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Who said I didn't succeed?

One's heart could merge at will.


He had gained insights into the universe.

"Phew …" Suction … Whoosh … "Inhale …"

In the span of a breath, Long Fei seemed to have sensed something, but also seemed to have sensed nothing at all.

It was as if you were holding something in your hand, and when you opened it and looked at it, there was nothing there.


Furthermore, as Long Fei's mind became more and more preoccupied with himself, this feeling became even more intense.

"That's not right!"

"The heaven and earth shall become the furnace … I feel like the sky and the earth. " Long Fei's heart was startled, "Is this the world inside the heaven and earth?"

"Huff …"

"What a powerful aura."

"What a powerful cauldron!"

"Then of course it's fire?"

Long Fei's heart calmed down once again.

The metal pot turned red and hot air crazily rushed over.

Xiao Die did not look anymore and continued to speak in a low voice.


Long Fei's eyes flashed with a bright light.

"I understand!"

In that instant.

The three Spirit Gra.s.s s slightly moved as they injected their true qi into it. A single Spirit Gra.s.s that was exposed to the strong heat waves in the iron pot actually floated in midair.

The spirit liquid was released.


He put in the second Spirit Gra.s.s.

It was also floating in the air.

The third Spirit Gra.s.s did not hurriedly put it down, but was waiting for the spirit liquid to be completely released from the first two.

At the same time!

He was also waiting …

Heaven, Earth, the influx of natural power.

One second!

Two seconds!

Three seconds!

The energy of heaven and earth that Long Fei could feel right now was extremely thin, and it was the same for his natural energy. If not for the voice that rang in his head, he simply did not know what this energy was.


A gentle voice rang out.

Long Fei moved again.

After putting the third Spirit Gra.s.s in, the spirit liquid was released crazily.

The spirit liquid released by the first two Spirit Gra.s.s had completely enveloped the third one's Holy Source. The three types of Holy Source interweaved, converging and frantically fusing.

They were like the training of a martial artist.

It was attempting to break through the final bottleneck.

Long Fei poured everything into his heart and body.

Cold sweat poured down his forehead and his whole body was drenched in sweat. He didn't feel anything at all. He had entered a very strange state of oblivion.

This kind of feeling was as if he was the strongest Alchemy master.

"Huff, huff, huff …"

Long Fei's breathing became a little hurried.

The true qi could not endure it!

Right now, he was only at the first grade of Refining Body with a true qi value of 200 points. All of these points were injected into the Spirit Gra.s.s.


Long Fei's eyes darkened.

At this moment!

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The metal pot exploded, emitting a loud sound.

A wave of flames immediately surged out, Long Fei's expression changed and cried out, "This is bad!"

At the critical moment, the metal pot exploded.

I'm afraid this pill...

… ….

He heard a loud explosion in the kitchen and the stench of burnt flesh permeated the air.

A disciple of the Pill Pavilion laughed heartily, "Hahaha... "The furnace has exploded. The furnace has exploded."

"That's not right!"

"More accurately, it should be a huge mess. They don't even have any pill furnaces, hahaha..."

"Hahaha …"

The crowd burst into laughter again.

The loud sound just now was clearly the explosion of a furnace.

This also meant that his Alchemy had failed!

Lin Yu revealed a proud and cold smile, "If you want to obtain Alchemy from a fool, doesn't that mean that everyone in this world is a Alchemy Grandmaster?"

"You overestimate yourself!"

Gui Qingshan quickly ran up and said loudly: "Xiao Die."

At any time, he would always be worried about Xiao Die.

Xiao Die replied, "Father, I'm fine."

In the kitchen, thick smoke billowed out, Xiao Die could not help but cough continuously and ran out from the kitchen, his face pitch black, looking to be in a sorry state.

Panting heavily, he shouted towards the kitchen: "A Long, A Long, quickly come out!"

It blew up!

Xiao Die never thought it would be like this.

Even if the pot was melted down, it would only crack. How could it explode?

He couldn't figure it out.

Long Fei stood blankly at the side of the stove, his heart a deathly still.

His Alchemy had failed!

This meant that if he failed the quest, his level would return to Level 0.

What made Long Fei even more sad was that he couldn't help Xiao Die, nor could he save Qing Niu.

"Why?" Long Fei clenched his fists, he had a firm grasp on everything that happened previously, but ⦠Just a tiny bit of carelessness had caused the pill to fail.

Even the pill furnace didn't succeed?

Long Fei had not reached the level of the Dragon Coffin in the world of cultivation.

More importantly.

His true qi s were far from enough.

This was the direct reason.

Furthermore, a small Detoxification Panacea could not support the sky. With such a great power, even if the Detoxification Panacea did not explode, it would not succeed.

He looked at the exploded metal pot.

Long Fei felt very bad in his heart.

… ….

The people gathered outside, seeing Xiao Die's jet-black face, they all laughed out loud.

"Hahaha …"

"A fool still wants Alchemy?"

"Why didn't you go up into the sky?"

"Take a p.i.s.s and look at yourself. Do you think anyone can use Alchemy?"

"Alchemy requires talent. If you can use your Alchemy, then I'm already a True Martial Emperor. Hahaha …"

… ….

Hearing everyone's ridicule, Long Fei's heart became even more unsatisfied.

At this time.

Lin Yu walked up and sneered: "Idiot, are you pretending to be dead?"

"It's fine if he doesn't come out!"

"You said it just now. Since you lost, you can do whatever I want you to. But now that you're not coming out, you can let Xiao Die replace you and sleep with me tonight."

Xiao Die was furious.


Lin Yu loudly laughed again: "It's fine to make Gui Qingshan kneel down and bark like a dog, hahaha …"

He taunted her ruthlessly.

Long Fei clenched his fists tightly, his nails digging into the flesh of his palms, causing his anger to surge and expand.

At this moment.

As the thick smoke slowly dispersed, Long Fei could see that there was something viscous like black glue on the sides of the pot. These were all the Spirit Gra.s.s liquids that seemed to have burst from the frying pan.

Long Fei moved his finger and lightly inhaled.


"true qi Value + 50 points!"


Long Fei was shocked, "This liquid … can increase the value of the true qi? "

"Then …"


Long Fei did not care too much about it. He gathered all the black glue on the side of the pot and formed a round ball, which was the size of a sugar bean.

It looked just like a pill.

However, it was much smaller than an ordinary pill.

However …

Long Fei could guarantee that it was stronger than any Detoxification Panacea.

When the heavens and the earth were the furnace, it was naturally the fire … Although it was not a success, it was because the pill itself could not withstand it. The moment the cauldron exploded, the spirit liquid gathered; it was actually a success.

The Alchemy that the Dragon Coffin's cultivation time had taught him was extremely profound.

Those who were able to withstand the tempering of the Heaven and Earth powers would possess immense power even if they failed.


Long Fei gathered the black glue and glanced at the Sky Sword hanging from his waist. He muttered: "Is this also your credit?"

The pot exploded, but the liquid did not evaporate.

Was this luck?

If this was luck, it would definitely be heaven-defying.

Super heaven-defying!

And then …

Long Fei walked out of the kitchen in large strides, and shouted loudly: "Who the h.e.l.l said I didn't finish refining it?"

"Get ready to kneel down and bark like a dog!"


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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2213

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