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It directly smashed into Long Fei's chest, causing his footsteps to sink as he retreated continuously, and only stopped after knocking onto the wall more than ten meters away did he stop, spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

"d.a.m.n, what a strong power."

The pain in his chest felt like it was about to split open.

He got up from the ground and reminded everyone: "Everyone be careful. Its back is against the wall. It can fly. It is very fast."

In that instant, he saw the stats of the boss through the system.

Demonic Beast: Flying Zombie

Level: Level 6 Peak (Lord)

Description: Extremely strong physical defense. Extremely fast speed. Can cause zombie toxins, as well as poison skills.

Niu Dahai asked: "Boss, are you alright?"

"What's that?"

Long Fei replied: "Flying Zombies, you guys be careful, this guy has used fire as poison."

At this moment.

Yuan Ling leaned on the wall, completely dumbfounded. Looking at Long Fei's pale face, her heart trembled a little, if Long Fei did not protect her just now, she would have been severely injured even if she had not died.

Just now, Long Fei had saved her!

Looking at Long Fei's serious expression, a peculiar feeling gushed out from her heart, "He's really different from other men, he's really different."


"intimacy + 30 points."

"intimacy: 80 points!"


Long Fei wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, listening to the system's continuous beeps, he looked at his intimacy, then shuddered, "It's already at 80 intimacy, isn't it entering a good stage now?"

"It's still 10: 00..."

"As long as I can reach 90 points, I can do whatever I want, hahaha... If it reaches 100, what special reward will it give? " Long Fei's thoughts were a little impure.

He had been a virgin in his previous life, so he hadn't experienced anything like 'pa pa pa'.

There were always troubles in the Fire Gla.s.s City and there was never a chance for them to get it. Long Fei's adam's apple tumbled.


"Be careful, it's coming!"

Before he could finish speaking, a golden light flew out like a bolt of lightning, charging towards Xiang Longfei once again.

While he was sick, he had to take his life!

This logic was not only known to Long Fei, but the zombie knew that even though it did not kill Long Fei, it was still severely injured, so the target this time was still Long Fei.

Yuan Ba moved.

Long Fei's eyes tensed up, "Yuan Ba, be careful!"

At this time, Long Fei did not care anymore, and shouted in his heart, "Wushuang!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Letting out the double attribute, the power in Long Fei's arms roared, releasing the power of the Mountain-hit Fist, holding onto the blade with both of his hands, "moonlit step!"

The moment Long Fei made his move.

Yuan Ba's arms exploded, "Ah …"

An incomparably strong and pure power burst out. The clothes on the upper half of his body directly burst apart from the muscles on his body. He was an incomparably ferocious existence.

He grabbed the Flying Zombie and flung it away.

The power was too terrifying.

Long Fei was incomparably shocked. This looby was simply too powerful, and he had not even cultivated much yet. Once the energy and potential in his body is activated, how terrifying would that be?

He didn't dare to imagine!

The idea moved, and shouted: "dragon salyer, explode with your strength."

The entire body of the dragon salyer rumbled as it exploded.

A brutal aura of slaughter exploded out.

The power of the Wild Mountain Devil's blood vein.

The power of the blood vein of the Deep Sea t.i.tan.

The power of the divine tiger's blood vein.

Furthermore, he had just released the energy he had absorbed from the Wolf King blood vein.

At this moment.

Long Fei's arms trembled uncontrollably. The power within the dragon salyer was too terrifying, in addition to its own brutal killing of the Dragon G.o.d and the might of the dragon blood.

All of them exploded!

"Dragon Spirit Killer!"

"Roar …"

A Dragon Spirit Shadow was released and roared. The moment Yuan Ba threw the Flying Zombie out, Long Fei's blade slashed down.

The Dragon G.o.d was furious.

The ghosts and G.o.ds were startled.

The entire Thunder Dragon Temple Secret Realm was trembling.

The Flying Zombie was cut into two halves.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Flying Zombie' for obtaining 1 experience point, true qi point, and Energy Values point."

"Release your Striking Attribute!"

Long Fei still did not hesitate as he said in his heart: "The Wolf King dropped its Xuan Ming sword sheath, so you should have dropped your Xuan Ming sword right?"

"Explode, let's go berserk!"

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Poison Cure Technique'. Do you wish to cultivate it?"

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Dark Gold Chainmail (Damaged)'"


There was no 'then'.

"I... I... I'll f.u.c.k your grandpa. " Long Fei cursed in his heart, "What's the situation?"

"Did I not release my Striking Attribute just now?"

Long Fei checked his Striking Energy Value. Just now, it was 100 points, now it was 0 points. He had clearly already released it, how could nothing burst out?

Just a cultivation technique and a tattered chainmail?

What was this?

Yan Huang ancestor said lightly: "Just now, the energy released by the dragon salyer, even if there were holy artifact s, would have been shattered. It's already good enough to have two items."


Long Fei felt a s.h.i.+ver in his heart, "Could it be that my strength was too strong earlier, and caused the thing that was about to explode from the body of the Flying Zombie to shatter?"


Long Fei immediately checked and found that there was indeed a powerful Qi powder on the body of the Flying Sky Zombie.

Long Fei was on the verge of tears, "Heavens, is being too powerful a bad thing? What the heck, are you playing with me? "

He checked on the Dark Golden Chainmail again. It was a Semi-artifact, but because the Chainmail had traces of being cut, it had turned into a Land Level Tresure.

Long Fei took it out, and said: "Yuan Ba, it's for you."

Yuan Ba took the chainmail and looked at Long Fei, unable to say a word.

Long Fei said apologetically: "This Land Level Tresure, I can't really take it out, next time I will get you a set of holy artifact spirit treasure, you should wear it now."

Niu Dahai and Yuan Ling who were at the side were completely dumbfounded.

Just now, when Long Fei killed the flying zombies, they were so shocked they couldn't even react.


The Land Level Tresure gave it away just like that, and it seemed like it couldn't even be taken out. Could it be that the Land Level Tresure were all trash in his eyes?

Right now, they did not have a single Land Level Tresure on them.

But Long Fei did not care.

Isn't this too much of a blow?


Niu Dahai hugged onto Long Fei's thigh and said, "Big Brother, are there still trash? Give me one, I don't need any Land Level Tresure, just one Profound Ranked Land Level Tresure, one will do. " ^ [half (. )/[Float * (Life)]. Previous Chapter

Yuan Ba also walked over, and gave the chain mail back, and said: "The thing is too valuable, I cannot take it."

"What's so precious about Land Level Tresure?"

"Take it when I tell you to, I'll tell you about the holy artifact next time, only then will it match your status." Long Fei spoke very seriously, he didn't seem to have any intention of bragging at all.

In Niu Dahai's heart, Long Fei's image had suddenly become as huge as a mountain.

The fifth chapter, the script is gone. This was written out until 2 am yesterday. I have to go to work today, so Hai Yang has really done his best to update it.

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 222

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