The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2254

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Chapter 2254 - fairy from heaven Swallowing Guan Zhen

"Still f * cking stubborn?"

"Since your father has been expelled, I will cripple you first."

Before the anger in Long Fei's heart could dissipate, he wanted to kick again, but this time, he was stopped by Xiao Die.

Another kick and that person would be crippled.

It was also at this time.

Guan Zhen had already reached the door, and seeing the mess in the room, the four disciples cried out in pain as they laid on the ground, their eyes wide open as they shouted out: "What happened?"

The voice was deep.

The imposing aura emanating from Long Fei's body was instantly crushed by the powerful aura.

When Xiao Die saw Guan Zhen, he immediately said, "Uncle Guan, there's a misunderstanding here …"

Guan Zhen.

As a law enforcement elder, he was also supervising the Martial Hall.

His authority was only second to the three Elders.

A disciple with a broken hand stood up with much difficulty, pointed at Long Fei and said: "Clan Elder, it was him who suddenly barged in, and used his high cultivation to directly injure us."

"Elder, please seek justice for us."


Several disciples kneeled down.

"Elder, help us redress our grievances."

They all began to cry.

Guan Zhen stared at Long Fei, and said: "Is that so?"

Long Fei did not deny, and said: "I did."

Guan Zhen's eyes turned sinister, and he shouted: "Do you think this is your home? You can do whatever you want? Are there still any laws? "


His voice was extremely heavy, and it was filled with a heavy pressure.

's mind was trembling, and all of the power in his body was resisting it, resisting it unwaveringly.

His body trembled non-stop and his legs bent even more.

However …

Long Fei's body was like steel plate, standing firmly on the spot, he spoke with some difficulty: "Then why didn't you ask me why I beat them up?"

Guan Zhen looked at Long Fei and was secretly shocked in his heart. His pressure was the might of a first stage elixir, but... Long Fei was actually able to resist it?

Hard bone?

No matter how hard his bones were, they would at least soften him up here.

In that instant.

The aura on Guan Zhen's body changed once again, and an even denser pressure pressured towards Long Fei, and said: "Do you still have reason to hit me?"


Long Fei's mind suddenly exploded.

It was extremely uncomfortable.

Long Fei was already giving it his all, clenching his fists tightly, he bellowed: "People like them are lacking in handling, if you dare be in front of me again, I will still beat you up!"

"How preposterous!"

Guan Zhen's eyes were filled with anger, he remained as domineering as ever in front of him.

What was this?

This was not putting him, an elder, in their eyes at all.

Where was the might of an elder?

Guan Zhen's anger rose, with a move of his feet, if the pressure cannot crush you, then attack!

was no longer able to move due to the coercion, he was using all his strength to resist it. If Guan Zhen attacked at this time, he would not have any chance to retaliate.

This was the difference in levels.

Long Fei was unhappy, extremely unhappy.

For some reason, he hated it when people used their pressure to crush him.

It was as if this displeasure was innate, as if such displeasure had happened many times before.

Seeing Guan Zhen taking a step forward, Long Fei's expression tensed up. The idea was holding onto the 'Universal Soul' in the system s.p.a.ce;

He ate everything, but he did not suffer any losses.

Even in front of the Emperor of Heaven, Long Fei was not afraid.

Guan Zhen raised it with a slap …

Right at this moment, Gui Qingshan appeared like a ghost and his voice slightly trembled, "Elder Guan, stop."

There was a powerful force in his voice.

At this moment.

Long Fei's state of mind relaxed, and the pressure Guan Zhen released instantly disappeared.

The pressure loosened and Long Fei's body regained his freedom.

The anger in Long Fei's heart exploded as he said, "Suppression? This father will f * * k your entire family! "

The Sky Sword slightly moved.


The sound of the clas.h.i.+ng of swords was ear-piercing. Long Fei leaped up.

He directly broke through the roof.

The rubble fell down.

The new disciples outside were all stunned.

"The roof has been punctured?"

"Who is that person?"

"d.a.m.n, what is that kid trying to do?"

"Don't tell me he was thrown out of the roof by Patriarch Guan?"

"What are you doing?"

… ….

At this time, Gui Qingshan's expression secretly changed, Long Fei's sword strike … He had seen it before in the Wild Boar Valley.

Gui Qingshan was secretly shocked, "c.r.a.p!"

Long Fei's eyes also turned sinister. He could feel a strong fighting intent from Long Fei as he broke through the rooftop in a single leap, and his heart was filled with unhappiness, "A puny new disciple actually dared to attack an elder. If I don't teach you a lesson today, I'm not Guan Zhen!"

He was also angry.

He was an elder, after all.

The head of the Law Enforcement Hall.

The head of the Martial Hall.

A new disciple daring to ride on his head?

Then what about his prestige as the pavilion master?

Guan Zhen raised his eyes, stared at Long Fei who was in mid air and spoke solemnly: "Trash, the Escalate Blood 2 Stage dares to be so presumptuous in front of me, you're courting death!"

Gui Qingshan quickly said: "Brother Guan, there must be a misunderstanding."

Xiao Die said anxiously, "Uncle Guan, they were the ones who bullied us first, that's why A Long took action."

thin monkey was so anxious that cold sweat broke out on his forehead, "Oh no, oh no, this time we're in trouble, not only did we injure Senior Brother, we have to make a move on the elders."

"We are finished, we will definitely be expelled from the Xuan Yue sect."

The big size man was slightly angry: "If you want to be expelled, then expel. If Xuan Yue sect really has such a sect, then I might as well go home and kill pigs."

The young couple had complicated looks in their eyes.

… ….

In the distance, halfway up the mountain, there was a pavilion.

Yi Yourong looked in the direction of the training hall with interest.

Looking at Long Fei who had broken through the roof, she could not help but laugh: "What kind of move is this? I really haven't seen it before. "

"Flying into the sky?"

"Do you think you're a birdman? and flying into the sky... "


Yi Yourong's eyes changed drastically.

Her gaze darkened as she stared straight at Long Fei.

"This sword move …"

Long Fei's body swooped down, and with the Sky Sword in hand, his figure continuously floated outwards, one after another, in just a short moment, he seemed to have sent dozens of figures flying.


Each shadow had a different move.

Under the sun. Like a fairy dancing.

It came from beyond the heavens!

Yi Yourong was also a swordsman, but he was still a swordsman. He had never seen such a miraculous sword technique before, and was extremely shocked in his heart. "He really does have many secrets."

"Hee hee …"

"Then it's even more impossible for you to escape from my grasp, hehe …"

… ….

"Pressure crushed your father?"

"Now let's see who dares to teach who a lesson!"

"You old trash." Long Fei bellowed, his heart moving, "Sky, outside, Flying Immortal..."

At this moment.

Guan Zhen was stunned.

Because …

He was crushed by each and every one of the powerful sword intents, and when he watched Long Fei swoop down, this strike … He of the Golden Protector Level actually did not know how to resist!

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2254

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