her.

Long Fei crouched at the side and thought hard, "How can I save the water buffalo?"

"It's not like those s.p.a.ce Ring in the system can open it."

"Those elixir pills are not high enough."

Long Fei carried the Rust Sword, and started chopping angrily, as he walked, slas.h.i.+ng left and right, slowly into the depths of the valley.


A golden exclamation mark was suspended above a tiny white flower.


"What is this?"

Long Fei looked down, "Spirit Gra.s.s?"

Immediately, he carefully dug out the Spirit Gra.s.s.

View properties through the system!

Spirit Gra.s.s: White flower of Yueling

Grade: Level 1

Attributes: Detoxification, healing, one of the Detoxification Panacea


"A Spirit Gra.s.s that can cure poisons?"

"Holy sh * t!"

"I can be saved, I can be saved, hahaha …" Long Fei became excited, just like when he saw the advertis.e.m.e.nt on the telegraph pole.

"Why is my luck so good?"

"Luck has exploded!"

How could they find Spirit Gra.s.s in Xuan Yue sect?

Even if it was the lowest level Spirit Gra.s.s, but Long Fei could find it, this luck, this luck was too shocking.

Long Fei looked at the sky rusted sword in his hand, and muttered: "You couldn't have gotten lucky to increase your power, right?"

He had seen this sword countless times.

The system cannot display any attributes.

He felt like it was an ordinary metal sword covered in rust.

Nothing special.

However, the word 'firmament' was extremely powerful and possessed extraordinary calligraphy.

Long Fei was too lazy to check the attributes of the Sky Sword, completing the mission was more important, he quickly searched around the entire valley.

Not long after, three Spirit Gra.s.s of different attributes were found.

This luck …

It was not just any good!

It was a super explosion!

It was as if these Spirit Gra.s.s were waiting for Long Fei.


He did not know that this was all due to the Sky Sword's might.

The top ten divine weapons ranked in the Universal World.

Long Zhanting's weapon.

How could it possibly be ordinary?

So many s.p.a.ce Ring could not open it, but this sword was the first one Long Fei had revealed, so he did not enter into the midst of the s.p.a.ce Ring.

Therefore, it had always been by Long Fei's side.


Now that it was covered in rust, it was impossible to tell that it was a divine weapon.

Long Fei just so happened to have gathered all the Spirit Gra.s.s used to refine Detoxification Panacea, just that... Just having Spirit Gra.s.s s was not enough, he had to refine them into spirit pills.

This world did not lack Spirit Gra.s.s s, what was lacking were Alchemy Masters and spirit pellets.

"A Long, where are you?"

"A Long, where did you go?"

Xiao Die shouted a few times.

Long Fei immediately ran over and said: "I'm here."

Xiao Die was worried: "Didn't I tell you not to run around?"

Long Fei scratched his head.

Xiao Die felt that his words just now were too harsh, and immediately said: "I was too anxious just now, the gra.s.s was more or less cut, let's quickly go back, there are many noisy sounds on the mountain slope."

All green gra.s.s.

Let alone an ox, even Long Fei wanted to take a bite out of it.

Xiao Die's feelings towards the big buffalo were not ordinary.

The two of them made a simple gesture and quickly headed up the hill.

… ….

"Which one of you wants to try?" Gui Qingshan blocked in front of the ox stall. Normally, he looked like a terrible old man, but now he was extremely serious.

A disciple of the Pill Pavilion called out his name: "Gui Qingshan, you can either kill it yourself, or we can do it."

"After arguing with laozi for the whole night, you're not annoying. Laozi is still annoyed."


"If it was the past, then it's fine. But now, we're arguing endlessly. We have to kill it."

"Either you cure it, or make it shut up forever."

Everyone shouted in anger.

At this time, yesterday, two disciples of the Pill Tower jumped out again and laughed: "Gui Qingshan, as long as you kneel down and learn to bark like a dog, I will give the Detoxification Panacea to you."

"As long as there's a Detoxification Panacea, your cow can be saved."

"How is it?"

"Hahaha …" Many disciples burst out in laughter.

Kneel down and bark like a dog?

This was no longer a matter of humiliation. This was a severe trampling on one's dignity.

Gui Qingshan clenched his fists tightly.

While they were talking …

The disciple took out a Detoxification Panacea and said: "Do you see that? This is the Detoxification Panacea. As long as you kneel down and bark like a dog, I'll give it to you."

"Gui Qingshan, either you kneel down and bark like a dog, or I'll kill this beast."

"Kneel down and learn to bark like a dog!"

"Kill this beast."

"Hahaha …"

There were many people who started the commotion, and all of them had a look of mockery on their faces.

For an elder to be stuck at this stage, there was no one left.


Gui Qingshan's expression was a little complicated. Looking at the Disciple of Powder Pavillion, there was no need to think to know that Yi Changfeng was the one who asked him to do this, but … He needed the Detoxification Panacea.

For Xiao Die, he too wanted to save Da Shui Niu.

Xiao Die was extremely important to him.

Then again.

This green ox was not ordinary either.

Gui Qingshan looked at him, loosened his tightly clenched fists, and said: "Alright!"

As soon as he finished.

The entire audience went silent, and soon after, everyone started laughing at him.

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

"Kneel! Kneel!"

"Imitating the barking of a dog, imitating the barking of a dog..."

Gui Qingshan exhaled a deep breath, his knees slowly bent, and he knelt down towards Disciple of Powder Pavillion.

At this moment.

Xiao Die shouted loudly, "Daddy, don't!"

The Cyan Bull also let out a lowing sound.

Xiao Die rushed in and supported Gui Qingshan, saying: "Daddy, let's not kneel down to this beast."

Disciple of Powder Pavillion became furious and glared at Xiao Die: "Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, who are you calling a beast?"

Xiao Die was not weak at all, and shouted: "I'm talking about you, what's wrong?"

Disciple of Powder Pavillion was enraged, "I think you must be tired of living."


He took a step forward and slammed his palm down.

It was also at this time.

Long Fei stumbled as he rushed in, the Sky Sword flashed with a cold light.

— —

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2210

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