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Long Fei used all of his strength, and really didn't want to see Yuan Ba die here. If it wasn't for Zhou Tianxiao, Yuan Ba wouldn't be like this.

Now that he thought about it, being sliced into pieces was already a blessing for Zhou Tianxiao, he couldn't help but wish he could give him another few thousand cuts.

Putting aside the System.

Long Fei also wanted to save him.

Three minutes later, Long Fei arrived at the junction, and those zombies were still crazily rus.h.i.+ng over.

Niu Dahai shouted loudly, "Boss, this way, this way!"

Long Fei changed his direction and rushed into a room not far away.

The group of zombies on the other hand sniffed the air and smelled the fresh blood.

Zhou Tianxiao shouted loudly, "Don't come over, don't come over."

Yun Qin was so scared that his face turned pale, he immediately pushed Zhou Tianxiao down to the ground and shouted: "brother Zhou, you're about to die, if you want to eat then I'll eat you."

With that, he ran.

Zhou Tianxiao fell to the ground and shouted, "Come back, come back! junior sister apprentice Yun Qin, don't you want the Earth Stage Magic Weapon? No, no, let me give you the Heaven Stage Magic Weapon, come and take me with you. "

Yun Qin's voice sounded out from within the darkness, "You should just leave it to yourself."

"Ahh …"

Zhou Tianxiao a zombie with its head twisted off, it started to gnaw on it like holding a watermelon.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Zhou Tianxiao' for obtaining 100 experience points, true qi 100 points, Energy Values 100 points."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Bewitching Powder'."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'cure pill 3'."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'One Spirit Stone'!"

A lot of things dropped.

Although it was not a good thing, it was something that Long Fei needed urgently.

He took out the aphrodisiac medicine and gave it to Niu Dahai, saying: "This is the antidote I just searched Zhou Tianxiao's body for, hurry up and give it to her."

At the same time.

He also took out cure pill s and fed them to Yuan Ba. This kind of cure pill was refined and given to him by the masters of Xuanjian sect.

Three pellets were stuffed into Yuan Ba's mouth. With a move of Long Fei's palm, the true qi rushed out and stuck onto Yuan Ba's chest, causing the idea to move slightly as it entered Yuan Ba's sea of consciousness and said: "Your life is now mine.

true qi activated the cure pill.

Yuan Ba's body was resisting, but after hearing what Long Fei said, he started to slowly absorb it again.

Once the cure pill entered his body, the b.l.o.o.d.y groove above his head slightly widened, and his life was finally saved.

Long Fei sat on the ground as he panted heavily, and muttered to himself. "Madman, fool, huff huff …"

Yuan Ba was unconscious.

Two streams of tears trickled from the corners of his eyes.

No one had ever been so nice to him, never.

In his ten years in the Zhou family, he had never used a single pill. No matter how severely injured he was, he had never given him a single pill.

He didn't resent it.

This was because he only remembered the Zhou family's good fortune.

If not for the Zhou family's bowl of rice, he would have starved to death on the street.

If not for the Zhou family's leftovers over the years, he too would have starved to death.

Thus …

He had never resented it. He had never refused the orders of the Zhou Family. No matter what he did, he would never refuse it.

Even if he had to die.

Just like what happened today, he didn't avoid the group of zombies, but kept on killing them. He kept on fighting, and if he died, he would die.

Was he stupid? Pure? It's loyalty? Or something else?

He didn't even know it.

… ….

A few minutes later.

"Ahh …"

A mournful scream rang out.

Niu Dahai laughed bitterly and said: "Yun Qin is also dead. I never thought that the Thunder Dragon Temple's Secret Realm would actually be this powerful. Just the first level's wolves are not enough to deal with him, and now the second level's zombies are even more difficult to deal with."

"I was still hoping to find one or two spiritual treasures to revitalize my Artifact Forging Hall, but I didn't expect that … "Sigh …"

Niu Dahai sighed.

He had come here in order to find one or two treasures and then return to the Xuanjian sect to revive his Artifact Forging Hall.

However …

From the looks of it … He didn't even have the confidence to return alive.

"Huff …"

Niu Dahai revealed a bitter smile, and said to Long Fei: "Boss, what do we do now? "In my opinion, let's just forget about it. Even if we enter the third floor, so what?"

"The demonic beasts here are too powerful."

"It's impossible for us to do that with our strength."

Long Fei swallowed a Dragon Spirit Pill and his true qi recovered 1500 points, he laughed: "Are you afraid now?"

Niu Dahai said: "It's not that we're afraid, it's that we can't do it. If this continues, our lives will be lost here. Moreover, we will only be lost on the third floor without a map. "

That was the truth.


Long Fei laughed: "You don't have to worry about the map, I will think of a way."

He did not mention that he had the third and fourth layers of the map.

Long Fei walked out of the room, listened to the movement, and said: "Those zombies should have calmed down by now. You stay here, I'll go and kill them."


That was experience, how could Long Fei let it go?

He would not let any of the demonic beasts get away.

He had to level up.

He had to make a breakthrough, he had to defeat Hong Tianjun with absolute strength that could be completely crushed within three years, and he had to wash away his shame!


Yuan Ling slowly woke up and said weakly: "Count me in!"

Yuan Ba clenched his fists tightly and said naively: "Count me in too."

Long Fei was startled, then laughed: "Are you all awake?"

Yuan Ling stood up, looked at Long Fei and said gratefully: "Thank you!"

It was also at this moment.

A voice came out in Long Fei's mind.


"intimacy + 1"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for activating 'intimacy System'. You have received 100 experience points, 100 true qi, and 100 Points as a reward."

intimacy system?

Long Fei was startled, and immediately opened the system to check.

intimacy System.

Description: Only by turning to a female can intimacy be increased.

Description 2: intimacy 13o is the normal stage, intimacy 30050 is the good stage, intimacy 5090 is the intimate stage, and intimacy whatever you want to do (You can do whatever you want).

Description 3: A special reward is granted when the intimacy has reached 100 points.

Objective: Yuan Ling

intimacy, 1

Difficulty factor: A

"What the h.e.l.l?"

"As long as my intimacy reaches 90 points, I can … Do whatever you want? Doesn't that mean anything is fine? If you want to slap someone, you can do so? "

"Wow, what the h.e.l.l. I want to increase my intimacy." Long Fei's heart started to boil, and he thought to himself: "What stage has my intimacy reached with the leopard girl? And Jojo... "

"Just thinking about it makes me excited."

Seeing the excitement on Long Fei's face, Yuan Ling's eyebrows knitted slightly as he looked at Long Fei with a l.u.s.tful gaze.

And because of Long Fei's lascivious expression, then...


"Ten thousand intimacy!"

Long Fei was speechless. He looked at Yuan Ling with a wooden face and asked, "What did I do to make you unhappy?"

Yuan Ling looked at Long Fei coldly, and did not say a word.

At this time.


Chapter III

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